What is User Experience and How to Test it?

What is User Experience and How to Test it? article image

Technologies are getting a more significant part of our life every day. Imagine living without your phone and computer or Facebook, Instagram, and all those online shopping websites. The experience will be different.

Your webpage may have all the information and features a user needs, but how intuitive is it? You should focus on building a user-friendly experience so that your visitors get the best of your site and product. Testing the UX is a crucial factor in creating a lovable brand.

Let’s see how it’s done in this HowToHosting.Guide’s article.

What Is UX?

User experience or, in short, “UX” is what a person (customer, visitor) experiences when using or visiting a particular website, platform, software, or any online service.

User experience is essential for the growth and success of a specific product, site, platform. By creating your site with a useful UI (user interface), the UX of your site will grow dramatically as well as your conversions.

If you perform proper and regular User experience testing, you could significantly increase your website’s conversions. The UX testing aims to provide information about how your website elements interact with your users or visitors and keep them in satisfaction.

How to Test User Experience?

Testing the User experience can be a little bit hard if you are managing it by yourself, but it is the better way. You can rely on software to do this work for you, but you can also use some proven UX testing methods.

What Should You Aim for? – UX Testing Methods

Here we will show you some of the most useful methods and how to use them to test your UX.

Ask for Feedback
When you are organizing and creating different elements, you can give your users an opportunity to provide feedback and ideas about your website structure’s arrangement in the way they would be glad to see it.

In this way, your own visitors will show you which is the best design for your webpages. Just be patient!

Interaction Recordings
Recording the sessions of every visitor to your site can be useful for improving UX. By tracking every customer interaction on your website, you can see where they click and what they do.

Analyzing all this information, you can implement and change specific parts of your site in accordance with the user’s movement. To make this possible, you need to use a tool.

Create Cool 404 Page
You can’t avoid errors on your webpages. Sometimes the URLs are not correct, and a visitor can fall into a 404 error. Make sure you create an interactive 404 error page that will keep the users.

404 error image

For example, you can see how our 404 error page links to the home of the website. By doing so, if our visitors come across a broken URL, we make sure they stay with us.

Responsive Design
Having a responsive design on your website is very important for the UX and its efficiency. Responsive design means that it would work on any device, no matter its resolution and size. Your website needs to be catchy on the mobile version as well as on the desktop.

Use Analytics
Using the information from your site analytics, you will be able to create and boost content that your users are willing to like. This method will drastically increase your user experience. Here you can find the best way to use your site data analysis.


Using the methods we mentioned above will increase your UX and the conversions of your website. The user experience can be affected by many aspects, and every detail is essential.

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