10+ Best Hosting for Multichannel Sales Website (Updated 2022)

1. SiteGround

Number of Reviews 12.8k+
Avg. Review Score 4.8 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $4.38 / mo.

2. HostArmada

Number of Reviews 606
Avg. Review Score 5.0 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $2.49 / mo.

3. Cloudways

Number of Reviews 1.7k+
Avg. Review Score 4.6 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $10.00 / mo.

4. ChemiCloud

Number of Reviews 692
Avg. Review Score 5.0 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $2.49 / mo.

5. DreamHost

Number of Reviews 3.2k+
Avg. Review Score 4.6 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $1.99 / mo.

6. GreenGeeks Web Hosting

Number of Reviews 842
Avg. Review Score 4.3 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $2.49 / mo.

7. HostPapa

Number of Reviews 1.2k+
Avg. Review Score 4.1 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $3.95 / mo.

8. Hostgator

Number of Reviews 2.1k+
Avg. Review Score 3.2 Neutral
Customer Support Neutral
Starts from $2.75 / mo.

9. Bluehost

Number of Reviews 2.6k+
Avg. Review Score 3.1 Neutral
Customer Support Neutral
Starts from $2.95 / mo.

10. Nexcess

Number of Reviews 281
Avg. Review Score 4.4 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $12.67 / mo.

11. IONOS | ionos.com

Number of Reviews 14.5k+
Avg. Review Score 4.1 Positive
Customer Support Neutral
Starts from $0.50 / mo.

Multichannel Sales are becoming more prominent these days and you need your website hosted with the ideal hosting company for that specific purpose. You can have a company purposed toward a service, or further customize a more general hosting to suit your needs.

We will reveal to you the most appropriate hosting providers that support any multichannel sales website.

Multichannel sales or Omnichannel selling is the process of selling your products on more than one sales channel. Such sales may exist without you having your own website to list all of your products, but just registering profiles online in various platforms with a unified brand or name. That shows a true diversity in the services hosting your products.

Multichannel sales include more than a physical store and a website for online shopping. You can use a marketplace, phone, shopping cart websites and comparison websites such as Google to purchase the same thing online. Regardless of how many sources you wish to include in your website, you should have as much as possible to increase your outreach to customers.

Best Multichannel Sales Website Hosting

We at HTH.guide have divided the article in listing the best services for multichannel hosting, which are sufficient enough to run your website and copy the content to other channels easily or automatically and after that other hosting firms that could also be customized for the purpose.


SiteGround is a hosting firm that has good and cheap prices across their plans. They support WordPress and Magento and have multiple articles written for both platforms.

With scalable Cloud Hosting solutions, SiteGround is ideal for other types of Sale website platforms. Although your options are a bit limited in terms of nodes, you could talk to Support about what your desired scale of business and traffic from customers is and how to modify it properly.

SiteGround ensures to create daily backups and 30 copies of them, as well as these features:

  • A DevToolkit
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Staging Tool
  • Collaboration Tools
  • 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

You can also read specific articles about configuring Magento on your SiteGround plan on their official guide pages, or ask about other ecommerce platforms that you want to run on it.



HostArmada is based in the USA, but provide great coverage over the World. Relatively new, they bring innovative thinking into the business. They have new and reliable hardware with Support technicians who have more than a decade of experience.

HostArmada built a good reputation for itself for a short period of time and that is mostly due to the fact that they aim to provide the best possible hosting for its customers. As a result, clients are satisfied and report to have almost no downtime, an excellent Support team to rely on, while having a secured and fast connection.

HostArmada guarantees to return your money in a 45-day period if you have any issues. And at the lowest price of $2.99/mo Special promo for Cloud Web Hosting, you cannot go wrong with HostArmada.

Cloudways – Multiple Hosting Choices

Cloudways is a company that is mainly aimed at providing Cloud services, giving its clients top speeds and reliability, while maintaining unhindered connectivity and low latencies. More about this diverse platform is explained in the next paragraphs.

