9 Best VPS Hosting Providers in Iceland (2023) 🇮🇸

Why Choose VPS Hosting in Iceland?

Opting for VPS hosting in Iceland offers several advantages.
Firstly, Iceland boasts a strategic geographical location, providing low-latency connections globally. This is crucial for website speed and user experience. In addition, Iceland has a reliable and resilient power infrastructure, contributing to uninterrupted server operation.
Furthermore, Iceland is known for its commitment to renewable energy sources, ensuring eco-friendly hosting solutions. This aligns with sustainability goals and reduces the environmental impact of hosting operations.
Moreover, the country has stringent data privacy laws, offering enhanced security and privacy for your hosted data. Choosing VPS hosting in Iceland provides a combination of excellent connectivity, sustainability, and excellent data protection, making it a compelling option for businesses and websites.

Top VPS Hosting Deals for Iceland


1. Misshosting

Number of Reviews rating circle 4.9k+
Avg. Review Score rating circle 4.9 Positive
Customer Support rating circle Positive
Starts from $0.99 / mo.

2. Stablehost.com

Number of Reviews rating circle 1.9k+
Avg. Review Score rating circle 4.8 Positive
Customer Support rating circle Positive
Starts from $0.90 / mo.

3. OrangeWebsite.com - Iceland Web Hosting

Number of Reviews rating circle 199
Avg. Review Score rating circle 4.6 Positive
Customer Support rating circle Positive
Starts from / mo.

4. Serverion

Number of Reviews rating circle 101
Avg. Review Score rating circle 3.2 Neutral
Customer Support rating circle Positive
Starts from $2.67 / mo.

5. Internoc24 LLC

Number of Reviews rating circle 3
Avg. Review Score rating circle 4.5 Positive
Customer Support rating circle Positive
Starts from $4.32 / mo.

6. FlokiNET.is

Number of Reviews rating circle 25
Avg. Review Score rating circle 3.0 Neutral
Customer Support rating circle Neutral
Starts from $3.27 / mo.

7. NettaCompany

Number of Reviews rating circle 66
Avg. Review Score rating circle 4.5 Positive
Customer Support rating circle Neutral
Starts from $1.00 / mo.

8. OvalHost

Number of Reviews rating circle 1
Avg. Review Score rating circle 4.8 Positive
Customer Support rating circle Positive
Starts from $3.40 / mo.

9. 1984 Hosting Company

Number of Reviews rating circle 13
Avg. Review Score rating circle 3.4 Neutral
Customer Support rating circle Neutral
Starts from $2.38 / mo.

10 Most Reviewed Vps Hosting Providers in Iceland (Nov 2023)

Hosting Name User Satisfaction In % Number of Reviews Promotions
GoDaddyGoDaddy for Iceland 82%
(less than 25 reviews)
NOW Save 47%
HostwindsHostwinds for Iceland 100%
(less than 25 reviews)
Visit Site
HostingerHostinger for Iceland 98%
(less than 25 reviews)
-75% NOW
Hetzner OnlineHetzner Online for Iceland 83%
(less than 25 reviews)
Visit Site
DreamHostDreamHost for Iceland 100%
(less than 25 reviews)
Flash Sale
PlanetHosterPlanetHoster for Iceland 100%
(less than 25 reviews)
Visit Site
A2 HostingA2 Hosting for Iceland 99%
(less than 25 reviews)
-50% OFF
ScalaCubeScalaCube for Iceland 84%
(less than 25 reviews)
HostgatorHostgator for Iceland 100%
(less than 25 reviews)
-65% + domain
GreenGeeks Web HostingGreenGeeks Web Hosting for Iceland 40%
(less than 25 reviews)
Visit Site

Key factors to Consider When Selecting a VPS Hosting Provider in Iceland

When choosing a VPS hosting provider in Iceland for optimal website performance and data security, consider key technical specifications. Evaluate the provider's server infrastructure, including processor speed, RAM capacity, and storage options. Ensuring that these technical aspects align with your website's requirements is crucial for seamless performance.
Moreover, assess the provider's network capabilities, including bandwidth and connectivity options. A robust and high-speed network is essential for efficient data transfer and quick loading times.
Take note of the data center facilities and their redundancy features. Iceland's reliable power infrastructure should be complemented by backup systems, ensuring uninterrupted server operation.
Inquire about the provider's security measures, such as firewalls, encryption protocols, and regular data backups. Understanding the technical specifications ensures that your VPS hosting in Iceland meets both performance and security expectations for your website.
Iceland's reliable power infrastructure contributes to uninterrupted server operation.
As already mentioned, the country's commitment to renewable energy aligns with sustainability goals, providing eco-friendly hosting solutions. This not only reduces the environmental impact but also supports a more responsible approach to hosting.
When choosing a VPS hosting provider in Iceland, prioritizing these factors ensures a well-rounded and effective hosting solution.

How to Boost Your Iceland VPS Hosting using CDN

A CDN is a content delivery network - a geographically distributed network of proxy servers that are providing fast delivery of Internet data to the target server. The goal is to provide high availability and performance to end-users by distributing the service in the best way possible related to their location. A CDN is really important because it increases the speed of your website. Moreover, instead of requesting data directly from the main server the CDN server has created a cache of your website, which really increases page loading times.

VPS Hosting - FAQ 2023

What Is VPS Web Hosting?

VPS or Virtual Private Server is the kind of hosting service, which is based on virtualization technology and runs in a virtual environment, rather than an actual logical one. This type of service allows you to host your domain or files in the virtual machine, which has been secured from outside attacks using virtualisation, thus preventing access from third parties.

