10+ Best Web Hosting Companies in Switzerland (Updated 2022) 🇨🇭

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1. ScalaHosting

Number of Reviews 1k+
Avg. Review Score 4.9 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $3.95 / mo.
-84% Cyber W

2. Hostinger

Number of Reviews 13.3k+
Avg. Review Score 4.6 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $1.99 / mo.
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3. DreamHost

Number of Reviews 3.2k+
Avg. Review Score 4.6 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $1.99 / mo.
-80% Black F

4. HostArmada

Number of Reviews 869
Avg. Review Score 4.9 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $1.99 / mo.
-80% Cyber W

5. ChemiCloud

Number of Reviews 945
Avg. Review Score 5.0 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $1.99 / mo.

6. LWS

Number of Reviews 4.8k+
Avg. Review Score 4.6 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $1.80 / mo.
-81% Cyber W

7. A2 Hosting

Number of Reviews 3.5k+
Avg. Review Score 4.5 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $2.99 / mo.

8. Kinsta

Number of Reviews 562
Avg. Review Score 4.8 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $30.00 / mo.

9. swissns

Number of Reviews 6
Avg. Review Score 5.0 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $4.37 / mo.

10. Infomaniak

Number of Reviews 107
Avg. Review Score 3.4 Neutral
Customer Support Neutral
Starts from $1.59 / mo.

11. Swisscom

Number of Reviews 564
Avg. Review Score 1.8 Negative
Customer Support Negative
Starts from / mo.

12. swissns GmbH

Number of Reviews 6
Avg. Review Score 5.0 Positive
Customer Support Positive
Starts from / mo.

13. SwissMadeHost

Number of Reviews 8
Avg. Review Score 3.1 Neutral
Customer Support Positive
Starts from $8.51 / mo.

Are you looking for a hosting provider that is based in Switzerland?

This is an article that has been created to best inform you on the companies that can help you see which are the companies that are offering the most attractive solutions in Switzerland right now and to assist you in evaluating which are the proper hosting choices for you.

Here you should be able to see the top choices for most types of hosting services that are offered in Switzerland.

In case it does not help you can also help choose the right hosting based on its type. You can find more information in the “Hosting Types” section category of our site.


Switzerland Web Hosting Benefits

When you choose a web hosting service, selecting the country to do the service in is very important. When it comes to Europe hosting, then all of the member countries should work according to strict laws, mainly regarding privacy.

Many companies choose to host services that allow them to take maximum advantage of the laws in the country itself and how well the rules when it comes to privacy are followed to guarantee the security of its work.

This is the main reason why it may be a great idea to go for such services in Switzerland as they offer a lot of advantages as we will analyze now.

Security in Switzerland

Security for a site or a networking service has always been a top priority and most Swiss-based companies offer SSL certificates included, being an important aspect for creating a secure connection and not only this, but also they offer other protocols for encryption of the information exchange and thus protecting it from third-party tampering with the site, which may result in a lot of problems for site owners.

Cost Advantages in Switzerland

As you may well know Switzerland is heaven when it comes to tax, which in its terms reduces cost for site owners. This means that you will pay less not only to register a site and a business there but also in terms of yearly taxes, without regard to the activity of your business or its size.

This is very good as the taxing in different areas in Switzerland is very often lower than 10% whereas in other European countries it can easily exceed 50% and even more. This is a big bonus for you if you have decided to host your business and want to pay less.

The main useful benefit of having a country with low taxes in terms of Switzerland is its tax politics are focused mainly on enterpreneurs. Among the advantages are the fact that you are free from double taxing, you do not pay VAT as the country is outside of the European Union and based on the type of business you set up and how much value it produces, you get different benefits.

When To Use Shared Hosting for Switzerland

When you want the easiest and most straightforward hosting solution in Switzerland, know that it is Shared Hosting. This type of hosting allocates the resources of a single server to multiple users, while they all share pieces of said server. This brings the price down and makes it the cheapest option from all hosting in Switzerland.
Shared hosting in Switzerland is ideal for beginners and people who want to test things live in an online environment. To make a new website from scratch for a business planning mock testing of traffic, SEO ranking, CTR, how often your website will be down or crash due to different outputs are only a few of the points that Shared Hosting is perfect for. Having backups for your websites adds to the reliability of these services.
In addition, Shared solution can have Managed options with Support experts monitoring everything and providing help with the technical side of things. That usually costs more with additional monthly payments, but there are discounts and offers from time to time to clients of Switzerland.
Here are the benefits that you get with Shared Hosting:

  • Cheap Prices and Great Discounts
  • User-friendly Interfaces
  • Backups Providing Reliability
  • Tech Support Monitoring (Usually with Added Fee)
  • Hacking Prevention and Security Measures

As more users are involved within a single server, and resources can get scarce, two major implementations are applied. A defense system against hackers is always on, as well as special measures to enhance the work of the server security. Shared hosting is the most popular and most frequently chosen solution in web hosting and as such, companies have the responsibility to make this space safe and secure for everybody. This is especially true for Switzerland.