Cloudways offers services such as DigitalOcean, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud. Thus, you can choose a platform, test it, customize it and host multichannel sales on different services tied to a unified website, but not limited only to said website.

CLoudways have their own CloudwaysCDN – a content delivery network protecting you at all times. Database security is setup to block unauthorized access attempts. Regardless of what service you choose from Cloudways here are the benefits you will receive:

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • SSD Disks and built-in cache
  • Apache and NGINX servers
  • Modern Databases, Optimized Stack
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Team Management
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Automated Backups and Regular Security Patching

Managed Hosting by Cloudways covers various Cloud Hosting Providers, but we will look closer at:

  • Amazon, AWS Hosting
  • Google, GCE Hosting



ChemiCloud is a highly experienced hosting company which is providing quality web solutions for over ten years. Their services are based on cloud technology, and except for all the host solutions they offer, ChemiCloud also has a website builder with a lot of features and options to create your site with it.

The company provides shared, WordPress, and VPS cloud hosting, all based on cloud technology. Check full customer opinion analysis of ChemiCloud Hosting Solutions


Dreamhost is based in Los Angeles, California, United States, and is founded back in 1996, making it one of the oldest hosting companies around.

Dreamhost states that their VPS hosting servers provide unhindered performance, Managed Support for speed, security, and updates, as well as a quick and easy-to-use custom control panel.

DreamHost VPS Features

Their Fast VPS WordPress USA hosting plans include Unlimited 24/7 Support and 100% Uptime Guarantee, and a 10-second upgrade for more server resources when switching plans.

By getting the cheapest 15 dollar plan from Dreamhost, for Fast VPS WordPress USA hosting, you will have access to these features:

  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 30 GB of SSD Disk Storage
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Traffic
  • Unlimited Email at Your Domain
  • Support Management

Dreamhost makes every resource easy to expand by paying for a more expensive plan. They guarantee a top US-Based VPS service, and if you want to have root access, they offer a cloud server for those intending to tamper with such settings.

Plans even scale up to a business, professional, and Enterprise level and include support. Said support will keep the servers, you pay for, running, and up to date with security patches, OS updates, and other non-specific features.

On top of it all, you will get Free SSL certificates with Dreamhost to make any of their VPS plans completely.



GreenGeeks is a host provider priding itself of being one of the most modernized green companies in the sphere. Adding to that, GreenGeeks is built by developers, so they know the particular needs and desired toolset of developers and make certain to please them with all necessary extras.

GreenGeeks is like a giant DevOps team, synchronizing everything from servers through tools and features to Support experts.

GreenGeeks has all of its servers running SSD drives, configured in data redundant arrays. That ensures the fastest speed achievable, which is great for keeping clients purchasing from your multichannel website without a hitch or hindrances.

Below you can see the features that GreenGeeks offer:

  • One Website
  • Standard Performance
  • 50GB Web Space
  • Unmetered Transfer
  • 50 E-mail Accounts
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year
  • Free Nightly Backup
  • Free CDN
  • Managed WordPress
  • Built-in Caching
  • Unlimited Databases
  • 300% Green Energy Match

GreenGeeks offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and their Support is ready to answer your queries 24/7, via Live Chat, Telephone or E-mails.


HostPapa is a company created in 2005. This service provider is also very focused on sustainable power. The business plan of this provider includes the purchasing of eco-energy certificates, called Green Tags.

These certificates ensure the power of their current facilities, including data centers and offices, will be offset by the generation of environmentally sensitive energy.

As reported, HostPapa is one of the first host companies that has started thinking ecologically.

It is one of the best such green companies in the USA. This provider is certified by different respectable environmental organizations, such as Green-e.org.

Main features of Host Papa:

  • A lot of plans.
  • Resources that are scalable.
  • Domains that are unlimited.
  • They have SSL Let’s Encrypt for higher security.
  • Free VPS migrating.
  • SSD servers that are high-level.
  • cPanel included.
  • Root access.
  • 400 free apps included.


