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WPEngine is a hosting company founded in 2010 with over 120 000 users in 140 countries, and since then, it is focusing on WordPress solutions, as you can clue from its name.

The platform has different WordPress solutions and provides a reliable host from small companies to big enterprises and agencies. WPEnigne is also a WP Digital Experience Platform and has marketer and developer-friendly architecture. The host offers reliable security, performance, and scalability.

It provides automatic WP core updates and a great bunch of other features. All the solutions are managed and fully optimized for the WP platform.

Now let’s begin with the company overview and see the specs, the extras, and the price plans of the hosting company.

WPEngine Review

Name WPEngine
Country of Origin UK
Supported Platforms WordPress
Products WordPress Managed Hosting, tool, themes
Distribution Method Freeware Installations, Bundled Packages

WPEngine Plans and Services Review

As the company is providing only managed WordPress hosting, there are a few different price plans – for small businesses, for enterprises, and for an agency.
The plans include different bonuses and fast reliable service with scalability options.

The plans for small and medium businesses start from €23.33/mo to €225.00/mo and there is an option to create your custom plan with the specs you want.

The enterprise and the agency don’t have a permanent price, and you need to send a request and the support team will give you an offer. All the plans are scalable and customizable, you can change your hosting resources any time you want within a few clicks.

WPEngine TOP Extras and Collaborations

As well as the WP host which the company provides, there also developer tools and themes that are available on the platform. The company works with Google Cloud, Cloudflare CDN, Amazone, New Relic, HubSpot.

There are different types of extras that WPEngine provides on its platform.

Creative Agility

This one of the main WPEngine’s pillars, which contains a lot of assets for site-building and management, with the help of its bonuses you can create your website at ease and use the most responsive WP themes.

The Creative Agility included features:

  • Free Premium Themes
  • Develop Locally
  • One-Click Site Migration
  • Serviced Onboarding
  • Deploy Site
  • Git FTP and SFTP Connections
  • Dev, Stage, Prod Environments
  • Automated Backups
  • Core Updates
  • SSH Gateway
  • Free CDN and SSL Certificates
  • WP Plugins
  • 24/7/365 Support

  • Ecosystem Integration

    Ecosystem integration gives you the opportunity to integrate technologies like AIPs, WordPress solutions like plugins and themes, and PHP Compatibility.

    Opportunities for:

  • DNA Integration
  • WP Engine API
  • 50k+ WP Plugins
  • Modern technology stack
  • Let’s Encrypt
  • Enterprise Performance

    With the Enterprise Performance pillar of the platform, you will reserve all the sources you need to create a mind-blowing website.
    You can choose between Cloud Infrastructure, WordPress Hosting, Security Solutions, and Performance Solutions.

    They seem to offer all you need for a secure and fast website:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Data Center Redundancy
  • Uptime Protection
  • PHP 7.4
  • EverCacher
  • CDN Servers
  • Decreased latency
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Traffic Encryption with SSL
  • Dedicated Security Engineering Team
  • Threat Detection
  • Disaster Recovery

  • Actionable Integration Review

    The Actionable Integration is a type of analytics through which you can track your website performance and the page performance, and get application monitoring, page speed insights, and free website test.

    TOP Free Extras Review

    As we review the main WPEngine’s platform pliers and their added bonuses (which are not completely free), now it’s time to see which are the best free added goodies provided in every hosting plan.
    With every plan, you get CDN servers all around the world for better and fast connections.

    Also, every plan can be customized through the scalable resources feature, which allows you to change the resources of your hosting within a few simple movements.

    Free migration is available, too as we found when we were doing our review. You can migrate to WPEngine in minutes within a few clicks. But if you want to choose the enterprise or the agency plan you need to send a request to the companies’ support.

    More goodies:
    Free SSL
    Disaster Protection
    DDoS Protection
    Auto Backups

    WPEngine Performance Review

    The host company is providing tools, themes, and hosting, but what is the performance, and is it fast and reliable enough?

    When we did our review on it, the company is using the latest SSD technologies on their services. And provides high-grade performance, optimized for WordPress with 99%+ Uptime Guarantee. Also, the platform provides auto core WordPress updates with a safe anti-hacker security environment, that keeps your investment safe.

    Pingdom Lag Test

    To test the WPEngine’s performance we use the Pingdom testing tool and a simple website set on the “STARTUP” plan.

    We did a review of the loading times of the website and we get a result of 1.31-sec average page loading. The page loading rate is a key Google ranking factor and every website which loads under 2 seconds covers the standard rate of a website for Google.

    So, we can say that the results are not the most impressive ones but without any complain it provides fast services.

    WPEngine Hosting Review – Conclusion

    After reviewing the main specs, features, and plans of the WPEngine hosting company we from Howtohosting.guide can say that the company is very reliable and can trust them. They also have a very well ordered website and information for everything.

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