10 Best Dedicated Hosting Companies in Sweden for 2022 🇸🇪

1. Liquid Web Inc.

Number of Reviews 955
Avg. Review Score 4.6 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $15.00 / mo.

2. IONOS | ionos.com

Number of Reviews 14.5k+
Avg. Review Score 4.1 Positive
Customer Support Neutral
Starts from $0.50 / mo.

3. Cloudways

Number of Reviews 1.7k+
Avg. Review Score 4.6 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $10.00 / mo.

The Best Sweden Dedicated Hosting Providers will be presented inside this hereby article. We at hth.guide will introduce you to the potential and functionality of Dedicated type of hosting for Sweden both as a target destination for your website or if you want to have a server there targeting a World audience.

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A quick refresher for our visitors – Dedicated Hosting is the type of hosting service that includes the loaning of Server Units and gaining full access to their power and resources exclusively to yourself as per your specific requirements.

List of the Best Dedicated Web Hosting in Sweden

As experts, we at HTH.guide will focus on Sweden as the location for Dedicated Hosting providers for leasing servers of data centers and providing an optimized and speedy network. Many of the companies listed below offer additional features as well as advanced security. Signing up with a Dedicated Host from Sweden, you will surely find a suitable provider for your needs for the Web.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web Inc. Review Score, Recommended, 5 stars

Liquid Web is a privately owned and independent company that has products to offer to a wide range of clients, including freelancers, business owners, resellers, agencies, and others.

Liquid Web started its business in 1997 and over the years it has become one of the most popular web companies out there.

Liquid Web services are for those of you who want to fully control their server. This means that you should configure the colocated equipment according to your personal needs before you deliver it to the datacenter. They offer dedicated services too if you want to use that as an alternative. Ask if Colocation is available for your specific location.

With that said, know that Liquid Web offers remote assistance with the service called Hands-On Support. This service costs $50 per hour and you can request a minimum of 1 hour. A ticket is required for all Hands-On Support requests.

Then when they contact you, they will ask you to provide details about your arrival time, full names of visitors, exact servers that are going to be under construction, as well as technical specifics of the upcoming activities. A single visit has a maximum time limit of 4 hours.

Installing an OS, software, or any additional configuration of the server is outside the scope of their support.

LiquidWeb are professionals who offer the niche-standard 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

IONOS by 1&1

IONOS | ionos.com Review Score, Very Good, 4 stars

1&1 Ionos Hosting Hosting

IONOS by 1&1 is a hosting firm that started in 1988. As one of the most popular companies, it has achieved a nice reputation worldwide for being reliable and having affordable pricing.

Dedicated Hosting by IONOS gives you a whole server suitable to your needs. Bandwidth or processing power will not be shared with others. That is the reason for your resources to not be used by anybody else.

The Dedicated Hosting plans of IONOS all include these benefits:

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Free Domain
  • Site Scanning
  • RailGun CDN Available

The prices of the Dedicated Hosting plans of IONOS seem to be cheaper than the competition.


Cloudways Review Score, Recommended, 5 stars


CloudWays is among the big names in the hosting industry. With relying on the fast performance of Cloud services it has built quite the reputation and clientele. Its partners are giants such as Google and Amazon with having their own Dedicated Solutions offered via the official CloudWays website.

Cloudways runs reliably and quickly from its data centers and you could choose a specific data center close to the location of your preference to get the ideal performance.

Dedicated Hosting plans differ a bit when you browse the Cloudways platform. Here are the features that each Cloud Dedicated service as a Cloudways partner aims to provide:

  • 24/7/365 Expert Support
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Managed Security
  • Automated Backups
  • SSD-Based Servers

Setting up specific SSD storage and memory space among other parameters is also configurable to a high degree with each Cloudways Dedicated Hosting plan. Thus, you can get an upgrade of your resource allocation according to your demanded specifications fast and within 1 working day. This proves Cloudways to have great Scalability of their Servers available to clients.

Local Dedicated Hosting

Above we listed the top-tier hosting firms that can manage not only Sweden as a location for Web Services, but almost the whole World, as well. Below we will list the top Local choices for Dedicated Hosting in Sweden.



Euro-Space is a professional web host that was founded back in 2017. They have plenty of experience handling all kinds of clients and offer all basic types of plans. One of their main offers includes Servers in their European data center, at a very attainable price.

The company is registered in Sweden and is committed to providing the best-in-class hardware to their clients. Security is considered very important to the company as well. That is evident by the live security patch system, configured to be applied to all essential hardware devices. The servers are equipped with Cisco Firewalls. Other features include:

  • Up to 64 GB ECC RAM per machine
  • UK, Maidenhead Datacenter
  • 100% Network Uptime
  • 24×7 Superior Support
  • Full Management Available
  • No Contracts. Pay Monthly
  • Up to 12 Cores, 15M Cache, 2.2GHZ per machine
  • Reboot and KVM Control

The main data center is located in the United Kingdom instead of Sweden. However, all of the equipment is top-notch and has excellent Internet connectivity, which is not a significant disadvantage. And unlike other companies, Euro-space gives customers the ability to request power cycles and individual KVM sessions for the owned servers. They aim to reach the local Swedish market with their services.

Internet Vikings

internet vikings hosting logo image

Internet Vikings is headquartered in Sweden with regional offices in Malta and Ukraine. They specialize in Server solutions, private Cloud, and SEO hosting for agencies and businesses.

