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Top 3 Colocation Recommendations in Europe

1. Liquid Web Inc.

Number of Reviews 955
Avg. Review Score 4.6 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $15.00 / mo.

2. GreenGeeks Web Hosting

Number of Reviews 842
Avg. Review Score 4.3 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $2.49 / mo.
From 0.50/mo

3. IONOS |

Number of Reviews 15.6k+
Avg. Review Score 4.1 Positive
Customer Support Neutral
Starts from $0.50 / mo.

The whole team of has worked hard to bring you the best Colocation hosting services based in Europe inside a single post. The list is structured by country, featuring a brief overview of each company including specifications and features for each one.

Colocation hosting is a service that is needed by companies or larger businesses with the resources to allocate their servers in a data center and store them there. While the client-side claims authority of the hardware and software of the servers, the storage facility is responsible for maintaining the environment as secure as possible.

Companies offer a lot of extras to their Colocation services, such as server and database management, with active monitoring by their administrators.

This type of service is increasing in demand at a fast pace, and the reasons are the lower costs and the need for companies to store their servers safely, without managing the security aspect.

In case you are looking to set up a company in Europe and allocate multiple servers across the continent, you would want to research beforehand. Said research could get you confused if you are not well acquainted with the European market.

Yet, you still want to know the best Colocation solutions for Europe. We at prepared this article to show you the best services that offer Colocation in terms of speed, uptime, support and if they are affordable for continuous time.

With a click on a country, you will get transported to the corresponding text deeper inside the article. Know that we have included around half of the European countries only. We have chosen the countries which use hosting services more prominently than others.

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List of the Colocation Hosting Providers in Europe

1&1 IONOS – Germany

1&1 Ionos Hosting Hosting

IONOS by 1&1 is a German hosting company running since 1988, that opened doors for the first time in Montabaur and has never closed.

Ionos is one of the most popular host companies in Germany as well as internationally. It has achieved great renown for being reliable and having affordable services.

Dedicated hosting by Ionos gives you a whole server to yourself. None of the processing power or bandwidth will be shared with anyone else. Thus, no risk exists of other clients using up your resources.

The prices of the Dedicated hosting plans of Ionos seem to be cheaper than most Colocation hosting services ran by different businesses. That is why we advise you to look up their Dedicated hosting plans, which all include:

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Free Domain
  • Site Scan
  • RailGun CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Anexia – Austria

Anexia was founded back in 2006 in Klagenfurt and they have offices in Vienna, Graz, Munich, Cologne, and New York City, serving a lot of international clients.

Anexia’s main purpose is to have individual solutions that are managed, as well as root servers. The company is also prolific in the design and development of web applications, such as PHP, Java, and .NET-based.

Anexia has an amazing growth spurt of 1.400% over the course of five years, without generating any debt whatsoever.

Anexia’s main philosophy is to offer services that are custom and tailor-made to your preferences.

Here are features that Anexia has across its plans:

  • Unmetered Transfer
  • Tailor-made host based on your need
  • 24/7 support and access
  • Own cages for each infrastructure

LiquidWeb – Netherlands

LiquidWeb is a veteran host company which was founded 23 years ago. They have exceptional dedicated hosted services as well as cloud plans as a close alternative.

As a company striving for daily improvements, LiquidWeb has over 250 veteran administrators, technicians and customer assistants.

LiquidWeb has Colocation Hosting for the Netherlands, while it is listed under their Dedicated Hosting plans. We think that is the case as both are very similar hosting types and Colocation Hosting is available only for certain US, UK and Netherlands locations, while Dedicated Hosting plans are available worldwide.

LiquidWeb has one of the most modern technologies and security systems integrated with its services, including the following:

  • NGINX technology
  • Auto SSL certification
  • PHP7+
  • Daily Backups
  • 24-Hour Support

Ip-Only – Sweden

Known by its previous name Availo, is a company that has nine data centers in different locations.

IP-Only is owned by EQT since 2013 and they have the necessary resources to be the best-established venture capital business in Sweden.

This is because EQT has more than 300 investors including some of the largest insurance firms and pension funds.

They aim to constantly ensure a reliable connection with climate-smart solutions like renewable energy.

Their main vision is to be the leading host provider of all types of communication and green network infrastructure.

