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Security Tools Every Web Hosting Plan Should Include

Security Tools Every Web Hosting Plan Should Include

Web hosting security gaps can expose sensitive information and lead to severe consequences, including revenue loss and damage to your reputation. Fortunately, most contemporary web hosting services offer a range of cybersecurity tools to protect your site from various threats.…


10 Most Secure Web Hosting Providers for (2024)

When You Need Secure Web Hosting Provider? Strong Security is crucial to good Web Hosting Providers. Having enough security, malware protection, CDN with DOS protection and Firewall will stop attempts at hacking your website, files and data, and most other…


8 Best SSL/TLS Certificate Providers in 2024

What Is an SSL Certificate Provider? SSL/TLS Certificate Providers are organizations that provide digital certificates that enable websites to use the HTTPS protocol to securely transmit data over the internet. These providers authenticate websites by verifying the identity of the…

What Is Web Security

What Is Web Security?

Ever doubted what exactly Web Security is? You will wonder no more after we provide you with a straightforward explanation and give you the main focus points of this IT sphere. Web Security is also known as Web Application Security,…

Solve Shared Hosting Blacklisted IP Problem-howtohosting-guide

How Is Shared Hosting Blacklisted IP Problem Solved In 2024

Having problems with Shared Hosting Blacklisted IP? Read this guide! It contains all the necessary information to fix your Shard Hosting problems. What Is the Shared Hosting Blacklisted IP Problem? The shared hosting blacklisted IP problem occurs when one website…


Shared Hosting Security Risks in 2024

What Are the Security Risks of Shared Hosting? As technology advances, the landscape of shared hosting security risks in 2024 continues to evolve, presenting both new challenges and persistent threats. Here are some key security risks associated with shared hosting…


Password Management and Why Is It Important in 2021?

Have you ever been hacked? Your password compromised? Regardless of the answer, let us at HowToHosting.guide tell you why you need good password management and why it is of utmost importance. Password Management does not necessarily mean you need to…


Cybersecurity Basics

Cybersecurity is ever evolving in response to online threats, hacker attacks, viruses and many more vulnerabilities online. We at HowToHosting.guide consider it important to give you a quick lesson in Cybersecurity basics and how that can affect all of us…

Flaws in Ninja Forms WordPress Plugin Expose 1M Websites

Flaws in Ninja Forms WordPress Plugin Expose 1M Websites

Four new security vulnerabilities in the Ninja Forms WordPress plugins were just reported. The Ninja Forms plugin enables users to create forms using drag and drop capabilities with ease, and it’s quite popular in the WordPress repository, as it is…

No Support Linux Hosting Provider Shuts Down for Good Following a Cyberattack-howtohosting-guide

Hosting Provider Shuts Down for Good Following a Cyberattack

Apparently, a cyberattack can cause the “death” of an entire company. No Support Linux Hosting, a web hosting provider, just announced it is shutting down following a breach of its internal systems. According to a message visible only as an…

CVE-2020-35942-Critical Bug in NextGen Gallery WordPress Plugin-howtohosting-guide

CVE-2020-35942: Critical Bug in NextGen Gallery WordPress Plugin

NextGen Gallery is a popular WordPress plugin with more than 800,000 installations. The plugin enables the creation of highly responsive image galleries. Unfortunately, Wordfence security researchers discovered that the plugin contained vulnerabilities, one of which (CVE-2020-35942) a critical remote code…

orbit fox plugin vulnerabilities

Orbit Fox Plugin Vulnerabilities Expose 40,000 WordPress Sites

Security researchers from Wordfence discovered that the Orbit Fox WordPress plugin contained two vulnerabilities. One of them could lead to privilege escalation (rated critical), and the other one is a stored XSS flaw (rated medium). The Orbit Fox plugin has…

HTTP vs HTTPS article image howtohosting.gude


The use of the HTTP protocol as opposed to its secure version (HTTPS) is becoming a major issue in most contemporary sites. More and more applications and content management systems enforce the use of HTTPS, and the former “unsafe” HTTP…

wordpress plugin vulnerabillity article image howtohosting.guide

Easy WP SMTP Plugin Flaw Helps Hackers Reset Admin Account Passwords

If you are using the popular Easy WP SMTP WordPress plugin, you should know that researchers discovered a zero-day vulnerability in it. The plugin’s installations are more than 500,000, meaning that half a million websites are at risk. Furthermore, threat…

PageLayer Plugin Contains XSS Vulnerabilities, 200,000 Sites at Risk article image howtohosting.guide

PageLayer Plugin Contains XSS Vulnerabilities, 200,000 Sites at Risk

Security researchers uncovered two vulnerabilities in a WordPress plugin, this time affecting more than 200,000 websites. The PageLayer plugin contains two reflected XSS (cross-site scripting) flaws that could enable threat actors to execute malicious JavaScript code in an administrator’s browser.…

what can go wrong with the latest wordpress version 5.6 article image howtohosting.guide

WordPress 5.6 Possible Bugs and Issues: What Can Go Wrong?

Is your website already running the latest version of WordPress? We are talking about WordPress 5.6, also known as the Nina Simone update. This is the final major release of the content management system planned for 2020, and it was…

security flaw in cpanel could have led to 2fa bypass attacks

Security Flaw in cPanel and WHM Allowed 2FA Bypasses

Security researchers just reported that cPanel, perhaps the most common provider of admin tools for web hosting, is vulnerable. Security flaws resided in cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM) web hosting platform, enabling remote hackers with valid credentials to bypass two-factor…

vulnerabilities in wordpress themes

Vulnerabilities in WordPress Themes Put Millions of Sites at Risk

Security researchers recently detected a large-scale malicious campaign targeting themes that utilize the Epsilon Framework. Threat actors took advantage of Function Injection vulnerabilities in a number of WordPress themes. Epsilon Framework vulnerabilities in WordPress themes put millions of sites at…

Critical Bugs in Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin Endanger 100K Sites article image

Critical Bugs in Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin Endanger 100K Sites

Is your WordPress site using the Ultimate Member plugin? If so, you should be aware that the plugin contains critical privilege escalation vulnerabilities. To avoid any issues, you should update the plugin to the latest available version, 2.1.12, which was…

X-Cart E-Commerce Platform Hit by Ransomware, Stores Brought Down article image

X-Cart E-Commerce Platform Hit by Ransomware, Stores Brought Down

X-Cart is an e-commerce solution that was acquired by Seller Labs last year. According to X-Cart’s official website, the company has more than 20 years of experience. Unfortunately, the platform suffered a ransomware attack, which took place at the end…

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