What Is Wp Elementor and What It Is Used for?

If you are wondering if the Elementor is the right page builder for your website, in the following article we will explain to you what is this tool all about and talk about its pros, cons, features and at the end, you should be able to decide whether you want to use it or not.

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What is Wp Elementor?

Elementor is one of the WordPress page builders that lets you build professionally looking websites in a very quick way. It offers a high level of design together with easy user-interface, as well as front-end editing options and a drag-and-drop builder, which are great for less advanced users.

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What Does Elementor Provide?

Elementor is a very innovative and intuitive drag and drop page builder for WordPress. This means, that this plugin allows you to easily create:

  • Beautifully Styled Pages
  • Templates
  • Designs
  • Posts
  • and everything that you can think of on your website. Here are some great things that you get using Elementor.

    Very unique and original-looking pages and posts templates
    Fully separate interfaces that you can work on for your posts and pages.
    Elementor does not require any coding knowledge, it has a visual interface for all of its features and can be styled very easily.
    Front-page editing that allows you to create your pages straight from your front-page and see the changes in real-time.
    Last but not least – Elementor works with all of the WordPress themes, so you will be able to keep some of your current designs if you wish so.

    Hundreds of Features And Benefits

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    Elementor comes together with hundreds of useful tools and it offers options for anything that you might want to create.

    There are more than 90 different content elements and modules that you can choose from. You can use different:

  • Images
  • Headings
  • Carousels
  • Counters
  • Progression bars
  • Buttons
  • Testimonials
  • and many more. All of them are 100% customizable and you can adjust them to fit your exact needs.

    Elementor’s content is 100% responsive and it fits perfectly on any device and screen.

    All of the posts and pages are also SEO friendly, which gives you an edge to get upper in Google’s rankings if you configure them properly.

    drag and drop image

    The Elementor offers many ready-to-use tools, that can help you transform your pages into a unique and professional-looking website.

    Elementor widgets image

    Apart from that, the plugin allows you to style almost everything on your page and you can adjust your background colors or images, margins, paddings, fonts, colors, and so on.

    Reverting Changes

    Another amazing feature of Elementor is that it allows you to revert any changes that you’ve applied. The plugin saves a full revision history of your deeds and you can easily choose from your last saves and get them back.

    revisions elementor image

    What Is Elementor Used For?

    Elementor is suitable for any kind of a modern site and it can serve the needs of a small to medium business website, or meet the requirements of a much bigger web project, such as big e-commerce.

    Elementor’s Pricing

    Elementor’s core plugin can be used for free, but its free version does not grant access to many of its features, so we highly recommend that you go for the PRO version if you are about to invest in a valuable project.

    The price of Elementor for 1 site is 49$ per year, 99$ per year for 3 websites, and 199$ per year for unlimited websites.

    What We Like About Elementor

    We appreciate the fact that Elementor offers a free version that might be enough for some users and you will not have to upgrade to the Pro version, especially if you are working on a small project.

    Elementor offers an exceptional range of many different features.

    It also allows you to use pre-built templates, that are ready-to-import.

    It is 100% responsive and you don’t have to worry about how it displays on certain devices.

    Everything is detailed and offers many options for adjusting the elements or the sections to your personal preference.

    What We Don’t Like about Elementor

    There is not much negative that we can say about Elementor, but sometimes you might find yourself frustrated when you try to do some custom modification to your website, for example, if you want to add custom CSS on its free version you might not be able to do it.
    Same as custom styling to links.

    We also do not appreciate the fact that you can’t buy a lifetime license, and you should consider going for any of its year plans.


    With all of the great benefits that we’ve mentioned, you can easily conclude that Elementor is an amazing tool, that is suitable for beginners and advanced WordPress developers, who want to create beautifully styled, fast, responsive and modern websites.

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