Below you can see the features, offered by IP-Only in their plans:

  • 100% Uptime
  • Scalable
  • Tailor made
  • 24/7 Phone support for the whole process from start to finish

DataCell – Iceland

iceland hosting

Iceland does not seem to have an abundance of Colocation hosting providers. The few ones that offer such solutions are great and can definitely offer a reliable service. Data Cell is one of them.

Based in Reykjavík, Iceland, and having over 20 years of experience in hosting and information and communication technologies, Data Cell is a definitive choice for Colocation hosting.

They have an outstanding Support team that is starring two pioneers from back in the day, who started out as ISPs in the 1990s in Switzerland and Iceland respectively. Later on, they grew to be the largest internet providers in said countries.

Below, you can see features that Data Cell has to offer for its solutions:

  • Tailor-made solutions and Pricing
  • 100% Uptime
  • Data Center Access
  • Facilities with latest tech for cooling and humidity control, plus advanced backup power management
  • High-powered Hardware

Creanova – Finland

Colocation hosting finland

Creanova Hosting Solutions Ltd is a company that provides IT services at top-notch quality and the company is very serious about it.

They have been established in 1996 and have adequate experience for the period they are on the market. You should strongly consider them for their data centers and services on a professional level.

They have opened their first, personal data center back in 2006 and they have been growing exponentially.

Over the years, they have created data solutions at reduced costs. Their system enables complete control over servers, availability, security, and energy efficiency.

Here are the main characteristics offered by Creanova for its Colocation solutions:

  • 10 TB bandwith
  • IP addresses IPv4 2
  • IP addresses IPv6/112
  • Port speed 100Mbit/s

Scaleway – France

Scaleway is a company that is one of the pioneers in cloud solutions and it supplies a complete range of services that aim to help companies and developers alike.

They offer private infrastructure solutions, with their Datacenter and Dedicated servers. They are also a leading provider in Colocation solutions as well.

Scaleway continuously fine-tune and develop their networks.

The outcome of this is top-class innovative datacenters (Scaleway Datacenter), turning them into a global brand that provides host and other networking services to clines from over 150 countries all over the world.

So if you are looking to set up in France – Scaleway will not be the wrong choice.

Below you can see Scaleway’s features when choosing them as a Colocation provider:

  • TIER 3, Healthcare HDS, ISO 27001, ISO 50001 certifications
  • Up to 9 kW per rack
  • Up to 320kW per private cage or private suite
  • On-demand audit
  • 26 network operators of your choice (Carrier neutral)
  • Cross connections with third party operators
  • OEM Hardware available on request
  • Up to 100% SLA
  • Kinamo – Belgium

    Colocation hosting belgium

    If you have your own server and are looking to colocate it in Belgium, Kinamo is your best bet.

    They have an extremely well-established data center in Belgium that ensures a reliable environment, guarantees uptime, and has a fast and stable Internet connection that does not experience speed drops.

    They are absolutely obsessed with security since Kinamo has tailor-made its own firewall solution that ensures maximum security for your servers while enabling you to decrease your operational costs.

    Below you can see Kinamo’s features:

    • 2 public IPv4 addresses
    • IPv6 connectivity
    • 2 redundant Gbit switch connections
    • Kinamo Firewall security, free
    • Bandwidth graphs and performance monitoring
    • Cold corridor technology
    • 99,99% uptime guarantee according to our network SLA
    • 1 TB traffic
    • 1 U Rack space
    • 1 A power (166 kWh)

    DreamHost – Spain


    Spain has local hosting companies which offer good Dedicated service. However, we have chosen DreamHost for Spain, as it is not that far away in terms of Internet connectivity access points and the service is superb.

    DreamHost is one of the oldest hosting companies that started its existence back in 1996 on US soil. DreamHost claims that they have nearly half a million customers in 100 countries, all happy with their services.

    They have powerful servers hosted in America, but with the latest Cloud technologies, they can reach the whole World in satisfactory speeds. They do not have Colocation hosting services per se, but they do have amazing Dedicated hosting.

    Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting plans by DreamHost have the following features:

    • RAID 1 Storage
    • Root Access
    • Local MySQL Database Server
    • Ubuntu OS
    • 100% Network Uptime Guarantee
    • 24×7 Tech Support & Server Monitoring
    • DDoS Protection – Italy

    When it comes to the best Colocation solution in Europe, is a great choice. Founded in 1995, has gradually diversified its services. The company’s work is divided into two main areas:

    • Powerful data center
    • Web agency responsible for digital marketing’s main strength is that they rely on their own data center supported by their personal system engineers.

