Website Builder Statistics and Trends 2024

Did you know that routine site maintenance typically costs $400 to $60,000 per year? However, with a website builder, this cost reduces to $0 to $5400 per year. In this article, we will go through the latest statistics and trends shaping the world of website builders. Let’s explore the fascinating dynamics of website creation in 2024!

What Is a Website Builder?

A website builder is a type of software or web application that provides users with a simplified platform to create and manage professional-looking websites. By using a website builder (in combination with a control panel in some cases), users can quickly and easily create a website without having to learn HTML or other coding languages. They are often designed with drag-and-drop features and templates that allow users to create a website in a matter of minutes with minimal effort.

Website Builder Statistics and Trends 2024

What Are The Main Website Builders?

According to the recent official statistics, the most popular website builders are Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. These allow users to drag and drop content onto their page, create forms, and add custom design elements. They also provide a range of features such as e-commerce, SEO optimization, and marketing tools.

But these are not the only website builders out there as more and more newcomers hit the market. This report reviews data extracted from several different sources, explaining the primary usage of website builder statistics, their popularity and how successful are the web hosting companies, which are implementing them.

Statistics for Website Builders in 2024

This report contains gathered data from multiple sources, which mostly summarizes the situation with website builders not only this year, but also how they have been performing over the recent years and which ones are the most sought after by users.

Website Builder Usage Statistics

When the usage statistics of website builders are examined, it is considered how they have performed over a period of time when it comes to newly registered websites or websites that have migrated to website builders from a traditional CMS platform.

A recent report (Figure 1 below), created by W3Techs has summarised in a histogram how exactly website builders have performed over the most recent years and is showing a definite upward trend in the new websites using site builders:

Website Builder Usage Statistics usage history
Figure 1: Website Builder usage history – Source: W3tech

When compared to traditional CMS platforms, the data aggregated from the researchers at W3techs has estimated that site builders currently are used by less websites than large content management systems, like WordPress and Joomla. What they conclude is while CMS is a more preferred choice for websites with higher traffic, Website Builders are a good choice for lower-traffic domains:

Website Builder Usage Statistics market position
Figure 2: Website Builders vs CMS platforms – Market position – Source: W3tech

To summarize about the usage of Website Builders, a growing trend is certainly noticed, especially concerning low-traffic websites, such as personal blogs, one page sites and others, suggesting a growing usage with a stable rate.

Hosting Providers Site Builder Statistics

When the most sought after website builders and how they fare when it comes to web hosting providers are examined, the statistics show very interesting information. First and foremost, the report, created by Hrank shows several interesting facts that come to light. The report has analysed builders as a major hosting trend and compares in-depth information between different hosting providers. Based on their gathered data, it is estimated that out of 232 companies, 34% hosting providers do not offer site builder feature, while 66% offer such a feature:

site builders usage percentage
Figure 3: Hosting Companies offering Site Builders vs No Website Builder – Source: Hrank

When from these 66%, the data is extracted concerning which concrete companies are using their own personally created website builder and which of them use 3rd party builders, the following statistics results appear, estimating that about 25% of companies have created their own website builders:

3rd party vs own site builder statistics hosting companies
Figure 4: Own Site Builders vs Third-party Used by Hosting Providers – Source: Hrank

If the data from 50 of the biggest companies from this report is taken and analyzed, it is estimated that 11 of them do not offer website builders at all, while 20 of those companies offer their own created website builders.

When the website builder statistics were summarized based on how they fare when it comes to market share, some very intriguing numbers pop-up.

When the data from the analysis performed by Colorlib and Hrank of the main market share taken by the most sought after site builder companies is examined, it is estimated that Wix have by far the largest market share at this point in time:

site builders market share statistics
Figure 5: Website Builders Market Share Comparison – Source: Colorlib

The data seems to shift to a completely different result, when the top 1 million websites, ranked by traffic are taken, as shown in the chart below:

Figure 6: Website Builders Market Share Comparison [Top 1 Million Highest Traffic Sites] – Source: Colorlib

And when the eye dives even further and the 10,000 websites with the highest traffic are examined, the results indicate that users prefer other site builders, than Wix, when it comes to handling higher traffic situations:

Figure 7: Website Builders Market Share Comparison [Top 10,000 Highest Traffic Sites] – Source: Colorlib

When the more specific statistics about the usage of the most used site builders – Wix and Squarespace is examined, it appears, that both companies are showing an average increased usage over the past few years:

wix vs squarespace usage statistics
Figure 8: Wix .vs Squarespace Users Growth Histogram – Source:Builtwith

When it is examined how the numbers compare, Wix has shown growth from ~250,000 users back in 2011 all the way over ~3 million users currently, showing steady growth, while Squarespace’s numbers have grown from under ~125,000 all the way to almost ~2 million users for the same period.

The same goes for the other current top site builders besides Wix and Squarespace, which at this point are:

  • Weebly – Total growth from ~100,000 to ~900,000 users since 2011.
  • Blogger – Steady usage between ~250,000 and ~500,000 users since 2011.
  • RVSiteBuilder – Steady usage between ~15,000 and ~20,000 users since 2011.
  • GoDaddy – Steady usage between ~500,000 and ~700,000 users since 2011.

Summary on Website Builder Statistics

Website builders have seen a dramatic surge in usage in recent years and this trend is expected to continue well this year. According to statistics, the number of website builders has increased by over 50% in the last five years, and the number of websites created with these builders has more than tripled in the same period.

Website builders are expected to become even more popular with the introduction of new features, more customization options, and improved user experience. With these advances, the boom in technologies such as AI and other such developments, more businesses and individuals are likely to take advantage of website builders to create and manage their website, making them a powerful tool for advancing businesses and personal goals.


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