Why Landing Pages Аre Important

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If you are managing a site, you know what a landing page is for sure. But did you know using it on your website is essential for its success?

If you are not sure why it is that important, in today’s article, we at Howtohosting.guide will explain what a landing page is and why its usage can help your website grow big.

What Are Landing Pages?

In digital marketing, the term means a particular website created for a marketing or advertising campaign. It can be designed as a pop-up ad or an in-page link, and when users click on it, they “land” on the particular webpage, promoting a product, offering a discount, or just providing useful information.

Creation and Design

Creating this type of webpage is no more challenging than making a standard webpage on your site. It is just the same. As a landing page, you need to create a pop-up banner that links to it.

For example, let’s say that you have an online store and you need to create an advertising campaign for a product you are planning to promote. You have the product page already. The move you need to do is change the products price or set a limited time offer (you can use the countdown plugin).

After that, create a super cool and catchy banner to promote your product in its best light, link it to the product location, and make it pop up on your site.
Voilá, you are ready with your landing page.

If there is a big event like Black Friday or a birthday on your site, you can create a whole new page with all your discounted products to replace your website’s home page.

Just make sure it looks cool!

Templates and Examples

Now that we know the definition of a landing page, it’s time to learn how it should look like. We will show you the best templates which you can use to create one.
The easiest way possible to create it is by using Elementor.

Elementor is a free drag & drop builder, which you can use not only for building your webpages structure but also for customizing your whole blog in the way you like. It has over 25 designs for every taste.

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If you start your website with Elementor and don’t know how to use it, don’t worry. We have a solution for you, we have created a full guide.

A great example that we can give is Hostinger.
Here you can see how they have created a home webpage, especially for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

hostinger hosting logo image


In final words, a landing webpage creation is not a hard task to complete but meanwhile it could be beneficial for your website and increase your sales a lot. We hope this article helps you find out the best way of creating such pages for your site.

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