15 Best FREE Workout Builder Plugins for Creating WordPress Website

Nowadays the sedentary life is one of the most common issues during our daily routine. Sitting on the chair in front of the laptop is not the healthiest job. It is very important to pay more attention to our healthy lifestyle and to be fit. It is proved scientifically that practicing sport, working out at the gym, or even at home can make you happier, more productive, and also better looking. If you are a fitness instructor, fitness blogger, trainer, coach, or just fitness enthusiast and want to help more people throw away their sedentary life from their daily routine, the best way to do this is to create an online workout website with WordPress.

Today we are going to help you choose the best workout builder plugins for creating a WordPress fitness website and help more and more to be healthy and fit.

Now let take a deep breath and dive into the 15 Best Workout Builder Plugins for Creating WordPress Website available on the market.

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TOP 15 Best Workout Plugins for WordPress

Here you can find the 15 best WordPress workout builder plugins available in the market for 2020.

1. NutritionWP: Best WordPress Macro Calculator
2. Fitness Schedule WordPress Plugin
3. Meal Tracker WordPress Plugin
4. Weight Tracker Plugin
5. Meal Planner Pro WordPress Workout Builder Plugin
6. BMI Calculator WordPress Plugin
7. WPGYM Workout Builder
8. LeaderBoard Plugin for WordPress
9. Simply Schedule Appointments
10. Easy Support Videos for Your Fitness Blog
11. Calorie Calculator
12. WP Header Images
13. Yoast SEO
14. Ultimate Member
15. Fitness Trainer- Training Membership Plugin

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1. NutritionWP: Best WordPress Macro Calculator

NutritionWP: Best WordPress Macro Calculator image

As the first plugin from our list NutritionWP is an amazing recipe plugin that allows you to post recipes in your workout website and also calculate the micro and the macro nutrition intake in every food available. The macro calculator also has food printouts and shows you the exact nutrition number for every food. The clean design and the amazing eye-catchy layout make the plugin easy usable and easily readable.

We recommend this plugin if you want to use it to inform users who track their strict food intake schedule and regime.

With this plugin, you can customize your recipes to look amazing with the Recipe Schema. The plugin supports Cuisines, Special Diets, and Courses. NutritionWP plugin is free to use and also has a paid version which gives you more features. It supports the latest WordPress versions.

We recommend this plugin if your site is more or less related to educating people on different recipes that contain strict and healthy diets.

2. Fitness Schedule WordPress Workout Builder Plugin

Fitness Schedule WordPress Workout Builder Plugin image

The Fitness Schedule plugin allows you to create amazing schedules for every workout during the week. The plugin is fully customizable, responsive and you can change the colors and upload different workouts for every day of the week. The plugin has the option to send a notification for every workout and in this way, the users of your website can easily track their workouts. With the plugin, you can make every type of workout like full-body, arms legs, and whatever is on your mind.

We recommend this plugin for professional instructors as well as people who are keen on working from distance and creating schedules or want to make it easier for their users to manage and track their workout routines while staying connected.

The plugin is compatible with website page builders like Elementor and the installation of the plugin doesn’t affect the speed of your WordPress website.
The plugin is mobile-friendly which means that your workout website will work on every mobile device. The Fitness Schedule plugin has user-friendly interface, it is easy to use and the support both English and French languages. The plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress versions and it is free to use.

3. Meal Tracker WordPress Workout Builder Plugin

Meal Tracker is an amazing plugin specially developed to track single-user daily meals and the calorie intake. By using this plugin, you can easily set calorie targets, and every single user can set his own target. As an administrator of the website the fitness instructor can track the progress of the users and change something if it needs to.

The Meal Tracker plugin is fast and lightweight plugin which means that it is not going to affect the speed and the performance of your WordPress website.

The plugin itself supports only English but you can connect with the developer and to add translation for your website in the language you want. The Meal Tracker supports all versions of WordPress and you add it to your WordPress website for free.

We recommend Meal Tracker to those users who are obsessed with tracking their daily meals and intake of calories.

4. Weight Tracker Plugin Builder Plugin

This plugin is developed by the same company as well as Meal Tracker. The WordPress plugin is user-friendly, easy customizable and it can be very useful for a workout website. With this plugin included in your workout website, every user can set individual target and track the chards of his improvement. In this way, the user can easily achieve his goals. By using this tool, the owner of the website can interact with the users.

Weight Tracker Plugin has different versions which contains different sort of features.
In the Pro Plus version you can find features like:
– Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculations
– Recommended calorie intake per mealtime and a lot more feature which can help the users to improve themselves.

The plugin is device friendly and has a user-friendly interface, also supports the latest version of WordPress and is free to use.
Weigh Tracker WordPress plugin supports multiple languages like: English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, etc.

We recommend weight tracker for people who are passionate about calculations and losing weight as well as to people who want to have calorie intake for fast and punctual results.

5. Meal Planner Pro WordPress Workout Builder Plugin

Meal Planner Pro WordPress Workout Builder Plugin image

If you want your fitness website to be successful you definitely need the Meal Planner Pro plugin. The plugin allows you to add to your WordPress website healthy recipes and show the whole routine of cooking each recipe, which can be useful for every user of your website to make a healthy meal.

Also a very important thing is that you can add nutritional content in every recipe and what type of training is suitable for. Everything in the plugin is customizable and you can add different colors and shapes in the main layout.
The Meal Planner Plugin is user-friendly and can be used from anybody at ease.
It is device friendly and your workout website will look stunning on tablet, desktop or smartphone. The plugin is free and it is compatible with all WordPress versions.

We recommend this plugin if your users are very interested in planning your meals, but want a simple and easy-to-use plugin that will not have extra components.