Internet Vikings have the latest hardware equipment technologies such as SSD and NVMe disk drives with Dedicated Network connectivity running on their servers. The remote management functionality is enabled by default for all clients. Here is what else is available as features:

  • Remote management
  • LAN
  • Optimized Servers
  • Up to 40Gbit Bandwidth
  • DDoS protection with BitNinja
  • Latency Optimization

Customers can benefit from the data redundancy setup of the network and constant NOC service monitoring. In terms of hacking-attack safeguard mechanisms, the company has implemented DDoS protection. Customer websites can also be spread on CDN networks.


gleSYS hosting logo image

GleSYS is a company based in Sweden with regional offices in three of the biggest cities: Falkenberg, Stockholm, and Malmö. The host specializes in server offerings with more than 15 years of experience.

Some of the Hosting service features offered by the company are:

  • First-rate hardware support
  • 24Up to several 10 Gbit/s Bandwidth
  • Hardware from leading manufacturers
  • All Dedicarted servers are connected to GleSYS Backbone
  • Optional OS Support Available
  • Extended SLA
  • DDoS Mitigation

GleSYS servers offer an automatic backup, load balancing appliances, and an extended SLA. In terms of security, the machines are protected from brute-force attacks by enforcing DDoS protection and a private VLAN network. The company also provides tailor-made solutions with custom plans and special pricing.

FS Data Sweden

FS DATA hosting logo image

FS Data is a well-known Swedish host company that offers a lot of plans and special Dedicated services. FS Data is one of the oldest companies that operate in the country, having started back in 1997. Their servers are also housed in environmentally-friendly Data Centers.

Dedicated solutions are divided into three standard plans – the cheapest one includes a refurbished machine, while the other two are marked as Premium and Professional.

The distinct features of their Dedicated Servers include:

  • Environmentally friendly technologies
  • Customers gain Full Access to Servers
  • Good Customer Support
  • Major investments in data center Infrastructure
  • Juniper Firewall System
  • Advanced Hacker Protection System
  • Constant System Monitoring
  • Minimal Downtime and Disturbances
  • Additional IP Addresses – Available Upon Request

The prices are reasonable for the included hardware. All customers who purchase such a plan will benefit from many ready-made packages allowing for popular appliances to be quickly set-up. The FS Data host company also offers migration from VPS plans and other providers.

Sweden Dedicated


Sweden Dedicated company has been founded in 2006. During its first year of launching, it moved its office to Stockholm and started operating in the Phonera Data Center. Later on, it expanded its services while building other data centers located in Sweden. The facilities opened quickly after they were built.

Features which are distinct to the Sweden Dedicated company are the following:

  • Free Anti-DDoS Filtering
  • 400 Servers in Own Data Center Facility
  • Real-Time Server Monitoring
  • Mobile App Available
  • Remote Console Access
  • Free Support
  • Free Ipv6 ranges
  • Privacy Protected
  • Free Reinstallations

The Sweden Dedicated plans have a lot of advanced options when compared to other host companies. That is evident from the developer team who have prepared a real-time monitoring system, which includes a mobile application allowing for instant accessibility. Remote reboot and uninstalls are free for the customers.

When the clients consider an operating system, they can choose a Custom ISO image upload made for their particular needs. The servers are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware components to meet even the most performance-intensive script installations.

All plans offered by the Sweden Dedicated company are presented within a very affordable price range.


Obenetwork hosting logo image

Obenetwork is both a host service provider and a well-known Internet operator in Sweden. They maintain their infrastructure located in Stockholm and Malmö providing Internet packages and solutions.

Hosting equipment is installed in the Kista Gate Data Center in Stockholm and Malmö with other facilities in Oslo, London, and Amsterdam. Dedicated Server plans offer three basic plans: Basic 10 GB, Premium 100 GB and SSD Unmetered.

Their newest data center is located in Kista Gate (North of Stockholm). It provides high-density co-location of servers and dedicated machines with up to 22 kW power for each cabinet.

Here are some of the specifics when it comes to dedicated server plans:

  • Full Redundancy on Cooling and Power
  • Power Capacity of 2 MW
  • Custom Server Machines Available
  • High-density Co-location Available
  • 24/7 Access Card
  • Highly-trained Staff
  • SSD Unmetered Traffic Plan Available

The company’s Dedicated Server Plan and other services benefit from top-notch hardware equipment being updated constantly. One of the most important factors when considering a Dedicated Server Solution for the market in Sweden is ordering a Custom machine. Obenetwork allows this to happen.


99Stack hosting logo image

The 99Stack company specializes in affordable Dedicated and Cloud host solutions on their network. The European Cloud infrastructure is optimized to be running with a low latency but a high bandwidth. There are 10 public and 4 private Cloud plans available at the moment.

Here are the benefits of 99Stack Dedicated Hosting:

  • Cloud Platform
  • Low-latency Access
  • 99Stack API for Command-line Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Active Community
  • Other Data Center Locations Available
  • SSD Storage
  • Custom Plans Available

One of the main benefits of choosing the 99Stack hosting company is because of its API. It allows developers and website owners to command and control their machines and integrate it into services and products they own. This enables complex custom deployment of appliances and easy management. This method of control also improves security and overall performance.

The Cloud also allows for easy migration from one facility to another within a rapid time for completion.


We reviewed some of the Best Dedicated Server Hosting companies that target Sweden as a hosting market. All these hosting providers will help you determine the specific resources you will need for your required web services and will help you understand what benefits you will get with each of their plans.

Choosing any provider with a Dedicated Server solution from the list provided above is quite alright as you will get a 24/7 Support management and you can always change the resources available or switch hosting providers.

We suggest that if you know your resources and want easy scalability and fast speeds, you pick a Managed Dedicated Server Hosting solution. That will make it easier for you to focus on the tasks at hand, rather at the technical side of server management.

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