    The same people also handle customer support, meaning that you get assistance from a truly, technically-competent team.

    The main services are custom data backups, e-mail backup solutions, and disaster recovery plans. Here are the full specifications of their plans:

    • HP version 5.2, .NET 3.5, .Net 4.0, Front Page 5.0
    • Data Base: MsSql 2000, 2005 and 2008, MySql 5.1.10
    • Antivirus Software
    • Supported Software: Incomedia Website X5 Evolution 9, jquery-1.3, ASP Stats Generator, Adobe GoLive 4, SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 7, Type Writer 4, DataWeb 4, phpMailer, WordPress 3.0 and 3.1, Forms To Go 3.2.1

    The pricing of is one detail that you will need to pay attention to, because they offer custom solutions, depending on the scale of your project. focuses on helping you develop your website or network as best they can, plus having an overall perspective of your growth and not just of the plan you are paying. They put in the extra work, refusing to treat you as only a statistic.

    GreenGeeks – Ireland


    GreenGeeks began its service history during 2008 and is now generating up to 3 times less power consumption via the aid of renewable energy.

    Ireland uses a big lot of services from GreenGeeks. Prices are affordable and give good value for the included features across deals.

    GreenGeeks is a company that offers a wide range of features, such as:

    • 300% Green Hosting
    • Unlimited SSD Web Space
    • Unlimited Data Transfer
    • Real-time Security Scanning
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Free Nightly Backup
    • Free CDN
    • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
    • Free Domain Name for the First Year

    Other features might be available except the ones listed here. GreenGeeks also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for re-assurance.

    Nexcess (by LiquidWeb) – United Kingdom


    Nexcess is a hosting brand by LiquidWeb. Nexcess has allotted nearly 20 years of experience and more than 50,000 customers in its existence.

    Nexcess might offer Colocation to clients to select data center locations. You should ask them if they still provide Colocation services (or similar, such as Dedicated) with their West Sussex, UK Data Center.

    Nexcess offers Colocation in some of its USA locations, but the UK one is rather hinted deep inside the official website. So it might be a service they offer only to select clients or they might have various plans for its future.

    A specialized team of experts guarantees the security across servers to provide a safe place for websites of clients. Some of the security features of Nexcess include:

    • Firewalls & VPN
    • DDoS Attack Prevention
    • Web Application Protection
    • Server and Data Protection
    • Compliance Assistance

    Interxion – Denmark

    Having over twenty years of experience with hosting, Interxion is a company that aims at becoming the best Colocation solution in Europe and achieving operational excellence.

    One of the core competencies of Interxion is to create a service that is versatile and scalable not only across Denmark, but the whole of Europe, too.

    Their core data center services are the main area of focus, allowing them to keep expanding their business.

    Company consists of flexible solutions across 13 cities in Europe, meeting the latest security requirements.

    Interxion has 50 data centers that feature the latest web technologies and no matter how many facilities you choose for Colocation, they aim to give you the same quality of service all around. Here are the benefits that come with Interxion:

    • A broad selection of configurations and allocation options, with both metered and unmetered variants
    • Equipment housing options range from individual Cabinets to Cages and Private Rooms for enhanced security
    • Equipment maintained and monitored in climate-controlled environments with SLAs for temperature and humidity
    • Data centers have five layers of physical security, 24/7 security staff, and access control systems

    BMIT – Malta

    hosting malta

    BMIT is one of those companies that develop secure infrastructure for the IT sphere. According to their official website, they aim to secure the servers and at the same time solve complex development and network issues.

    They provide Backup solutions for each of their plans. They also have a partnership with Veeam which allows them to optimize business operations and increase data security.

    They have great Technical experts who are constantly working to solve all issues of customers.

    Below, you can see BMIT’s Colocation features:

    • Power – 1A+
    • Bandwidth – 1Mbps+
    • Bandwidth type – dedicated and redundant
    • SLA availability
    • Monitoring – 24/7
    • Managed services – optional
    • Optional services – Luxembourg


    Visual Online, with an address of, has been created in 1996 in Luxembourg along with the first internet infrastructure in the country. This gave the company a good head start into becoming one of the leading internet providers there.

    Visual Online is an innovative company that provides reliable internet access and hosting services, both locally and internationally.

    Being a part of the Post Luxembourg group has allowed to have the appropriate financial and technical background to meet the most demanding customer requirements for hosting.

