Bluehost Review: Analysis of 2627 Opinions from 3 Sources (Updated)

Combinatorial thinking of has led to the inclusion of modern-day graphical representation of data about Bluehost and our thorough analysis of sources, people’s experiences and overall worth of the services offered there. We have everything you would want to know about the host firm made available with a single glance and particulars to back it up with.

Hosting Summary

Name Bluehost
Total Reviews 2627
Average Score 3.1
Phone 1 (801) 765-9400
Email [email protected]
Address 560 Timpanogos Parkway, Orem, UT 84097, United States, United States
Server Locations flag United States
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Number of Reviews

2.6k+A lot
* Bluehost is a widely-used hosting, that has gathered more than 2627 Reviews from the start of its operations. People express their opinion about the host, leaving barely any details unshared.

Avg. Review Score

* 3.1 stars on average tallies with the point of view of buyers of Bluehost. While some are okay with their progress, others are dissatisfied.

Customer Support

* Responses for the Support of Bluehost vary. While some spare no detail in how appalled they are, others give credit where supporting employees strived to aid in any way possible.

Hosting Plans

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Hosting Information Score

Headquarters Full info
The prime spot of business affairs for Bluehost is at 560 Timpanogos Parkway, Orem, UT 84097, United States, United States.
They deal and act from there for the most part and thus it is considered as their source of work.
Phone Available
You can ring up Bluehost by using their line at 1 (801) 765-9400 for disambiguation of your inquiries.

Note! You, yourself should call this number to confirm it is current and so on and so on
Pricing Average
Prices are more than they used to be, but still steady for renewals for Bluehost. You can look around at competitors to see how things stand.
Products A LOT
Bluehost offers 13 plans, which is an extensive variety of services. With such experienced professionals you are in good hands.



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For the reviewing of Bluehost we have used few, but renowned and accurate resources to manually form our data. We give you complex data made look simplistic, but informative enough for anybody to be able to form a notion about the hosting services provided. Being precise in our investigation, we are aiming to give you a highly-factual outlook on every hosting we look at. Bluehost has 4 stars rating out of 2627 reviews among the most popular ones.

Our Star Rating is optimally objective and precise, as it is based on detailed data for each hosting company.

BlueHost Editor Review

Every day the number of websites is growing. So the need for hosting services is getting more demanded. There are a lot of contrasting hosting providers that offer different solutions.

The real reason we write these articles is to test and see who is the best hosting provider on the market and what is the difference between them.

In today’s article, we will take a look at one of the leaders in the branch – BlueHost.

BlueHost is one of the biggest hosting companies worldwide. It first started in 1996. But it is officially founded in 2002 by Matt Heaton and since then it has provided over 2 million domain names.

Our review’s progression will start with testing the BlueHost plans & prices, speed & uptime, support, features, and customer opinions. Based on our test, we will share insights about the qualities of Bluehost hosting and help you decide if it is worth hosting your website on.

So, let’s begin with a BlueHost hosting review.

BlueHost Plans & Features

The company is providing hosting like shared, dedicated, VPS, and of course WordPress Host.
As well as the solutions which they provide you can get professional service and consultations with advanced pro support.

BlueHost Shared Hosting

For the means of our test, we set an anonymous account and use the Bluehost “Basic” shared web hosting plan. Which available only for one site. Now, let’s start with speed testing.

The price of the Bluehost shared web hosting plan is €2.65/mo, and if you want something more powerful with more features, you can get the “Pro” plan, which is €12.53/mo.

Bluehost Hosting Review

The prices they offer are among the most affordable prices on the market for the features they provide.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting

Do you know that BlueHost is the top hosting provider officially recommended by WordPress itself?

Its shared hosting solution provides a WordPress installation, and without any problem, you can run your website using WordPress.

The company provides shared and managed WordPress hosting.

The shared WordPress hosting which the company provides is the regular shared web hosting with WordPress optimization without any special features and opportunities.

If you want something with more features and options, it will be better to choose the managed WordPress hosting.

Its interface provides managed WordPress installation, lightning-fast website speed, marketing tools that you can use on your website, and also advanced multi-tiered security with backups.

With managed WordPress solution you get scalability which a very convenient feature because it allows you to scale your hosting resources and never suffer website delay.

The prices of the WordPress managed hosting start at $14.95/mo.

BlueHost Pro Review

The company is providing professional marketing that can help you design your website and stay focused on your business niche.

If you need help with your website design or marketing you can request a consultation and start work with the professionals who will lead you the right way.

The team provides ongoing marketing assistance and design and will build your website mobile and Google-friendly, keep your website speed and SEO optimized.

