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Choosing a web builder is a long-term decision, and it requires careful consideration of several factors. HTH.Guide provides a unique, next-level analysis which evaluates the following criteria:
  • Number of user reviews score which helps determine the final score
  • Average user satisfaction score, based on aggregated customer reviews collected from the web
  • Technical support quality score, mostly in terms of reaction
  • Company legitimacy score based on available company details (physical address, email address, phone number, etc.)
  • Value for money, or the correlation between pricing and quality from the user’s standpoint
The average score, calculated by a specialised algorithm, is based on these criteria.

Full features comparison



Black Friday

1. Squarespace

Number of Reviews 721
Customer Support Neutral
Starts from $14.00 / mo.
Hosting Plans
PERSONAL$16.00 / mo.
BUSINESS$26.00 / mo.
Personal$14.00 / mo.


1. Weebly

Number of Reviews 613
Customer Support Neutral
Starts from $5.00 / mo.
Hosting Plans
Free$0.00 / mo.
Personal$6.00 / mo.
Pro$12.00 / mo.
Performance$26.00 / mo.
Connect$5.00 / mo.
Business$25.00 / mo.

Overall Scores

Avg. Weebly
Review Score
3.9 Positive
Avg. Weebly
Customer Support
Neutral Rating

FAQ Website Builder

What Is Website Builder?

A website builder is an online tool, which allow you to set up and create a website based on your design, without having to manually code it. Everything can be done by you and you only without the need for a tech-savvy developer or website design expert.

How Does a Website Builder Work?

A website builder works in a simple way - first, you select a template, which will be the design layout of your website. Then, website builders offer drag-and-drop editing modes, which allows you to customise your website however you want. You get to add templates, remove them and play with content and pages however you choose to. You can also add images, videos and other such components and see how this will look in a live preview.

What Are The Main Pros Of Website Builders?

The main benefits of website builders include:

  • User-friendly - website builders have tools in them that significantly improve user experience, making them easy to use and the risk of making a mistake during coding is eliminated.
  • Templates - many pre-defined templates allow for users to create their website however they choose, saving both time and resources.
  • Affordable - most site builders cost up to $100 for a year, which is plenty of bang for your buck.
  • Can be combined - usually, website builders come with full packages, offered by web hosting companies, that include mandatory features, from the likes of SSL, security updates, SEO tools and many other. The beauty is you pay once and get all you need for your website, making it very suitable for beginners with no experience.
  • Highly customisable - drag-and-drop interfaces allow for users to design their page however they deem to, while in the same time do it on the level of a professional designer.

Is Website Builder Better Than Coding?

It depends. When we compare website builder with hard coding a site, it can be said that both approaches are correct for the right situation and scale of your project. Website builders are perfect if you are a beginner with no experience and want something highly effective for your project. Hard coding is very appropriate when you have the resources, time and skill as you get more control over your project, even though you depend more on developers to do the job.

Which Is The Best Website Builder?

All of them. It really depends on which company will meet your criteria. Usually, hosting companies compete at offering website builders that have features, like:

  • Customer support that is good and always available.
  • Responsive design on the website templates.
  • SEO and marketing tools included, allowing for analysis of the website.
  • Competitive prices and great promotions.
  • Large databases of templates and media (stock photos, icons, fonts, etc.)

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