    Below, you can see Visual Online’s Colocation specifics:

    • Rack units 1
    • UPS & generator secured power included
    • Power included 0.25 kVA
    • Internet access on GE Port 20000 GB
    • Site Contern (Tier II)
    • Technical support included
    • Included IP addresses 1 (more on demand)
    • Remote hands € 35.00 / 30 min
    • Shared KVM € 19.00 / month – Portugal

    Colocation hosting portugal

 is a company that is owned by Claranet Soho, the former Flesk Telecom in Portugal.

    They are in operation since 2001 and have started to shape up as market leaders in domain name registration, Colocation hosting, and web solutions. They are a serious contender for the place of best Colocation service in Portugal and top 15 in Europe.

    Dominios offer one of the best Datacenters located in Portugal. It has become operational since 2014, when they merged with Claranet Group.

    They offer services that include data center colocation as well as network integration to one of the largest IP networks with international connectivity and features, listed here:

    • Datacenter in Portugal
    • Redundant fiber optic connections
    • Monitoring connectivity failures
    • 99.95% connectivity uptime (SLA)
    • Internal Gigabit Backbone
    • UPS Monitoring
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Constant monitoring of hardware and services (24 × 7 × 365)
    • SMS and email alerts for technical support staff in case of failure

    Solar Com – Poland

    Solar Com is a growing hosting company that has its headquarters in Poland.

    Solar Communications has a policy about quality with which aims to achieve the highest standards attainable and to do everything possible to make all customers happy.

    Solar Com is presented as an excellent service with special attention to each customer.

    Below you can see what comes with the Starter Colocation plan at Solar Com:

    • 24/7 support
    • 1x 1GB/s RJ-45 network connectivity
    • 0.8 Amp 220 volts
    • 15 TB bandwidth – Croatia

    Colocation hosting croweb

, also called Croatian Web Host is a business that is based in Zagreb and was created by hosting experts.

    With highly qualified network engineers and over two decades of experience, Croatian Web Host are committed in providing competent 24/7 Support for Colocation services and 99.9% uptime, while also working with huge companies to improve technologies and security standards.

    They have a highly-responsive ticketing system made available for all of their customers.

    Here are features offered by for Colocation:

    • Leasing space in a rack cabinet 19″
    • Dimensions 1U (max power consumption 400W)
    • Internet link 50/50 Mbps (flat, unmetred)
    • 1 static IPv4 address
    • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS, generator)
    • Physical security (access control, warning systems)
    • Fire protection (fire alarm system and automatic fire extinguishing)
    • 24/7/365 monitoring (power supply, air conditioning, availability)
    • Physical and console access to the Colocation equipment
    • TIER 3: 99.982% availability; redundancy (N + 1)

    Spatiul.Ro – Romania

    Colocation hosting romania

    Romania has one of the most developed IT sectors in the country, located in Cluj, Napoca, and the country is very competent in the IT sphere.

    Spatiul.Ro, which started out as an ISP back in 2007 is now a reputable hosting company which provides competitive and affordable plans.

    They have the necessary technical personnel to meet the increasing customer demand. Colocation solutions offered by the company are on a top-level that can be implemented swiftly and securely.

    Spatiul.Ro aims to use as many servers as possible, to create a local data center network in order to minimize downtime in case of high server malfunctions. With this in mind and the fact that they host over 20,000 domains, you can understand that they are highly reliable.

    Their Colocation service implementation, features the following parameters:

    • Free setup
    • 5 TB Bandwidth
    • Remote access
    • 2 x C13 ports
    • 800×1000 racks – Greece

    Colocation hosting greece

, also known as Europlanet has amassed a good expertise in the hosting field for over 22 years of professional experience. has been created by two student friends who have had the vision to build cutting-edge solutions with advanced technologies implied. They also dream of keep on treating each customer with as much care as always and meet their requirements.

    The outcome is this accomplished business as one of the best Colocation hosts in Europe, offering a complete range of web applications in Data and Web Hosting, Web Design, and DNS service fields.

    They have one of the best technological tools and platforms available online and offer easy and fast implementation at good prices.

    Below you can see the parameters of hosting:

    • 1U rackspace
    • 1x1000MB net card
    • 200 GBs traffic
    • 4 IPs
    • Free setup

    Daticum – Bulgaria

    Colocation hosting bulgaria

    Bulgaria is one of the top-rated countries in terms of internet speed, not only in Europe, but around the whole wide World.