6. BMI Calculator WordPress Workout Builder Plugin

This plugin allows to the users of your website to calculate their BMI (Body Mass Index). This is so important for every user because in this way the fitness instructor will know what type of training the user needs and can set workout program and diet for the individuals.
The plugin is lightweight, clean, has simple algorithm and it’s device-friendly. It is compatible with all WordPress versions.

7. WPGYM Workout Builder

WPGYM Workout Builder image

This plugin can help you a lot with building your workout website because it is easy usable, responsive, and has amazing feature set.
WPGYM is premium workout plugin which allows you to create membership system as a fitness instructor. The membership can be paid and the users can pay via PayPal and other payment methods.
With one of the features of the plugin – the Member Module the admin can create schedules, custom workouts for individuals, set date ranges, and a lot more things. The plugin is fully customizable and every feature can be customized according to the instructor or the website admin. The features of the plugin allow you to prepare nutrition plans, diet, and special pieces of training for the members. With the Activity module feature you can manage all activities add new ones like Yoga, Aerobics and so on. For every single workout, the plugin can make statistics in the form of charts, and in this way, every user will know about his/her improvement.

With WPGYM you can organize fitness groups and manage them through the website.
The workout plugin is compatible with all latest versions of WordPress and it is device friendly which means that your WordPress workout website will look amazing on every mobile device. The plugin supports all languages and payment methods like:
PayPal, Stripe, Paystack, Paytm, Instamojo, PayU, 2CC, and Scrill.

The price of the plugin is $49 and for this price you get future updates and 24/7 support for 6 months.

8. LeaderBoard Plugin for WordPress

LeaderBoard Plugin for WordPress image

This plugin is mainly made for creating leaderboards, scoreboards and manage different competitions between the members of your fitness website.
For every created event you can set start time and end time, you can also create various divisions and list of competitors in each one.
The LeadreBoard plugin supports two different versions in the free version you can create up to 1 event per year with 3 divisions and up to 20 competitors per event. For a lot of websites this could not be enough.
In the second “Pro” you have unlimited number of events, competitors and divisions. The price of the Pro Plan for the plugin is $99.
The plugin is responsive and can be customized in different ways. It is mobile friendly and supports all latest versions of WordPress.

9. Simply Schedule Appointments

Simply Schedule Appointments image

The Simply Schedule Appointments is easy-usable, flexible, responsive plugin which allows you to create and accept appointments online. It can be very useful to online personal trainers, yoga instructors, nutritionists who want to book appointments with clients online. The plugin is easy-usable, clean and simple. It is fast, lightweight, and doesn’t affect the speed or the performance of your site.
With Simply Schedule Appointments plugin you can easily manage meeting, call and when you are booked or booked off. You can distribute all your time and every user will know when you are available.

The plugin supports all versions of WordPress, it has beautiful interface, and the most important it’s free. It is also device-friendly and can work on every mobile device.

10. Easy Support Videos for Your Fitness Blog

Easy Support Videos for Your Fitness Blog image

It is important for a workout website to have videos with different exercises which show the users the right way to do the it.
This plugin is made just for this purpose. You can made different types of videos and guides for your online workout WordPress website. The plugin is very simple and lightweight, it can be used without any knowledge.

11. Calorie Calculator Workout Builder Plugin

The plugin can be useful for the user of your workout website by estimating the calories they need for the day in the plugin there are included simple guidelines which the members of your website can follow to gain or lose weight. The plugin is simple and user-friendly. The cool thing about it, is that it sends the data of the calculation to every user’s email. The Calorie Calculator has a premium version that has more features.
The plugin has Mailchimp Integrated, it’s device friendly and supports all WordPress versions.

12. WP Header Images

WP Header Images image

If you need customization of the header of the different pages of your website you can do it with this plugin. The plugin is lightweight, simple, and clean.
The WP Header Images plugin allows you to customize for example the image of your “Portfolio” page. The plugin includes both free and premium versions.
It is compatible with all versions of WordPress and can be used on any kind of website.

13. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO image

Whatever website you are running if it’s fitness or something else the Yoast SEO is perfect option to optimize your website and all the content in it. The Yoast SEO plugin can maximize your works, articles and pages and show you the right way to optimize your website.

More info about Yoast SEO

14. Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member image

Ultimate Member plugin is an amazing plugin which allows the members of your website to create their own profiles with pictures and description of themselves just like in the social media websites. The plugin is perfect for creating advanced social communities and membership websites. It can be easily imported to your workout website. The plugin is responsive and clean, supports all WordPress versions, and has a list of extensions that can be separately purchased.

15. Fitness Trainer – Training Membership Plugin

Fitness Trainer - Training Membership Plugin image

The Fitness Trainer plugin gives you the opportunity to create a wonderful workout WordPress website. The plugin allows you to create a membership website in which the members have access to more workouts and use the premium stuff. With the plugin you post different diet, recipes, fitness programs and also can work with every member individually, set him/her the proper fitness program and nutrition intake, and make stats about the progress of every member of your website.

The plugin is fully responsive, SEO friendly, and can be customized in your style.
Fitness Trainer has great compatibility with amazing platforms like Woocommerce, Mailchimp, and WPML. The WordPress plugin support 13 languages and your website can be translated into every language you need. It supports two different payment methods. You can pay via PayPal or Stripe. The plugin is device friendly and can work on every mobile device. You can also use the latest WordPress versions like WordPress 5.4

The price of this plugin is $39 and you get all this amazing stuff, future updates, hosting offer and 6 months free 24/7 live support.
Here you can find tips and tricks on how to update your WordPress to WordPress 5.4


If you have the ambition to help more people improve themselves and get more fit, here we provide you the best free workout website builder plugins for WordPress with which you can easily create and improve your membership workout website or personal fitness blog.

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