Cheap Hosting Faster Than Expensive Hosting – Is It Possible?

A web hosting account at a price of $6 per month faster than a $60/month hosting account – is it possible?

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Nowadays speed is a factor that impacts significantly online performance. And when it comes to SEO, by which we primarily mean good ranking positions in Google search results, speed appears to be of paramount importance.

The speed results of your website show how quickly users are able to see and interact with the content you upload. Sometimes there are areas that need improvement in order that your site can load as fast as possible.

Surely, your web hosting provider as well as the plan you choose for your site should be considered when defining the speed of your website. There are various web hosting plans that vary from $5 up to a few thousand dollars a month.

When it comes to a reliable web hosting plan, speed is always a thing to consider. However, it may be quite surprising for you that a cheap hosting plan is not always a low-quality option.

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Yes, there are many speed comparison tests of different web hosting services out there. Yes, they all compare distinct hosting providers and their services and most of these comparisons state that the more you are willing to pay for a hosting plan the better your site will perform. A good site performance concerns the uptime, the package bandwidth, and the speed, of course.

But are all those speed comparisons out there objective? The problem is that all these comparisons try to measure the differences between services that are totally incomparable.

In this article, we will show you how to make a lower-cost hosting account that performs just as well as a higher price web hosting.

Make Cheap Hosting As Fast As Expensive Hosting

Let’s start by saying that in order to be fast, a hosting solution should include a server-side caching option. What you need to look for is hosting with light-speed technology. You should ensure that the lower cost hosting plan provides the option for you to choose some additional features manually.

What you need to add manually is the memchache and the redis. These are server-based technologies that provide for faster site performance. Once you find a cheap hosting plan with light-speed technology, you can search for the LiteSpeed Cache plugin that perfectly complements this hosting feature. The best thing is that it has a free option to use it on your site.

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The next thing that makes higher price hosting plans way faster than the cheaper ones is the content delivery networks they come along with. One of the reasons why some hosting plans are more expensive is exactly the content delivery network that is automatically installed and configured by the hosting provider.

The role of the CDN system is to make cached copies of your website pages and store them on servers that are based at geographically different locations. The idea of CDN is that pages and other web content can be delivered to a user based on his geographic location. The closer the CDN server is to the user geographically, the faster the content will be delivered to the user.

Happily, you can install a content delivery network (CDN) with a lower priced hosting plan by paying just a few pennies per month.

So, if you don’t want to pay a higher price for a hosting plan that has an integrated CDN service in it, you can bet on a cheaper hosting and consider the usage of an external CDN service such as BunnyCDN. Its prices are definitely low and you can use their services by adding around $5 per month to your hosting plan price.

Another option to obtain an advantageous CDN service is to check the CDN category that appears in the menu of the LightSpeed Cache plugin in your WordPress panel.

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You know what? These two factors can really guarantee that site will run fast with a cheap hosting plan. The only difference with an expensive hosting plan is that the latter includes these options by default, hence, they are added for you automatically.

So if you want to save money and get reliable hosting with fast load time, we recommend that you consider the alternatives mentioned above when purchasing a hosting plan. Good luck!

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