8 Best Web Hosting Companies in Mexico (Updated 2022) 🇲🇽

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1. SiteGround

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Avg. Review Score 4.8 Positive
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2. Hostinger

Number of Reviews 12.4k+
Avg. Review Score 4.6 Positive
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3. DreamHost

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4. Nexcess

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5. WPX Hosting

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6. A2 Hosting

Number of Reviews 3.3k+
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7. Hostgator

Number of Reviews 2.8k+
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8. Bluehost

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We from HTH.guide have prepared everything you need to know about Mexican hosting Internet connectivity across Mexico based on proper investigation into the Hosting niche for this country.

Best Web Hosting in Mexico

Mexico is one quite fascinating destination when it comes to Web Hosting services. The main reason for a country with low and old-fashioned technology to be a great hosting location is its neighborhood with the USA, which keeps up with the latest technological advancements.

In today’s article, we are going to show you the advantages of running a website and hosting services from Mexico or as a target audience location as well as the Top hosting firms offering services to Mexico as a countrty.

Web Hosting Mexico Benefits

Mexico has its own internet exchange – MIE.MX, as the main connection point in Tijuana that connects them with the rest of the World. MIE.MX is an initiative to provide more reliable internet to Mexico by exchanging higher capacity bandwidth as an ISP and at the same time building open-peer conditions for all of Mexico.

The country is also part of the IXP Mexicano and EQIX-MX Internet exchange points. On the territory of Mexico, there are 73 local providers which are sharing Colocation Data Centers.

Colocation Data Centers in Mexico amount to exactly 10 Colocation Data Centers. This is nearly not enough for big enterprises who need to switch to different locations quickly for maintaining uptime for example.

Despite the small number of Data Connections Data Centers in the country, they are stable enough, as the latest CDN server technology provided by Cloudflare helps with that.

Top Web Hosting Providers in Mexico (Best Companies)

When it comes to choosing the best web hosting in the country, the better option is to choose some of the hosting leaders which provide CDN server connection to Mexico.

Below you will find a list with the top, best-choice Web Hosting companies that provide fast service for Mexico through some kind of a CDN technology.


SiteGround is one of the most popular hosting companies that offer various solutions worldwide through the vast Cloudflare CDN server technology.

SiteGround provides hosting for small and bigger websites, and you can take the opportunity to use their Best Managed Hosting.

SiteGround has the following features:

  • Free SSL
  • Free CND
  • Renewable Energy
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Managed WordPress

Learn More about SiteGround and its features in our SiteGround Review.


Hostinger logo mexico

When it comes to cheap, fast, and reliable hosting solutions, Hostinger is the first name that usually pops up. It is one of the most popular hosting companies that offer affordable hosting solutions for under a dollar.

The company provides a various number of solutions from which you can take advantage of any part of the world because of the Cloudflare technology which is also a significant advantage of Hostinger services.

Hostinger allows customers access to these features:

  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL
  • Managed WordPress
  • Free CDN
  • Free Email

Learn more about Hostinger and its features in our Hostinger Review



DreamHost is one of the most solid choices for a hosting company in Mexico. It has its headquarters located in the US, namely in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Server-wise that is highly beneficial to Mexican Web Hosting users.

DreamHost is one of those hosting providers, which strikes respect with its 25 plus years of experience in the hosting sphere.

DreamHost has the following benefits read for all users of its hosting plans:

  • RAID 1 Storage
  • Root Access
  • Local MySQL Database Server
  • Ubuntu
  • 100% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • 24×7 Tech Support & Server Monitoring
  • DDoS Protection

DreamHost allows for Unlimited Bandwidth and disk space, which is something features across all of its WordPress plans and Mexican customers should take advantage of that.



Nexcess is a brand that has nearly two decades of web hosting experience. The two data centers near to Mexico are in the USA. The specific locations are in the western part, near San Jose, CA, while the other is in US South Miami, FL. Thus, you can be certain that the host has a close, backup server to your location ready to take the burden for any of your websites.

Nexcess is the Managed WordPress hosting service by LiquidWeb. It has many nice features compared to standard WordPress, including automatic updates.

A Support team of specialists guarantees the security across all servers to provide a safe environment. A CDN is added within the security parameters used by Nexcess, including these additional features:

  • Compliance Assistance
  • Firewalls & VPN
  • Server and Data Protection
  • DDoS Attack Prevention
  • Web Application Protection

Nexcess has 24-Hour Support and Backups running daily in order to ensure the best possible hosting experience to its clients worldwide and in Mexico.


wpx hosting logo

WPX is a type of establishment that focuses heavily on CMS and WordPress Hosting solutions. Being the fastest WordPress hosting is a title hard to live by, but WPX tries its best to fill these shoes.

The WPX data center which is the closest one to Mexico is located in Chicago, in the United States. Thus, you will get a really low latency and rapid, close to real time access over its network if you are targeting Mexico as the main visiting country to your websites.

WPX offers features such as:

  • Managed service
  • 24/7, 365 days Support
  • No-limit SSL certification
  • SSD Disks
  • PHP7.x included
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  • 1-Click WordPress Installations

Read more about WPX and its features in our WPX Hosting Review

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting Mexico

Do you know that speed is one of the most important Google ranking factors? Thus, when it comes to speed, A2 Hosting is one of the best in the business regarding that factor and can provide great speeds across the world.

It has 20x faster and optimized turbo servers that offer high reliability and uptime. If you want fast hosting services in Mexico A2 Hosting is one great solution that will make the work easily doable.

A2 Hosting has these benefits:

  • Up to 20x faster Turbo servers
  • Expert Support
  • Free Migrations
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime

Learn more about A2 and its features in our dedicated A2 Hosting review


HostGator hosting mexico

HostGator is internationally known for its cheap pricing and steady services. It is one of the oldest hosting companies that provide hosting worldwide. HostGator has various plans for any kind of website you might need to make.

Professional plans exist in the roster of host plans of HostGator that you can purchase for managing a website of greater scale. The company provides amazing hosting solutions to Mexico and uses a CDN network technology for spreading their hosting to any point in the world quickly and reliably.

HostGator has the benefits listed here:

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • One-Click Installs
  • Control Panel Integration
  • E-Commerce Integration

Learn more about the company and its features in our HostGator Review


BlueHost logo

BlueHost is a great solution when it comes to WordPress hosting for any business, no matter if it’s a small blog or a website for enterprise.

BlueHost is one of the companies approved by WordPress themselves for providing proper WordPress solutions.

Similar to the previous company, BlueHost works with Cloudflare and you can take advantage of their reliable service in any part of the world, Mexico included.

BlueHost has the following features available across all of its plans:

  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL
  • Free CDN
  • 24/7 support
  • Custom Themes

Learn more about the blue company and its features in our BlueHost Review


As we already said that Mexico does not have a huge variety of networks and Data Centers. Despite that its Data Centers are not many, Mexico has excellent hosting solutions relying on their connection to the USA, which has one of the most powerful hosting companies under its wing.

Our first place is taken by SiteGround because of its great hosting interface. The company provides managed solutions for beginners, great WordPress hosting, and also advanced Cloud hosting.

SiteGround is also the best company in terms of connection. It has 6 data centers on four continents and over 190 Cloudflare CDN server locations as there are over 5 only in Mexico. That guarantees fast service on the territory of Mexico.

Hope this review was helpful and full of enough information about Mexico and its hosting solutions.

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