VentraIP Hosting Review

Are you looking for a great Australian hosting provider with plans to suit your needs with reasonable pricing? Then stop here at and read our review of VentraIP.


What Do You Need to Know About VentraIP?

Let us have a quick review of VentraIP. The company was founded back in 2010 and is one of the best Web-related companies based in Australia. Over 150,000 customers trust their services with their domains, web-hosting, SSL certificates, and virtual servers.

VentraIP is cPanel Partner Certified while also being a cPanel Distributor and Fast Update Partner. Having over 250 applications that are ready to be installed on the cPanel, including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Moodle, Drupal, and many other popular and widely-used ones, this provider is preferred by many. The company has been amassing awards since 2014 and prides itself on having 24-hour support.

VentraIP Hosting Review

Name VentraIP
Country of Origin Australia
Supported Platforms WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, others.
Products Shared, Reseller, Domain Registration, SSL

Don’t Forget to Check the Internet for Coupons

After careful review, you might notice that plans provided by VentraIP are not always the cheapest. Luckily, there are coupons with discounts with varying promotions, from a 30% discount to one free year of a domain name registration (for a single domain).

There are existing websites that list all kinds of promo codes and are easy to find with a simple Google search, but some websites are fake and could have malware on them. To be safe and make sure you get the coupons directly from the source, contact VentraIP to review what plan you would need and if there are coupons for that specific plan.

There are also coupons for many of their particular domains hosted on their nameservers. The domain names they offer are the following:

Just be careful and review everything as sometimes getting something for free, might have an auto-renewal policy that activates after the first year of usage. That could become another expense you have forgotten about after that time passes.

Hosting Plans Review

VentraIP is known for its transparency when it comes to their plans and prices. If you have a huge business or need specific server resources, you can set your own plan with Synergy Wholesale. Synergy Wholesale is a daughter company and is designed for the best performance and biggest businesses. In case that is not what you are looking for, the other three plans listed here are available:


5GB SSD Cloud Storage
Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
200% CPU Allowance
2GB Memory Allowance
Hourly Acronis Backups
Comodo SSL Certificate

This plan is excellent for you to test the speed of the service and how everything works. It is intended for smaller businesses.


15GB SSD Cloud Storage
Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
300% CPU Allowance
6GB Memory Allowance
Hourly Acronis Backups
Comodo SSL Certificate

With the Freedom+ pack, you mainly get more resources such as processing power, memory, and space. If you consider expanding or require better specs, you should go with this plan.


25GB SSD Cloud Storage
Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
400% CPU Allowance
8GB Memory Allowance
Hourly Acronis Backups
Comodo SSL Certificate
Priority Technical Support

You get even more resources here, but you also pay for faster response time from the technical support teams.

Features Included With Every Plan

This hosting-provider has fantastic features which are offered for FREE with each of their hosting plans. The features are listed right down here:

24/7 Support
DNS Hosting
URL Forwarding
Email Protection and Migration
ID Protection and domains are with FREE transfer
Website migration
Comodo SSL Certificate with every Plan

Now, let us review some of those features. The support is the same regardless if you have the lowest priced plan as with the higher priced ones. You can use chat or contact them by phone. DNS ensures that your domain name is hosted at all times with no charge.

URL forwarding helps to alleviate your worries about any settings regarding URLs. Email protection, ID protection, and an SSL certificate are included with every plan to make sure your emails, ID, and website are secure at all times. Your website can be transferred along with all emails to VentraIP at a time appropriate for you.

What is Included in the Support?

VentraIP’s support is available 24/7 by telephone and chat, and the same number is used for sales. That means that you can either call them or write to them at any time of the day and week. They even have a live chat feature. You can also ask and talk about pricing and their plans or review what topics have been covered in their Support-page.

The Support team is ready to cover and answer your queries on all topics that are listed here:

Migrating your website
VPS and legacy plans
Web Hosting
SSL certificates
Domain names and registration
Working with cPanel (installing WordPress, etc.)
Email migration, protection and issues
Servers and headquarters
Cloud services
Web Access
Performance and speeds
Billing and promotions

The company goes above and beyond when it comes to supporting their customers. To ensure their happiness, they are willing to take it to the next level and even help them with tasks that are not necessarily connected to the plan or website but influence the said site’s performance.

Conclusive Thoughts

This has been a review by on the Internet veterans VentraIP. The Australian company continues to make great strides in achieving a better service and reach more customers. By slowly but steadily improving their efficiency and continually review their mistakes, while also keeping the top positions in the Australian web-hosting sphere and not only. Having 24/7 support is something every company should strive for while doing it in such a cool way as VentraIP.

If you are from Australia or want to target clients in that country, you should review your options and check out VentraIP as they cover almost anything a business would look for in a web-hosting provider.

Having promotions as far as a service is free for one whole year is one of the most prominent additions to this hosting’s arsenal. Coupon discounts are the latest craze, and the Aussie company has delivered on that front, as well.

What We Like

Transparent Plans and Prices
100% Australian-based
Hourly Backups
Great 24/7 Support

What Is Missing

Coupon code discounts should be directly listed on the official website of VentraIP, and they are not shown at the time of writing this.

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