    The country keeps educating prominent IT experts on yearly basis, including the fields of Networking and Hosting services.

    Bulgaria is a good strategic choice for the IT industry as a whole, but especially for hosting and advanced networks.

    Colocation hosting is prominent here. The best company in Bulgaria that offers it is Daticum, which offers one of the best such services in Europe.

    They have upgraded over time to create Tier 3 Colocation hosting, with 99% uptime, unmetered bandwidth and free setup at a cheap price.

    Here are the main features that are offered for Startup Server housing by Daticum:

    • 1 Unit
    • 1 x 100 Mbps link
    • 1 Power Socket
    • 0.8 Ampers electricity
    • ISO infrastructure that answers international standards
    • 24/7/365 server monitoring
    • Highly-qualified personnel
    • Connectivity and ISP choice
    • Scalable solutions

    Cool Housing – Czech Republic

    Colocation hosting czech republic

    Based in Prague, Cool Housing has its own data center and three server rooms. The company is located in proximity of the exchange building with having a server room close to it.

    One strength of Cool Housing is that they offer UPS 70NET 40.33 and EATON 93PM-50 in their configuration. That provides stable power to the servers, while eliminating spikes in electricity. In this way the risk of power outages is also minimized.

    Cool Housing runs the latest technologies in their data centers, with having temperature sensors placed on all floors and outside the data center halls.

    Cool Housing offers the following:

    • Small Tower case
    • 50W real power input
    • 100Mbps BASIC connectivity
    • Included Anti-DDoS Basic
    • 1x IPv4, /96 IPv6
    • KVM over IP
    • Non-stop customer support – Hungary

    Colocation hosting hungary

 is your best bet for Colocation Hosting in Hungary.

    They have started out as a free hosting service in August 2003 only to grow into one of the most widely recognized services. They have significantly more storage space for their users compared to their local competitors.

    Their first data center had IPv6 way back in the year of 2006. They have now built a second data center that became fully functional in 2014.

    See’s Colocation hosting plan parameters as listed on their official website:

    • 1 IP v 4 ADDRESSES / 56 IP v 6 RANGE

    Amplica – Moldova

    Colocation hosting Moldov

    Amplica Hosting has been created back in 2010 and they are striving to become the best Colocation hosting for Moldova.

    Since then, they have quickly turned into a hosting powerhouse in Moldova, offering Shared, Reseller, Web, VPS, and Colocation hosting services.

    They also offer SSL certification, domain name registration, web design, and more. With no additional payment, users might see new improvements being integrated live as time goes on.

    Down her you can see Aplica’s Colocation hosting features:

    • 1U (Server)
    • Rack size 800×1200
    • Shared Colocation
    • 5TB Traffic
    • 1 IP address
    • 1 Port C13
    • 1 Network Port
    • 1 Gbps internet speed – Latvia

    Colocation hosting latvia

 is a Latvian company that offers data centers in numerous different countries in Europe. They have grown to be a well-known data center operator in Europe since their creation in 1999.

    The Colocation solutions offered by are Tier 2, up to Tier 4 safety standards, with constant control and 24/7 active monitoring.

    With full Technical Support and required network infrastructure for all kinds of businesses, the company keeps every buyer satisfied to a maximum degree.

    They also have UPS devices, linked to diesel generators, meaning that a constant supply of computational power is available, allowing customers to get the best quality out of it.

    Below, you can see the two main benefits of for Colocation:

    • Power: 2 x PSU connections included 400W
    • Switch Ports 1x 100Mbit/s

    VPSNet (Esnet) – Lithuania

    Colocation hosting lithuania

    VPSNet, also known as ESnet, specializes in data center services. The company entered the data center loaning business in 2008 and is constantly improving ever since.

    VPSNet aims to reduce customers’ costs by keeping the quality of their services. The Colocation service of VPSNet is scalable and flexible.

    Pricing is one of the most competitive in Europe, making this company quite a decent choice and the best one in Lithuania in the near future.

    Here are the features offered by Esnet / VPSNet in their Colocation hosting plan:

    • Remote power control (PDU)
    • KVM control
    • Set amount of speed and IP addresses
    • Physical protection
    • Uninterrupted power supply (double electric terminals, generator, powerful UPS)
    • Anti-Fire system


    These were the ideal Colocation hosting companies for most country locations in Europe. We at hope that this article helped you and broadened your insight about the best Colocation services across Europe and targeting European countries.

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