What Is Managed VPS?

By definition, Managed VPS is a type of Virtual Private Server hosting service, where the host provides trained professionals, who not only set up the virtual server to your liking, but also handle updates, security, installations of software and technical questions. In a sense they manage the technical part of the service.

Managed VPS Hosting – How Does It Work?

A Managed plan is a great choice if you represent a startup company and you do not have a dedicated IT team to help. Such support teams are well-trained by companies and ready to manage all of the aspects of your project from a technical point of view.

Below we have detailed figure which should explain to you exactly how such web hosting works, when compared to traditional web hosting, like shared or unmanaged VPS.

Traditional VS Managed VPS Hosting comparison
Traditional Versus Managed VPS Hosting Comparison

Managed VPS Hosting – What Are Its Advantages?

With traditional web hosting, your company gives your the server with the pre-installed operating system you have chosen and gives your a control panel. After this, their job is done and you get complete control. This means that you have to handle all of the technical operations, like updating, installation of software and other on your own.

With managed VPS service, you have all of these technical processes performed to your liking by very well trained professionals.

If you have to summarise them, the main advantages of managed VPS hosting include the following:

  1. Server security is better.
  2. The performance and speed of your site are also improved.
  3. Flexibility due to using a Virtual Server allows you to quickly change your plan parameters as your site grows.
  4. Noticeable website speed and performance improvements.
  5. Customer support on a high technical level allows you to quickly implement new changes, even if you do not have access to a tech savvy professional.
  6. Managed VPS is by far one of the easiest (if not the easiest) forms of hosting services so far.

These are the main reasons why using managed VPS is extremely appropriate, especially when your company is dealing with lack of technical knowledge in coding and networking.

Why Is VPS Hosting More and More Used?

Given our research paper on the most recent VPS hosting user statistics, there seems to be a significant growth over the last years of users choosing VPS hosting:

managed vps hosting market growth
VPS Hosting Market Growth

To summarise, this hosting type will likely grow at a fast pace. This is mainly due to allowing any customer without technical expertise to launch their project and manage it. This makes this form of web hosting the top priority of a lot of companies which specialise in providing such a service.

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