HostGator is one of the most popular and old US hosting providers. The company was created in 2002, in Florida, USA. Since 2006, the headquarters are in Houston, Texas.

If you decide to sign up with HostGator, you will gain the advantage of using a huge disk space of 120 GB even with their cheapest plan. Plus, you will get free and unlimited usage of cPanel to cPanel migrations. However, it is uncertain what technology their disks have – SSD or HDD as it is not explicitly stated on their VPS price listing page.

HostGator VPS Features

Features that you will get with the Snappy2000 (cheapest) HostGator Fast VPS WordPress USA Hosting plan:

  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 120 GB of Disk Space
  • 1.5 TB of Bandwidth
  • 2 IP addresses
  • 100% Free Migration

HostGator is an internationally preferred option for Fast VPS WordPress USA hosting.

With their Snappy2000 plan for 19.95 US dollars, you will also get Centralized DDOS Protection, Full Root Access, Multiple Bandwidth Providers among other great features.

With Fast VPS WordPress USA hosting that has a RAID 10 disk configuration for maximum data protection and advanced security features, HostGator promises a reliable experience from their state-of-the-art data center.


BlueHost is based in the United States of America and is one of the top twenty biggest web hosts housing over two million websites worldwide. BlueHost exists since 2003 and operates its servers from a 50,000 square feet facility in Provo, Utah.

Even with the Standard VPS WordPress Hosting plan, you will get the needed basics to get a great and fast VPS experience.

BlueHost VPS Features

With amazing support and over a decade of experience in the hosting business, BlueHost offers the following features with their Standard plan:

  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 30 GB of SSD Storage Space
  • 1 TB of Bandwidth
  • 1 IP address
  • Root Access
  • 24/7 Support

Having a database manager, .htaccess files, corn jobs, and php.ini files being customizable as well as the option for multi-server management with each plan, makes BlueHost a desirable contender for hosting on a Virtual Private Server.

The pricing of the VPS hosting services here starts at 18.99 US dollars and goes up to 59.99 dollars for a month. BlueHost provides a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, so you can test and see for yourself if their services are what you need for your websites.



Nexcess is the Digital Commerce Cloud Platform of LiquidWeb. Nexcess is a hosting brand that has almost two decades of experience.

Nexcess has expert customer service agents and many benefits compared to standard WordPress hosting, such as fully automatic updates.

Whichever WordPress hosting plan you purchase, you should know that it will be Fully Managed, including new WP releases and plugin updates guaranteed.

Nexcess uses all modern technologies available to LiquidWeb to provide high speeds and the best available security. These technologies include:

  • PHP7+
  • Auto SSL certification
  • NGINX technology
  • Daily Backups
  • 24-Hour Support

Host plans have 24/7 customer Support available throughout every day of the year. Support is multichannel just like your website network customization. Support channels available are phone calls, live chat and e-mail messaging.


1&1 Ionos Hosting Hosting

Ionos by 1&1 is a host that has been in business since 1988. Ionos is a popular German hosting company that is recognized as an affordable and reliable host throughout the whole World.

The speed of their cheap WordPress hosting service is great and 1&1 guarantee 99.9% German hosting site uptime.

We recommend WordPress Pro plan from Ionos – it has:

  • Faster loading times
  • Smarter updates
  • Safe and supported dev environment
  • Automatic image optimization
  • Staging and Cloning
  • Multi WP Website Management
  • SEO Toolkit
  • Automated Backups
  • Malware Protection
  • WordPress ToolKit
  • Ionos is great when you are trying to develop a lower scale business into a multichannel network for selling products online in a short time period.


    Throughout our vast research and know-how, we at HowToHosting.guide are positive that you now have all the knowledge and tips needed to create a Multichannel Sales Website. You should try out hosting firms and compare their pricing and features to choose the best one for you, although you will not make a mistake if you choose any service from the list above.

    Read the materials we have linked in the article and you will be a step further into the creation of the Best Omnichannel Sales Website in existence.

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