How to Create a Blockchain Website [Free Guide]

What Is a Blockchain Website

To best understand what is a blockchain website or a crypto website, first you need to understand the logic behind the blockchain itself. Blockchain is a logical system of storing data in a method that is decentralized and makes it very difficult for someone to compromise it. The main reason for that is because this is a chain of different blocks of data and each of those blocks contains a specific number of transactions. When you make a new transaction, it is recorded on a ledger.

These types of logical systems are very convenient to host a website on and this is where a blockchain website comes into existence.

Creating NFT domains and websites on the blockchain allows you to retain a full access of your registered domain, which may bring a lot of benefits in comparison to a domain that is hosted on traditional web. The new form of internet, called web3 gives the user a complete control over the owned website and what they want to do with it.

The best part of it is that not only you have full control in comparison to a website that is sold by big tech, but also you do not have to pay monthly or annual fees and taxes to hosting companies. This means that the logic of this method of creating websites gives the full control and power to the people.

The main benefits of having a crypto website are the following:

  • Nobody can get this domain from you, once you own it.
  • You are free to sell and transfer it to other wallers without asking for any type of permission.
  • You are the one in complete control as to what will happen to this website.
  • You can also use it as a simpler way to rename the long complicated wallet address from digits and numbers to “yourwallet.wallet”, for example.

In this tutorial we will explain to you how to register a domain of your liking, how to set it up and how to customize it and add files to it in a decentralised way with minimal expenses. For this to happen, we will use the number 1 crypto domains provider at the moment, called Unstoppable Domains.

What Are NFT Domains (Blockchain Domain Name)

1. Simplify cryptocurrency addresses with NFT domains
– Attach your BTC, ETH, LTC and 275+ other cryptocurrencies to your NFT domain

2. Login with your domain
– A single, easy-to-remember username on the decentralised web

3. Own your domain, for life

– No renewal fees, ever

How to Register Crypto Domain

Step 1: Visit the Unstoppable Domains and create an account if you do not have such:

register nft domain step 1

Step 2: Use the search bar to type a domain that you prefer to own:

register nft domain step 2

Step 3: In case your desired website name is occupied, you can choose a cheaper and a more expensive domain name that is similar to it:

register nft domain step 3

Step 4: Complete the purchase after adding the domain you like to your cart and opening it from the top-right corner:

register nft domain step 4

Step 5: Choose your payment method and registered the domain. This is a one time fee for only owning this domain and from there on it is truly yours free of charge:

register nft domain step 5

How to Setup Your Blockchain Website

Usually, services, like Unstoppable Domains are one of the few offering customisation and setting up of a crypto website by using their own panel. This is achievable if you follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Once acquired a domain, go to the top-left menu and then open My domains:

create crypto website 1

Step 2: Locate your domain and then click on the Manage button:

create crypto website 2

Step 3: To begin customising your website, go to the Website tab:

create crypto website 3

Step 4: From this tab, click on the Choose Template button:

create crypto website 4

Step 5: From there, you will be taken to a menu with different setzof templates, that have been conveniently created by Unstoppable Domains. You can choose among Personal, For sale (for domain flipping), Coming Soon and Blog. Each of them contains the templates that you need for the style you want to choose. There will probably be more added in the future or at least we would like to think so. For now, click on Personal:

create crypto website 5

Step 6: Now, select the template that you wish to use for your website:

create crypto website 6

Step 7: When you enter the template, you will be presented all sorts of customization of the template which allows you to fill it up with the necessary data, like text, images and other information you would like to add to it:

create crypto website 7

Step 8: You can preview the changes that you have made to your website and to publish it once you’re satisfied how it looks, you can click on the Publish to IPFS button. IPFS means “Interplanetary File System” and it means that your website is hosted in a decentralised cloud, based on blockchain logic and is now live!

website template nft domain crypto

You can also go back to your website and use the same logic to edit it and change everything according to your liking or just some areas of it that you want to update.

modify crypto blockchain nft domain website

Conclusion & Useful Tips on Blockchain Websites

We hope that the instructions that we provided help you start up with your first blockchain-based crypto website. Be advised, that there are more than one ways you can do that and if you want more templates, we suggest that you check out the compatibility of Unstoppable Domains and Brave Browser by installing it on your device. This will give you access to even more themes and templates for your website this increasing the customizability and the options when it comes to its creation.

If you have something to add or have any questions concerning this guide, we suggest that you leave us a comment below. We will try to answer it as soon as we possibly can and help you with your inquiry.

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