What is VPS Hosting Used For?

VPS hosting can is used for a lot of services, also required from a traditional hosting service. Compared to other standard services, like Shared Hosting, VPS is easier to set up, and can be used for the same purposes - creating a database, hosting a website and having a dedicated server space only for you, just like you would with Dedicated hosting.

Is VPS Hosting Good?

Yes, it is. Being a more new and innovative model in the web hosting segment, VPS has numerous important benefits compared to other types of services:

  • Scalability - it allows your site to be scaled up or down quickly when changing your VPS hosting plan. This is beneficial in a way that it makes you flexible in case the site requires more resources as more traffic flows in it.
  • More resources available - this type of hosting allows you to access more resources for your server, compared to traditional limited services, like Shared hosting, for example, thus increasing the stability of your server.
  • Security - the virtualization technology is rather a new one and a very secure one as well, because if one virtual drive is infected, most hosting companies usually have a quick backup solution that can just quickly restore the server back to normal, because it is virtual and not in the real world. Also, if one virtual server has been impacted, the others will be completely safe, because the compromised server remains isolated using the latest security standards.
  • Customisation - with VPS you get an extremely high level of customisation for your server or website and you get the benefits of having complete control over what software it is you want to use on your virtual environment.
VPS hosting continues to grow and companies are racing each other and providing newer and more competitive services in this market segment, with newer features and technologies.

How to Find Good VPS Hosting?

Finding a good VPS hosting provider requires either manual research or using an advanced and automated hosting finder tool based on your criteria or what you require, your budget, location, etc. Start by reading online reviews and comparing plans from different companies. Look for reputable companies that provide reliable services at competitive prices. Make sure to read the fine print and understand what you're signing up for. Finally, consider customer support options to ensure you have access to help when you need it.

Does VPS have cPanel?

No, VPS does not have cPanel, but it can be installed on VPS servers.

How to Set Up VPS Hosting?

To set up VPS Hosting successfully, there are several key steps that should be completed: Step 1: Choose a VPS hosting provider. Step 2: Learn how to login to your VPS via a SSH FTP protocol. Step 3: Create a New User and secure it.

What Is The Best VPS Hosting Service?

The best VPS hosting service is one that offers reliable performance, excellent uptime, and features like advanced security, scalability, and customization. It should also offer competitive pricing and customer service. In case a VPS plan fits your requirements for uptime, support, bandwidth, security and budget and is available in targeted geographic location, then it is the correct choice for you.

When Should I Use Managed VPS?

You should use Managed VPS only if you lack the necessary IT skills or professionals handling the job for you. According to our research on Managed vs Unmanaged VPS, the managed service is highly appropriate to use if you do not have an experienced web developer to handle your server. On the other side, unmanaged is more suitable for tech-savvy administrators with extensive development skills and web server admin experience.

What Is The Difference Between Linux and Windows VPS?

The difference between Windows and Linux VPS is that each type is based on its operating system. Linux VPS offers greater flexibility and is generally more cost-effective, while Windows VPS provides more control and has more integrated features available.

Is 1GB RAM Enough for VPS?

Yes, 1GB RAM (Random Access Memory) is usually enough for running a VPS, depending on the applications and services running on it. However, if you plan to run memory-intensive applications or host multiple websites, you may want to consider upgrading your VPS to a higher RAM configuration.

Is VPS Better Than VDS Hosting?

VPS hosting is generally better than VDS hosting because it offers greater control and flexibility, as well as improved performance and reliability. A dditionally, VPS hosting is typically less expensive than VDS hosting, making it a more cost-effective option, as long as you are tech-savvy.

Is VPS Hosting Better Than Cloud Hosting?

VPS hosting offers more control and flexibility than cloud hosting, as well as greater customization options. It also tends to be more reliable and secure, since it is hosted on a dedicated server. On the other hand, cloud hosting is easier to scale, and can offer more cost-effective solutions for businesses that don't require a lot of customization. Ultimately, it depends on your specific needs and budget.

Is VPS Hosting Better Than Dedicated Hosting?

VPS Hosting is a great option for those who need more control and flexibility than other services, like Shared Hosting can provide. It provides an isolated environment with dedicated resources, allowing for more control and better performance than Dedicated Hosting. It's also generally more affordable than Dedicated Hosting and can provide more scalability.

Is VPS Hosting Worth It?

VPS Hosting is a great option for those looking for a more powerful web hosting solution, as it offers greater flexibility, performance, and control than shared hosting plans. It is also more expensive than shared hosting, but for businesses that need the extra resources, it is definitely worth the investment.

How Much Traffic Can VPS Handle?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting can handle a lot of traffic, depending on the specific configuration, processor, RAM, and other resources it contains. When compared, a VPS can handle more traffic than a shared hosting plan, though it may require more resources to do so.

Is VPS Hosting a Fast Service?

Yes, VPS hosting is a fast service. It offers reliable and high-performance hosting with improved security and flexibility. Additionally, VPS hosting allows users to customize their hosting environment to suit their needs.

Is VPS Hosting Popular?

VPS Hosting is extremely popular due to its ability to provide users with reliable performance, scalability, and security. According to HTH.guide's recently released VPS Hosting user statistics report, this type of web hosting is the fastest growing in terms of new customers for the last couple of years. It is also cost-effective, making it a great option for small businesses and individuals.

How to Find The Right VPS Hosting?

You can find the best VPS hosting for you if you use HTH.guide's Hosting Finder tool. It is an advanced tool, that is created to make sure that you see all of the deals and promotions currently offered by the top hosting companies.

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