Is it Important to Have Video Content on Your Website?

The title of this topic is more of a rhetorical question, than an inquiry, but it hints that you will find out the reasons as to why Video Content is needed for any kind of website.


We at are going to prove to you that video content and marketing go hand in hand and how crucial it is to make videos to engage your audience.

Video content marketing is called the production of videos by brands who desire to boost their online profile and image. Such content is pushed on YouTube, social networks, webinars, courses, live video, or self-hosted videos.

If you are ambitious to create great video content, know that this is a fantastic way for a brand to spread its message and make it easily accessible to a huge audience.

Why Is Video Content Marketing Important?

Video Marketing is the one form of Content Marketing that keeps growing in significance.

Not only is it useful by helping potential buyers to learn about a product, but also return on investment will be great, if you provide high quality videos.

In this day and age, people prefer visual content. Combine that with audio and the human factor – as a person speaking in the video, could help make a deeper connection with your customers and potential clients that they actually seek.


Regardless if you have chosen to involve yourself in the regular creation of videos in social media and other outlets, you would definitely want to have a YouTube channel.

Making YouTube videos can boost your SEO, as Google places its YouTube Player with related videos at the top of search results as it owns the platform.

Videos are the preferred way of mobile users consuming content, and their number is increasing. Also, video content relies on simply showing how a product works or how you can fix something with concise action, which people love.

If you make a truly great video that affects and moves people, especially if you add something relatable in it, more people are likely to share it.

Thus, you will only miss out if you do not create videos and use the YouTube as your main platform for sharing your visual content.

How to Create Video Content?

You can use multiple ways and platforms to boost your marketing with video content.

First, you need to decide which platforms you are going to use regularly for creating videos.

Second, you need to decide whether to pay a video production team or self-host the videos. We have explained why paying such a team can be beneficial in our Beginner’s Guide to Digital Advertising which has many other online advertising tips.

Third, you need to decide your target audience and what type of content would keep the biggest engagement of said audience.

Fourth, you need to decide the quality, length, effects, budget and speakers for the videos and how much time it will take to make constant, homogenous video content.


Last, you need to figure out how to edit videos on each platform or pay somebody knowledgeable enough who can do it for you and make your videos look and sound professional.

What to Focus On?

Usually, you would not want video content to be longer than two minutes, but if you want to truly educate employees of your company and people outside your company, you can use webinars.

Webinars could be used to answer certain questions customers may have about a product, or to teach the audience about your industry, while establishing yourself as an authority on the discussed topics.

Platforms you can use to create videos in are the following:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • Other Video networks

Different social media and other platforms do not necessarily mean you must go through all formats and change your video content entirely. Making small adjustments, mainly to the length of a video, could be enough to meet the standards of most platforms mentioned in the above list.

Focus on the purposes of making video content in the first place – marketing and advertising. Do not just start making videos for the sake of it, or if you think that videos will instantly benefit you.

Focus on the understanding that time must pass before you have an established video channel and good authority for people to believe in you and trust in your brand.

Focus on your work, and afterward promote that work with videos, even if you have to pay somebody else to push these videos out. Also, focus on starting a YouTube channel first, as that will probably be the most beneficial marketing outlet with all its popularity, search engine ranking and capabilities.


Impactful Video Content combined with great marketing is a powerful way to reach people, prospects and existing clients. Making and sharing a high-quality video is easier than ever before.

In case you don’t already have videos as part of your marketing content strategy, then you definitely should experiment with a project or two and check out the results.

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