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Magento User Statistics [2024] – E-commerce Growth Guide

In 2024, one platform continues to stand out as a driving force behind online retail success: Magento. With its versatile features, flexibility, and commitment to innovation, this e-commerce solution remains a trusted ally for businesses worldwide. In this article, we…

web hosting industry statistics 2024-2029

Where Is the Web Hosting Industry Headed? Global Analysis

A detailed report focused on web hosting was recently released, shedding light on various aspects of the industry and where it is headed in the forthcoming years. The so-called Web Hosting Services Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast (2023-2029)…

Reseller Hosting Statistics 2024

Reseller Hosting Statistics & Trends for 2024

What Is Reseller Hosting? Reseller hosting is like renting a piece of the internet. You team up with an existing hosting provider, buy their services, and sell them as your own. It’s a cost-effective way for beginners to start an…


CMS Platforms Market Share and Trends [2024]

Did you know that more than two-thirds (68.7%) of websites utilize publicly recognized Content Management Systems (CMS)? Among the approximately 922 CMS options available, three dominant players — WordPress, Shopify, and Wix—control 72.8% of the market. In this article, we…

VPN Usage Statistics and Facts for 2023

VPN Usage Statistics and Facts for 2023

What Are the VPN Statistics for Usage in 2023? Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have emerged as essential tools for internet users worldwide, enabling safer and more private online experiences. Our report, “What are VPN Statistics for Usage in 2023,” delves…

Dedicated Hosting User Statistics 2023 Market Growth

Dedicated Hosting User Statistics 2023 [Market Growth]

Dedicated hosting is steadily increasing in revenue growth due to its high reliability. In the following article, we will review some important statistics for dedicated server hosting in 2023, comparing the latest stats, predictions and trends, and why the industry…

WordPress User Stats 2023

WordPress User Statistics 2023 [Market State]

Since its birth in 2003, WordPress has grown immensely. It’s now the content management system (CMS) of choice for 43.3% of websites. So, what is the narrative that led to such an impressive success of WordPress? WordPress User Statistics: Number…

VPS Hosting User Statistics 2024

VPS Hosting Statistics and Trends [2024]

VPS Hosting is a rapidly growing industry. In this article, we will present statistics for 2024 and beyond, discuss the latest trends, predictions, and the reasons behind the industry’s surge in sales from users and enterprises. VPS Hosting Overview VPS,…

Website Builder Statistics and Trends 2024

Website Builder Statistics and Trends 2024

Did you know that routine site maintenance typically costs $400 to $60,000 per year? However, with a website builder, this cost reduces to $0 to $5400 per year. In this article, we will go through the latest statistics and trends…

Cloud Stats 2023 and Beyond - hth-guide

Cloud Hosting (Cloud Services) User Statistics 2023 and Beyond

The past few years of a rapidly changing socio-economic and technological landscape have had a tremendous influence on the adoption of “the cloud”. With the outbreak of a global pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home regulations, companies were pushed to rapidly digitize…

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