WebWerks Hosting Review

webwerks hosting review

About WebWerks Hosting

Web Werks is a company that is based in India and they are one of the oldest companies for web hosting in the world. They have been created way back in 1996 and they currently service more than 50,000 clients all over the world. They are a large-scale company and can support all types of customers ranging from small businesses to industrial-grade organizations. The company is highly service-oriented as they provide solutions for businesses online as a whole. WebWerks also have a lot of answers to the customers web problems and they utilize the most modernt tech to keep them up to date and have as little downtime as possible. Not only this, but they also strive at a value oriented service, which they believe is important, especially when it comes to large-scale business customers. They also have a lot of certifications, such as being a status ISO 9001:2008 company with CERT-IN compliance by CERTIN auditors.

In this review, we will take you through the servers, data centers, dedicated servers, cloud and managed services and we at Howtohosting.guide will evaluate what are the benefits of those plans and at the end provide our unbiased opinion about this company and its services.

WebWerks Hosting Review

Name WebWerks
Country of Origin India
Supported Platforms Linux, Windows, CentOS, Fedora, etc.
Products Dedicated Servers; Cloud; Colocation;

The Best Plans Review of WebWerks

WebWerks is not your typical small business. They offer Dedicated Servers, Cloud hosting and colocation hosting, suggesting that the company is highly focused on business to business relationships and top-notch services.

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WebWerks have made it so that when you get a server from them, you purchase a complete solution for all your hosting problems. The company strives to provide customers with the tools, resources, support, and features needed to run a business online. During the course of the review, we have had some problems and WebWerks was able to help us so we could spend more time focusing on other tasks. The company’s dedicated services are also we believe well secured and they offer custom solutions for different business requirements. All of their servers are delivered built and configured and ready to use.

We were also impressed by the large amount of features you get with their dedicated hosting plans:

Knowledgeable Technical Support Staff
24x7x365 Server Monitoring & Proactive 24 x 7 Support
Uninterrupted air cooling and security system in the datacenter
Generous amount of Disk Storage Space & Monthly Data Transfer
99.95% Network Uptime Guarantee
Hosting on Premium Server Hardware with inbuilt redundancy for high availability
Superior Performance, Security, Reliability & Connectivity at India Data Center
High Speed, Flexible & Customizable Dedicated Server Hardware Options
Uninterruptible power management system and redundant power
Managed Services available
Easy to use & feature rich Plesk Web based Control Panel.
Advanced Firewall Protection & Intrusion Detection to protect your server from hacking attempts
Unlimited Reboots & Patch Management.

Rapid Response to Any Hardware or Software Issues
Full Administrative Access to your server for complete control
Real Time MRTG Bandwidth Utilization Reports.
Powerful Software Options for Your Server
Dedicated Account Manager to address all your technical needs.

When it comes to the Virtual Private Servers or VPS of WebWerks, they have set up each VPS to provide customers with hardware and network connection that is extremely secure in a virtual environment and allows for a high level of customization. They also give complete control over the virtual server, which is expected. Not only this, but the company has the ability to provision Linux VPS or even a Windows Virtual Private Server if a customer requires them to. We were happy to see that they have a wide variety of choices of different configurations when it comes to their VPS services.

When it comes to colocation hosting, the company provides space in Tier 3 data centers and it also gives an affordable price. They are providing a service that allows sharing a rack for limited IT devices while using a fully redundant Data Center solution. They also offer Single Server colocation that ranges from 1U all the way up to 42U on either full or shared racks. The company offers a good solution for small colocation projects. The plans are generally economical and also can fit a smaller budget and allow users to rent up to five servers, shared with different customers. The half and full racks are suitable for enterprises and unlike the shared single racks, they offer solutions for large-scale organizations that have a demand for a large level of flexibility, a lot of power, high capacity machines, and security.

The cloud services of WebWerks aim to give users the appropriate public cloud hosting that is well balanced with pooled rsources and what we experienced as absolutely outstanding tech support that is competent and responsive. The devices for cloud hosting are naturally the latest tech and the company uses state-of-the-art servers, storage, and network provided by the top tech partners and aligned with the global IT norms and requirements.

Data Centers, Network & Uptime Review

The company offers redundant bandwidth connectivity via utilizing fiber optic cables and cable systems and they also offer good and understandable peering that can be custom-made. They are one of the few companies that ensure 100% uptime and network availability for customers and considering the high-level of devices they use, this is expected.

The Data Center of WebWerks in India has the following parameters and features:

Constant Surveillance
24/7 monitoring
24/7 on-site staff
Superior Network Reliability
Cisco based Network
Raised floors
HVAC with separate cooling zones
Multiple levels of security
Off-limits for unauthorized persons
24/7 card key access
Biometric scan entry system
Video surveillance
Kidde Early Warning Fire Alarm System
FM200 Gas-based fire suppression system
Multiple redundant Power back-up
Continuous, uninterrupted power supply (Redundant UPS)
Standby generator
Environmental Monitoring Systems
Maintained consistent temperature and humidity

And this center not only has a ton of features to show for – it is well-secured as well, protected by a secure entry via 3-layer access that can restrict access only to specifically authorized personnel. More about security, they are protected by an FM200 Fire and Hawk burglary system that alerts and dials emergency numbers in case an emergency occurs. The facility also has a 24/7 secure entry relying on CCTV that has constant 30 days monitoring and archives on a monthly basis and a 3 meter wall.

The people who maintain the data centers are also 100% certified professionals who are responsible for maintaining the hardware at its top functioning and ensure constant control and protection.

Tech Support Review

There is also something to be said about the tech support of the company which is 24/7/365. They aim to ensure real-time support not just at good quality and by talking to them, we saw that they are extremely capable at what they are doing. The company serves clients all over the world and keep the working schedule on their facilities available all of the time during the year. Another benefit of having good support is the response time WebWerks offers to its clients. They respond very fast and there is very little waiting time.

Conclusion, Pros and Cons

WebWerks is a company that we feel is kind of different from your average hosting provider. They have somehow managed to use their years of experience to develop a culture that revolves around the customer needs, whether you are VPS client or a large-scale colocation organization. They have outstanding support and they stock their data centers with the latest tech to ensure performance, uptime, reliability, fast fiber-optic connectivity and their team of highly-trained professionals is in a super-secure facility, managing the devices. And as a bottom line, we were really impressed with this company but felt like they are missing some hosting services, that could be incorporated into their data centers and could expand them even further.

What We Like

Outstanding 24/7/365 customer support.
Extremely secure data center.
Vast ammount of features offered.

What Is Missing

Could include more variety of hosting services, like shared, managed, etc.

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