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This is a comprehensive review of Yahoo hosting services provided by which help to explain to you how well does this hosting provider cope in terms of value for the customer, performance, and pricing.

Created back in 1999 their hosting service started working under the name Yahoo Small Business. Now, still being very active in this field, they provide a suitable site builder with drag-and-drop technologies and it allows users to choose among a lot of different templates for their sites. The shared services offered by this provider include extras such as mobile-optimized site design, various tools for optimization, SSL included, and email addresses.

Yahoo Hosting Review

Name Yahoo Hosting
Country of Origin Sunnyvale , CA, USA
Supported Platforms Linux, Windows etc.
Products Shared; Reseller; Site Buidling; E-Commerce; WordPress; Domain Registration;

The Best Hosting Plans Review

This hosting offers a lot of different plans and the WordPress services include no limit to how many site installations you will have no limit to visitors on your site a file transfer protocol that is secure and also database support for Perl, PHP, and MySQL. Also, you get the choice to use different security extras like backup and restore and how protected your password should be. Furthermore, the first thing we noticed that is offered by them is also that it is PCI compliant.

Yahoo offers plans for the following type of services:

  • Shared.
  • WordPress.
  • Email.
  • Domain name registering.
  • E-commerce.
  • Site building.

Being one of the most popular internet brands that attract one of the largest audiences on their servers. In fact, they have over 200 million users each month. Customers can benefit from their development networks so that they can develop their businesses using the services provided by them.

Products and plans that are offered by them are created to fit businesses of different sizes. Yahoo! has put its extensive expertise and serving and supporting customers when it comes to their online business. They also aim to provide clients with scalable services that can change based on how you grow in the future. According to recent statistics, the company hosts currently more than 30 million blogs or sites of different sizes. This amounts to the managing of more than 50 terabytes of information.

The Prices & Coupon Offers Review

When it comes to pricing, the hosting offered by this provider is placed in a very competitive manner and they can fit your budget. We would not say that the prices are low but for the extras that you get the prices are not too high either. Also, you did not get any hidden terms and conditions or features that turn out to increase the price dramatically once you add them to your plan.

Furthermore, Yahoo also offers you easy cpanel login and standard 30-day money-back guarantee in addition to a lot of extra features for the price you pay:

  • Free registration of a domain name.
  • They have a high capacity for data transfer and storage.
  • You do not get charged to use their site Builder.
  • Due to their advanced network they have virtually unlimited database .space
  • They offer email registration of multiple accounts with the lot of storage
  • You get to use scripting tools that are very advanced.

Network, Support & Uptime Review

The network of this hosting is very advanced and this business provides you with a very reliable and well-performing service. This saves you a lot of money that you otherwise give for software, staff, and hardware. The network is constantly monitored and they claim to devote a lot of resources to maintaining their network and devices so that they can assure high reliability.

The following features are what we considered to be serious benefits of using these services:

  • They offer 99.9% of up time.
  • Your website loads faster due to redundant linking.
  • Backup is included and is automatic and on a very frequent basis.
  • They have very advanced data centres.
  • They are very advanced in terms of security as well.
  • They offer shared SSL for increased protection.
  • High level of physical protection on their data centres.
  • They have implemented Anti-spam technologies.

The facilities of Yahoo are always under 24/7 surveillance and control so you can rest assured that with them you will also get adequate 365-year support.

While the customer support of this company is 24/7 and you can reach them by email and phone, the phone just not reported as one of their strong sides. They do however lack the possibility of using a live chat something that is very often used by providers. They do have some knowledge base which is good.

The control panel offers very extensive resources and Powerful tools. It is called MyServices and the support for it is very experienced.

Conclusion, Pros and Cons

The pros of using them are that you get a high value because of their advanced and well-developed network. As a reputable provider, they are a decent choice that offers good features for the price you pay. Maybe you do pay a bit higher than usual but there are no hidden features that turn out to be paid and not included.

What We Like

  • PCI Compliance.
  • Reliable connection.

What Is Missing

  • Support could be better.
  • They could include more information about their customer data, since they were recently involved in a massive leak.

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