WordPress 5.4 RC3 Guide: Everything You Need to Know

WordPress 5.4 RC3 Guide: Everything You Need to Know article imageWordPress is the most famous and widely-used CMS (content management system) in the world. More than 30% of the websites on the world wide web use it, and it gets more and more popular every day.

One of the main reasons for this is that it is fast, secure, easy to use, and it is also open-source software that gets developed and improved by its community.

With the start of 2020, people started talking more and more about WordPress 5.4 RC3. This version of WordPress is now available for use by the community, but it is also still a beta version, and the official release is scheduled for March 31, 2020.

It is a good thing that you can first try the beta version because, as it is with everything new – there might be some problems that occur either with a plugin, theme, or some functionality.

Many things will have to be adjusted to achieve the best developer experience, and if you want to keep track of the newest updates or changes, make sure to subscribe to the official WordPress Core Blog.

WordPress 5.4 RC3: Plugins And Themes

There is a possibility that the new WordPress 5.4 might not be 100% compatible with your theme or plugins, so make sure to take a close look and check everything about your website after updating it to 5.4.

In case you came across a bug or a problem, make sure that you report it to the WordPress Support team so they can fix it before the final release.

The new WordPress 5.4 update will come along with lots of improvements regarding Site Health, Block Editor, Accessibilities, and even more.

The Block Editor Improvements

WordPress 5.4 comes with the idea of implementing block editor and including new features to it. This is an excellent idea because it will make the process of building websites even easier.

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A More Detailed Look

Let us take a deeper look and guide you through the new features that are going to appear with the incoming 5.4 update.

Social Icon Block

Wordpress social icons imageSocial Icon Block is an amazing feature that comes with thew 5.4 WordPress update. With it, you will get rid of every social sharing plugin and its configurations! Adding social sharing buttons was never easier, and you can see it in the picture below!

You can add all kinds of social media icons in seconds! All you have to do is to set the link to your profile or page and you are done!

Color Blocks Options
In version 5.4, WordPress will introduce even more options to enable its users to use colors for columns and blocks!

You can have a block inside another block, or you can add texts in it. You can modify the colors of the different blocks, and the text separately.

Even More Drag & Drop Freedom

Wordpress drag & drop features imageThe new WordPress 5.4 RC introduces another fantastic and useful feature – the drag and drop! Now, you have the freedom to use drag-and-dropping even more on your posts or pages. You can choose an image and drag it to the “Set featured Image” space, for example and it will be uploaded! Just like that.

Changing Colors Was Never Easier

In 5.4, WordPress enables its users to change the text color of a text inside a paragraph.

Even More Easily Way Of Changing Image Size
Another great feature that will take place in the new update is the feature that enables you to choose a size for the images in your Gallery easily.

More Features to Come
WordPress 5.4 is coming with even more amazing features. For example, the Caption Below Table feature that will enable the users to add a caption below any table block.

Another great feature is the Fixed Block Toolbar for mobile devices.

Currently, if you want to edit some of your website’s content with a mobile device, you will notice that the toolbar moves around the blocks when you are typing. WordPresss 5.4 introduces a floating toolbar, adjustable according to the type of the block that you want to edit.

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Easily Selectable Blocks
WordPress 5.4 will include a select tool which will allow the users to select a block they want to change very easily. This feature will be very helpful for situations where you have nesting of blocks.

If You Want to Contribute
If you find yourself keen on WordPress developing and you want to help the developers team – they need your help with translations for over 100 different languages!

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