Best Colocation Hosting In Italy (Update 2022)

1. SiteGround

Number of Reviews 12.8k+
Avg. Review Score 4.8 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $4.38 / mo.

2. Hostinger

Number of Reviews 5.8k+
Avg. Review Score 4.5 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $1.99 / mo.

3. Bluehost

Number of Reviews 2.6k+
Avg. Review Score 3.1 Neutral
Customer Support Neutral
Starts from $2.95 / mo.

Colocation hosting is one of the most desirable types of hosting services when it comes to starting a new project. The main topic that we will be covering in today’s review is the best colocation hosting in Italy.

Colocation hosting is the type of service that most hosting companies with large data centers now offer. It is very similar to dedicated hosting – you rent out the equipment entirely along with the support, but it differs in that Colocation Hosting offers to rent only space and the company is the one to get the servers.

So essentially you may find it under another name – server housing.

Most hosting companies offer to lease of space and providing of housing for servers and the clients of those companies own their servers and claim their full responsibility and authority over those servers with the only difference being the facility of the hosting service being responsible for the security and wee-being of the servers physically.

This includes maintaining the servers and taking care of all aspects of network connectivity on a physical and network level. In this review, we will show you the 6 best companies in Italy that handle that job for you.

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Top 3 Best Web Hosting Companies in Italy

Are searching for a reliable web hosting provider in Italy. Below you will find the best web hosting in Italy that will provide professional care and a stable environment for your website.


SiteGround is one of the fastest-growing and already one of the most popular web hosting companies worldwide. It providing a variety of different web hosting solutions and it is also one of the WordPress officially recommended hosting companies.

The company provides speed and reliability in its solutions. To learn more about the company you can get into our SiteGround’s review.

SiteGround features:

  • Free SSL
  • Free CND
  • Renewable Energy
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Managed WordPress


When it comes to affordable web hosting, Hostinger is the world’s leader in providing the best solutions at mesmerizing prices. You can get any web hosting type and start your website without spending much.

Hostinger features:

  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL
  • Managed WordPress
  • Free CDN
  • Free Email


BlueHost is the number one web hosting recommended by WordPress itself for providing the best WordPress hosting. Except the WordPress hosting, you can take advantage of any web hosting type and even the dedicated support of the BlueSky service.

BlueHost Features

  • Auto-WP Installation
  • 1 Year Free Domain
  • Google Verification
  • Auto Updates
  • Free SSL Certificate

Best Colocation Hosting In Italy

In the lines below you will find the best colocation web hosting companies located in Italy.

Promo Italy hosting review is a hosting company that has begun as an internet provider. Created back in 1995, has expanded its work to hosting services. Their work is separated across two primary areas of focus – a powerful data center and a web agency, responsible for digital marketing.

This allows to offer traditional internet solutions such as Domains, Web Hosting, E-mail, Cloud, and the main one – Colocation hosting. They also offer customized data backup and e-mail backup solutions plus disaster recovery plans. relies on its own data center that is supported by its personal system engineers. They also manage the tech support which is very good. This is a good way to assist people because they have full access to servers and can directly help you out.

This allows to have the following extras in their offers:

  • HP version 5.2, .NET 3.5, .Net 4.0, Front Page 5.0
  • Data Base: MsSql 2000, 2005 and 2008, MySql 5.1.10.
  • Antivirus.
  • Supported Software: Incomedia Website X5 Evolution 9, jquery-1.3, ASP Stats Generator, Adobe GoLive 4, SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 7, Type Writer 4, DataWeb 4, phpMailer, WordPress 3.0 and 3.1, Forms To Go 3.2.1.

Since is focused on the general site solution, they offer custom solutions for custom prices, not only limited to hosting.

Their prices are custom and really depending on what you want your website to do, because they are focused on the general solution of a site, not just the hosting aspect. Hosting

Aruba Italy Web Hosting review is one of the hosting providers that sponsor Valentino Rossi, bike racer No. 1. They are very well-known in Italy and there is a good reason for that. has a lot of features to offer to their customers and they are very good at advertising.

In fact, what offers as services have ensured that they ramp up to 5.5 million customers with over 16 million users on their sites located on over 2.7 million domains.

