Wix vs GoDaddy Website Builder

Growing online popularity is not that easy, as there is a lot of competition. Literally, every minute there are new websites coming up. For the purpose of creating new websites quickly and efficiently for various niches and without any specific knowledge, inexperienced bloggers can rely on website builders. Using a website builder is perfect if you need to create a website fast, or if you are a beginner who is just starting.

While researching, you will most definitely start wondering… Which website builder to use? Without exaggerating, there are hundreds of separate website builders available online. To help you make an informed choice, we will compare some of the most reliable website builders – Wix vs GoDaddy Website Builder. Here comes the Wix vs GoDaddy Website Builder Comparison

Wix vs GoDaddy

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Wix Website Builder Review

Wix as one of the fastest-growing websites creating companies is a very reliable option if you want to create your website as simple as you can, fast and without any coding knowledge. They have built over 160 million websites around the world. The company offers a really good and reliable drag & drop page builder as well as web-hosting and domain names (free and paid). The builder is mainly directed to the beginner audience and the way of using the tool is simplified. Wix builder also has a future-rich interface with a lot of customization options. Now, let’s move into the Wix Features.

Wix Features

When it comes to features, Wix has a lot to show from Stunning Templates to Media Galleries there are a bunch of innovative features that are ready to use.

Designer Templates
Wix has over 500 pre-designed stunning templates for any kind of business, that are ready to use. Any of the templates can be uploaded within one click.

Design Freedom
Wix Website Builder gives you freedom of customizing and designing your website just in the way you want, using the innovative drag & drop builder.

SEO Navigation
There is a SEO plan which you can follow while building your website for better Google Ranking.

Responsive Design
Wix supports responsive design, which means that your website will look amazing on every mobile device.

App Market
You can manage your website and install different applications and plugins for the App Market.

You can also find features like:

  • Unlimited Fonts
  • Scroll Effects
  • Media Galleries
  • Tailor-Made Content
  • Original Design
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Customizable Colors & Fonts
  • Analytics
  • Free Hosting
  • SSL Certified, etc
  • Wix Plans & Pricing

    For those who cannot afford the Wix prices, there is a free version available. Wix Website Builder has 4 different pricing plans, which contain different features. Let’s take a closer look over them.

    Connect Domain

    + 1GB Bandwidth | + 500MB Storage | Connect Your Domain
    €4.50 €/mo.

    + 2GB Bandwidth | + 3GB Storage | Connect Your Domain
    Remove Wix Ads | Free Domain for 1 Year | 30 Video Minutes
    $75 Ad Vouchers
    €8.50 €/mo.

    +Combo Features | +UNLIMITED Bandwidth | +10GB Storage
    1 Video Hour | Site Booster App – $60 Value
    Visitor Analytics App – $60 Value
    €12.50 €/mo.

    +Unlimited Features | +20GB Storage
    +2 Video Hours | Professional Logo – $50 Value
    Social Media Logo files | Priority Response
    VIP Support
    €24.50 €/mo.

    Wix Website Builder Pros and Cons

    Text and element animation
    App Market
    AID (Arificial Design Inteligence)
    Auto Backups

    Loading Spead

    GoDaddy Website Builder Review

    GoDaddy company is more hosting orientate company but also has an intuitive website builder, that easy-to-use and extremely functional. Similar to Wix with the GoDaddy website builder, you can build your website in just a few minutes for free because they provide a no-cost option. The builder is beginner-friendly and can be managed from one place. It is suitable for any kind of website and you can manage appointments and make e-mail marketing.

    GoDaddy Features

    As we already said the GoDaddy is a website builder that can be easy-managed from one place. With it, you can make it easy for people to find you on Google, Facebook, Instagram⁠ — and in their inbox.

    GoDaddy InSights
    The GoDaddy InSights feature is also available. It is a data-crunching and smart tech that offers advice tailored to your business.
    InSight is a smart tech system designed to assist you amend your online appearance. From the daily metrics like site visitors, reviews, and social engagements, to big picture strategy like how you compare to similar businesses, InSight dives into performance details and lets you view everything from one, unified dashboard.

  • Action Plans with InSights (receive suggestions and recommendations for what to do next)
  • InSight Score (See how your site and online marketing measure up against businesses like yours.)
  • InSight Metrics (analyze the stats of your website)

  • Pre-made Designed Templates
    GoDaddy builder has a bunch of great pre-designed templates that are ready-to-use and can be uploaded within one click. There are also, 20+ theme filters to instantly change layouts, fonts, and colors.

    Responsive Design
    – Websites made with the GoDaddy website builder can fit perfectly on any mobile device.
    Also, there is an option to update, edit, or customize your website from your phone or tablet.

    The website builder is included in some of the GoDaddy hosting plans but it also can be used separately. And a hosting plan can be added to it.

    Customizable Themes
    GoDaddy has a lot of different themes available, any of them can be imported within one click and customized in the way you want.

    GoDaddy has more features like:
    Click and Drag Reorder
    Backup and Restore
    Drop-Down Menus
    Customizable Themes
    Promo Banners
    Contact Forms
    Calls to Action
    Single Image Library

    For best performance and optimization the GoDaddy website builder has:
    Search Engine Optimization
    Email Marketing
    Sync With Facebook
    Instagram Connect
    Google My Business
    Review Widget

    GoDaddy Website Builder – Plans & Prices

    As we said above the GoDaddy builder comes ready to use for free, but of course, there are plans which include a lot of different features and stuff.


    Secure your website (SSL) | Connect custom domain
    Mobile-friendly site | On-the-go editing
    24/7 support | PayPal button
    €5.99 €/mo.

    Basic Features + Get found online (SEO)
    €9.99 €/mo.

    Standart Features + Book one-time appointments online
    Offer one-time group events | Book recurring group events and classes
    | SMS alerts for new appointments
    Email and text appointment reminders | Accept online payments for services
    €14.99 €/mo.

    Premium Features + Add and edit product listings | Setup flexible shipping options
    Sell products directly through your online store | Manage discounts and promotions
    €19.99 €/mo.

    GoDaddy Website Builder – Pros and Cons

    Generous storage and bandwidth
    Easy, clear interface
    Good-looking sites for both desktop and mobile viewing
    Useful marketing and SEO tools

    Limited layout customization and photo editing
    The online store not available with all tiers

    Wix vs GoDaddy Website Builder – Final Thoughts

    Wix vs GoDaddy really meets the expectation for great website builders. They have free versions and a lot of different features with which you can customize at ease. Both builders are simplified and created for fast setting a website. The choice is which one to choose is yours.

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