VPS Hosting Benefits for Switzerland

VPS is a robust hosting solution in which your website and its data are hosted on a virtual machine that no one else has access to. That inherently offers better privacy and security. VPS hosting is also better optimized and having better resources and management than a Shared Hosting solution.
Customization within a VPS plan is a very distinctive benefit because you can choose a specific Operating System with root access, allowing you to install Apache, PHP, MySQL, and other technologies throughout the server.
Key benefits for VPS Hosting in Switzerland include:

  • Dedicated Resources – Each VPS is a computer that serves only your needs and you do not share its resources, such as CPU, RAM, etc. with other users.
  • Higher Customization – Most VPS plans allow their users to customize some aspects of their configuration. You can choose between large varieties of options to adjust the server to your needs, for example the Operating System.
  • Enhanced Security – with fewer Root users on a server, less people have access that can be compromised. Also, VPS hosting users can use virtualization technology to isolate data from other users in an unparalleled way.
  • Optimal Cost – VPS plans are a bit more expensive than Shared host options but they are still affordable for the benefits and customization they have.

Virtual Private Server is a hosting solution with both shared and dedicated server options available. This choice is a great benefit.

Colocation Data Centers Switzerland

The main data centers that are currently operating in Switzerland are:

  • Swisscom.
  • Equinix.
  • Orange Business Services.
  • Green Datacenter.
  • Colt Technology Services.

Best Hosting Companies in Switzerland Reviews

Switzerland Hosting companies lays out information and facts in comprehensive hosting reviews, while it presents the most significant parts of them visually throughout the website for the ease of visitors. Our reviews are impartial and unswayed, while a small fraction of the rating of each review is based off of real customer opinions. We aim to put ourselves in the shoes of visitors and try to present the important details about different hosting companies in a concise and easily-readable content, whether in a few snippets or our full reviews.

Hostinger – Why it’s best great choice for Switzerland

Hostinger logo mexico

Hostinger is one of the world’s most popular hosting solutions offering the most affordable prices. It has different hosting plans available at various price points for beginners, companies, and brands based in Sweden.

Having worldwide reliability and lightning-fast connectivity, Hostinger has become one of the best host choices, especially with its affordable solutions which offer so much value.

Hostinger has the following beneficial features for clients:

  • 24/7 WordPress support
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Practically unlimited bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • A free domain name

Hostinger has auto one-click WordPress installs which give you an advantage when you want to create websites and want to make them live as fast as possible.

More Local Swiss Web Hosting Companies reviews

Besides the top leaders in this field, we will also show you the best Swiss high-quality hosting companies, that offer some features and pricing, which are even better than the leaders as these companies have the benefit of being native businesses.



Infomaniak is a web hosting company that is located in Geneva. It is created way back in 1994 and since then, the company is a leader in the domestic web hosting market in Switzerland, currently taking up most of the market share among all of the domestic Swiss hosting companies. The data centers of the company allow it to provide hosting solutions that are high-quality.

The main hosting services offered by this company are:

  • Shared
  • VPS
  • Cloud
  • WordPress
  • SSL certification

All of these types of services come with the standard solutions offered by this company which are:

  • Management of several sites at ones.
  • Cron jobs and their management.
  • Backup of files comes standard.
  • FTP accounts that come without limit.
  • Analytics on traffic (statistics and reports).
  • MySQL databases that come without a limit to their number.
  • Free access via SSH.
  • Softaculous one-click installer (very important for ease of use).
  • Unlimited number of PHP versions.
  • Free let’s encrypt SSL.

Infomaniak is one of the few Swiss companies, offering data centers that are Tier 3. The company is also a strong supporter of green hosting as it strives to achieve environmental friendliness in all of its data centers. The network set up by the company supports speeds over 70 Gbit/s, which is provided by domestic internet suppliers, that give reliable and stable connections.

In case you are on the market for scalable and flexible hosting, this company has all-in-one packages that also include e-mail, 100GB SSD storage, unlimited MySQL databases, 25 and more e-mail addresses, 20GB of VOD, and more than 20 domains. It has features, like DV SSL and LetsEncrypt that are supported by Comodo – a very well-known cyber-security and firewall company.



Hostpoint is the type of company that is based in Switzerland and has over 17 years of experience in the web hosting field with more than 500,000 websites under its support. The company has the latest machines in high-tech data center facilities, which means that they are among one of the best web hosting providers you can find in Switzerland.

Featuring the latest technologies allows Hostpoint to offer more features for the prices of their plans, which is more value for the customer. Some of the features this company provides include:

  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • 50GB of storage as standard.
  • SSD storage.
  • One-click CMS installation for WordPress, Joomla, and others.
  • Flash acceleration and all-flash storage.

But this is by far not all. The company offers tons of “extra” features added to their plans, such as:

  • Unlimited 5GB mailboxes
  • Backup done on an hourly basis in case something downs your site.
  • SFTP/SSH access via commands.
  • Logaholic, which helps improve site tracking
  • Symantec FreeSSL certificates for ALL of the domains you use, not just one domain.