Other statistics show 1.4 million sites currently active on with up to 8.6 e-mail accounts and 6.7 million PEC accounts. has over 130.000 servers and they have 100 thousand square meters of area, used for data centers that provide over 250 gigabits of network connection speeds. relies on 4 data centers in Italy and this makes it possible to provide their colocation hosting plans priced at 39 Euros per month.

The main features that you get for this price are:

  • 1KW Server power.
  • DDoS protection.
  • 51 IP adresses.
  • Up to 25 TB consumption.
  • AntiVirus + AntiSpam
  • Free Support that is 24/7


Moviement is one of the top leading Italian hosting and domain registration companies. The company has existed for 15 years now and it offers multiple web solutions all over the world, including e-mail services, e-marketing solutions, and also domain registration plus hosting services.

They also offer not only colocation, but shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated, and cloud backup hosting.

The main features offered by Movement at the €49.00/mo price in their Colocation hosting plans are:

  • Domain included
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • traffic
  • 3 GB Flexmail mail
  • HTTP / 2 + SSL Let’s Encrypt
  • Optional database
  • Weekly backup
  • PHP 5.6, PHP 7+
  • Antivirus Base
  • Antispam optional
  • Server Location

 offers the Housing and Colocation service to those who need to use proprietary hardware, but wish to locate it within a reliable and efficient data center to ensure their servers high performance and cutting-edge technology.

    All servers require protected and stable electricity, constant and controlled temperature, maximum connectivity, and a secure and reliable connection to the network. Their Data Centers guarantee the highest quality standards and high-level performance.

    Their facilities are located in Milan at Fastweb (market leader together with Telecom Italia) and are built according to the highest safety standards. The features they offer from their cheapest colocation plan out of their total 4 plans are:

  • From 16 IP addresses.
  • From 100 Mbit/s.
  • From 99.95% SLA.
  • 10U Dimensions.
  • DDoS Protection.

 is a company that claims to be an “international Group which brings together companies specialized in IT services”.

    They have set up a European IP network of partners that uses an MPLS/IP network that they own entirely and which is managed and also engineered in an autonomous way. This network includes colocation hosting services in Milan.

    Other locations also include Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Turin, etc. They have actually set up a fiber-optic ranger of way more than 6 thousand km.

    The group consists of a total of 6 companies, each of which consists of different tech services and experience in the industry.

    The main idea here is to provide customizable solutions for companies that want to benefit from high-level networking and speed technology, with extended support.

    Their colocation service offers quick access to the network, plus refraining the client from the responsibility to worry about the server management.

    The main extras they offer In their Colocation hosting services are:

  • Cabinet size: L:60cm, P:100, H:42U
  • Security: cabinet with security key
  • Power-supply: double redundant
  • Supply voltage: 2 x 220V
  • Power connection: 2 x 16A
  • Bundle basic electric power: 1500W

 offers the reliability of the 24X7 service in the Tier IV / Rating 4 data centers in Milan and Rome.

    Choosing ITnet’s colocation services means benefiting from the performance, security, and reliability of the services offered by the market leader who has been providing ICT services for over 20 years in its Carrier Independent data centers in Milan and Rome.

    The services they offer for their Colocation hosting have the following features at a custom price range:

  • Power Capacity : dual power supply 230 V / 400V – from 16A to 64A – AC / DC
  • Location : Data Center in Milan and Rome interconnected in optical fiber
  • Connectivity: from 10Mbps to 1Gbps (+) and possibility of dedicated point-to-point links (Dark fiber, MPLS, Layer 2 etc.)
  • Management: Single Point Of Contact and dedicated Service management with guaranteed SLA
  • Services: Remote Hands & Eyes, Hardware assurance, System assistance, Application monitoring, etc.
  • Colocation Hosting Italy – Conclusion

    As visible from the reviews above, there are a lot of Colocation companies that can provide the hosting services you need at fast network speed.

    The primary choice here that you need to make is what is the type of capacities you require. If you have a lot of devices, maybe bigger and more known companies are more suitable due to their advanced networks.

    But if you are just starting, anything at about the lowest price will be good for you. Furthermore, try to always keep it simple with your plan and always choose only what is necessary for your hosting requirements.

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