More features:

  • Full-Service Website
  • SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Website Migration

Blue Sky Services

Blue Sky is a service offered by the host, which will help you how to build, grow, and maintain your web platform site with friendly and professional guidance step by step. In other words, Blue Sky is advanced platform support.

Blue Sky features:

  • Long-Term Value
  • Expert Advice
  • Monday to Friday Help support
  • Guides
  • Backups

BlueHost Support

During our tests, we got some issues with the Bluehost hosting, and that was a perfect chance to test the reliability of their support.

We had the final impression that the Bluehost hosting support is knowledgeable and can fix any issue you face.

The only little problem we detected was the speed, but it was nothing serious. So, we can give their support 8.5/10.

Bluehost includes everything from live chat to knowledge base, email ticket support, and even phone support.

Bluehost has a specific chat and call page on its website. You can start a live chat and you will receive their answers.

BlueHost Hosting Speed

Speed, as a critical Google ranking factor, is vital for any website. The critical loading speed point is under 3 sec, so if your website is loading for more, it is slow.

Bluehost Hosting Review

To provide the most accurate results for our test, we used a default 2021 WordPress theme with the “Basic” shared hosting plan.

With the GTMetrix tool’s help, we measured the loading speed in periods of time and calculated the average rate, which was 1.2sec loading speed. We can say that this is the fastest budget web hosting solution we’ve tested.

The Uptime test was also very satisfying, and without any doubt, it hit 100% Uptime.

Bluehost Hosting Customer Opinion

Before we choose a particular shared web hosting, it is essential to read the opinions and customer reviews to have an idea of ​​the bad qualities as well.

That’s why here you can read a few comments from various reliable sources and look at the conditions of Bluehost from consumers.

Trustpilot Comments

There are some comments about Bluehost from Trustpilot.

User 1
Bluehost hosting customer opinion trustpilot

Excellent customer service and technical staffing
I cannot believe all the negative reviews. I have had Bluehost for two of my websites. I find their customer service extremely responsive within a short time frame. Their technical staffing, as well as customer service, is very informative, polite, and courteous. Any problem that occurred on my site was quickly resolved.
Keep up the great work and service Bluehost and thank you for always being supportive!

User 2

Bluehost hosting customer opinion trustpilot

I really appreciate bluehost technical…
I really appreciate bluehost technical staff’s help , when i install the new version wordpress , it is not compatible with the theme, besides, I make some mistake on PHP new version upgrade. My website could not update. I ask the other people help me, but they charge me a lot of money, bluehost help all free of charge. They offer the best host and service in the world, thank you my bluehost.

Quora Users Comments

Read more comments for Bluehost from Quora Forums

User 1
customer opinion quora

I must say to you that bluehost is a very reliable host…here is my review of the web host.
If you are thinking to start your blog then this is the right time for doing that because In these days many hosting companies are providing a huge discount on their plans.
Bluehost is the most popular hosting providers, If you are just starting your blog then I’m damn sure you heard this name
Many bloggers and internet marketer preferred to use this hosting on their blogs and with over 2 million websites/blog are currently hosted on Bluehost.

User 2
customer opinion quora

My (pleasant) experience with Bluehost ( Bluehost review)
I started using Bluehost about a year ago. Until that point, I was constantly on the look-out for a good hosting provider. I naturally gravitated toward Bluehost because I saw it was often ranked the #1 hosting provider by many people.
I was using WordPress for the most part, and WordPress officially recommends Bluehost as a hosting company. Before Bluehost, I tried a couple of hosting providers who I won’t name. For the most part, I found myself dealing with “unsupportive” customer support staff, constant crashes for seemingly no reason, and interfaces that were complicated and buggy.
My goal was to host a blog for my small business, and when it came to that, Bluehost was the only hosting provider that delivered! It was easy on my pocket and came with all the tools I needed. Not to mention, the easy interface lets me publish my posts as easy as 1–2–3.
That’s not why I love Bluehost, though. One time, I was having trouble changing the template of my website without, you know, ruining everything that was on it. I hopped on a call with customer support and was shocked at what I witnessed.

BlueHost Review Final Words

Bluehost has many useful features, affordable prices, and good support. With all of the reviews that we have seen, we can recommend Bluehost for your website.

It is definitely a good choice. Overall, Bluehost offers excellent options and value.

After completing our substantial research over the Bluehost shared web hosting, we stayed with good final impressions. The score we give to Bluehost hosting is 9 out of 10.

BlueHost can always be recommended for the right solution, and it definitely justifies the expectations for reliable web hosting providers.



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