Yes, you read that right, you get SSL certificates for ALL domains hosted, not just a single domain like from most hosts. That can save you hundreds or even thousands if you host a large number of domains.

So the bottom line for Hostpoint is that the company offers a lot of value for the price you pay and some features that you would not otherwise see in other hosting providers. The high-tech data centers and their speed and security offered is a good enough reason to choose them and this is why they are second in terms of domestic market share in Switzerland.



METANET is the name of a Swiss hosting provider that is one of the oldest domestic companies in this sector, starting its work almost 20 years ago. This company is among the biggest providers in Switzerland and is in the top 5 list with over 10% of the market share. This means that the company servers more than 55,000 customers and counting. Some of the services they have to offer to their users include:

  • Shared hosting.
  • Reseller.
  • Domain registration for SMEs.
  • Web servers.

Among some of the main features that are used by this company and come as standard are:

  • MariaDB 10.2/MySQL.
  • Powerful developer tools.
  • Unlimited mailboxes (POP3/IMAP4).
  • Email autoresponder.
  • Webmail access via browser.
  • Excellent spam protection.
  • PHP 7.3, PHP 7.2, PHP 7.1, PHP 5.6.
  • Award-winning admin tool.
  • Multi-domain without limits.
  • Unlimited domain and email aliases/redirects.
  • Unlimited subdomains, databases, and traffic.
  • SSH access.
  • Speed ​​with 100% SSD disks and HTTP/2.
  • Free SSL with Let’s Encrypt.
  • Offsite Backup and Backup Manager.

One of the primary objectives of METANET is to provide an outstanding value for the customer at the lowest possible price. To accomplish this goal, they have created facilities that use SSD technology for storage and feature HTTP2 on their hosted sites that will ensure faster speeds and hence more valuable.

The company also aims to use redundant management protocols based on geographic location. To do this, they often mirror their customer data in their data center in Oberengstringen. This makes them a more secure choice as downtime is reduced next to none even in case of some unplanned interruptions. Best of all, this is all included without you having to pay extra for such a feature.

Furthermore, METANET has also paid attention to improving the security of their hosted mail, improving protection against spam, and accumulating a blacklist of new spam mails in real-time.

When it comes to the prices of METANET, they are very well balanced, considering the enormous list of features, which is why they are a bit more expensive. They also offer 99.9% uptime guarantee and 30-day money-back in case you are unsatisfied with their services. Their support is available for contact via chat, e-mail, or ticket. Most reviewers and customers report the support of the company to be really committed and even solving issues directly via TeamViewer, which is great.



Cyon is another very reputable Swiss company that started operating back in 2003. It is now providing over 70 thousand sites with services and these sites range from small startups all the way to large online retailers. Their servers are currently situated in Based and the company claims to have achieved 100% renewable power, making them another green hosting business. In case you are a fan of reducing emissions and as a stable hosting service, Cyon is among the best choices.

The main type of services Cyon has to offer are shared hosting with the following features included along all the plans offered:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Daily backups
  • Generous SSD storage of 25GB or more
  • Free SSL certificates

You also get other features in case you decide to host multiple domains and take advantage of their “Triple” plan, such as:

  • Perl.
  • Black Fire.
  • APCU.
  • PHP.
  • OPCache.

The main core competence of Cyon is they are 100% green and their power is coming mainly from hydroelectric power plants and some of it is solar-powered.

The plans this company has to offer are set up to be cheap for beginners and the right price for advanced businesses. But if you are in the market for big data, then they may not be the best choice that can accommodate so many terabytes, unfortunately.

The company has a control panel and a dashboard that are both very easy to use with automated installations of CMS platforms, that are most often used, such as WordPress, Joomla and others. One disadvantage to this company is it uses its own control pane instead of the standard cPanel and other ones, users are generally accustomed to.

On the bright side, however, they have an easy-to-use site builder that features drag-and-drop editing, but it is offered at an extra cost, which is not really the deal of the century, to be honest.

When we discuss the prices for their shared plans, it could be reduced a bit more, but there is a also a good reason for this pricing as it includes free SSL, several domains, more than 25GB of space and some other features that would otherwise be costing extra with other providers. Not only this, but you also get the luxury of 30-day free trial to test the service for a whole month before actually committing financially. Changing between plans is also not a problem.

The support of the company is good with many reports on the support team being available for limited hours only and not 24/7. Good news is you cna reach them via e-mail or phone and the team is very competent and responsive.


As a bottom line, you can find a lot of Switzerland hosting companies if you are looking for them. But not all of them can turn out to be appropriate for your project goals. This is the main reason why we have prepared the reviews above so that you can see more information about what every company providing services in Switzerland, both Swiss and non-domestic have to offer to you. We hope this article helps you make an informed choice and be advised that we are open to any questions so make sure to write us a comment below if you want to know more information on Swiss hosting.

If you want to see more reviews about hosting in Switzerland or Europe in general, you are welcome to read our research on the matter in the reviews listed below:

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