WPForms WordPress Plugin Review (Details, Features, & Pricing)

If you are tired of experimenting with different contact form plugins, you probably did not yet try the Wp Forms Plugin. In the following review, we are going to take a look into its add-ons, features, and specifications.

WPForms Plugin Review FEATURED

Why Do you Need The WP Forms Plugin?

Having a contact form is mandatory for every website. Using a contact form plugin will keep your website more secure from hackers and spammers, and will protect your email from phishing and unwanted emails. The contact form plugin allows you to gather specified information from your users, depending on your specified case. You can choose what kind of information you need, and thus adjust your contact form in a way that best serves your needs.

Building Forms With WPForms

Wp Forms Plugin Review

Creating online forms inside a WordPress website has never been a more straightforward job, thanks to the WPForms plugin. WPForms is one of the most beginner-friendly plugins that offer very convenient and user-friendly ways that allow you to create beautiful forms in a matter of minutes.

Differently from other plugins, with the WPForms plugin, you can easily create your form with just drag and dropping elements and you will not have to write a single line of code.

Tons of Form Templates Available

WPForms Templates

The WPForms plugin offers a large variety of templates that you can use, and you will not need to create your form from scratch. Some of the pre-built templates include forms such as:

  • Survey Form;
  • Newsletter Form
  • Billing Form;
  • Donation Form;
  • Request a Quote Form;
  • Blank Form;
  • Simple Form.

The WPForms plugin also offers a great add-on called Form Templates Pack.

WPForms Templates Pack

This add-on lets you choose from a wide variety of pre-built templates that can suit every type of website. With that being said no matter what industry you are in, you will always be able to find the perfect form for your case. This also saves a lot of time as you probably don’t want to build your form from scratch continually. All you have to do is to select your template and your form will be instantly created.

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WPForms Is Easy To Be Added


Once you create your form, it is really easy to embed it or add it to any post or page. You are not even required to copy and paste any shortcode. Just go to your page/post editor, where you want your WPForm to be added and click on the Add Form button, which will be added just above your text editor. Then a popup will appear and you should choose your exact form. Then all you have to do is to click on the Add Form button.

Building Advanced Forms

WP Forms Survey

WPForms allows its users to create advanced forms pretty easily.

For example, you can create a Survey form in a few minutes, and building it with the excellent user interface of WPForms is a delightful experience.

You can also combine conditional logic based on the user’s responses and thus create very natural advanced forms. WPForms also allows you to add social sharing to your forms.

Creating a Login or Registration Form With WPForms

WPForms Login or Registration 6

If you are running a website that has a community part such as a forum or niche social network, or any other type of website that requires user registration, then you can add a form with custom logic to your website. The main reason for that is that you can easily embed a custom login or registration form anywhere on your website.

Collecting Payments With WPForms

WPForms Payments

Another great feature of the WPForms plugin is that it allows you to collect donations and payments pretty easily. It offers fast and easy integration with PayPal and Stripe that can be implemented in a few minutes.

Creating a Form for Post Submissions

WPForms Submission

In case that you want your users to contribute to your website by adding content, you can use the WPForms’ add-on called “Post Submission”, and thus you can accept content that your website users generate. This is very convenient for guest blogging, gathering reviews, and testimonials. This is a very elegant and smart way to receive user’s information without granting access to the backend of your website. When a user submits its content, you will see it as a pending post in your admin dashboard.

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Other Features

Wp Forms Other Features

The WPForms plugin offers many other great features that are separated into three main sections:

  • Standard Fields – including basic field types such as Name, email, text, paragraph text, dropdown menus, multiple-choice menus, and other basic fields;
  • Fancy fields – the fancy fields consists of a bit more advanced areas such as phone, file upload fields, Captcha fields;
  • Payment Fields – the payment fields contain fields for credit cards and single and multiple payment options.

Great Compatibility

WPForms is a highly optimized plugin that offers maximum speed and it is also 100% responsive, thus, your forms will look great on any mobile or desktop device. The plugin offers easy ways to embed your forms straight to your posts, pages, widgets, a footer with a simple shortcode, or with a built-in widget.

WPForms is also compatible with some of the most famous WordPress plugins used for email marketing, and you can add subscribers to your email list in any of your forms. The plugin can be easily integrated with:

  • MailChimp;
  • GetResponse;
  • AWeber;
  • Constant Contact (you will not even need an add-on);

And Even More…

Yet the WPForms plugin’s capabilities do not end here. 

You can use custom Captcha to reduce spam to your forms and you can also specify your questions.

The Geolocation allows you to store data for the location of your visitors.

You can use WPForms to create agreement forms and allow your website visitors to sign it online.

Pricing And Support

WPForms Pricing

The great thing about WPForms is that they try to fit in every website’s budget. Their plans start from 31.60$ per year and go up to 79.60$, 159.60$, 239.60$ per year.

With such a large variety of prices, you can choose the most suitable plan for your needs and you will also receive great ticket-based support.

Our Final Conclusion

If you need to add professional forms to your website, then WPForms is probably one of the best plugins that you can choose. Not only it is fast, secured, and feature-rich, but it also allows payment integrations and many different additional options.

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