Install WordPress and Create Website on is a hosting provider, established in 2002 in Denmark.
Today, is one of the leading hosting and domain providers in Europe. They have approximately over 1,600,000 customers from many different countries, and they offer different hosting solutions as well as WordPress hosting. Hosting Review

Targeting Locations European Union
Price Range Hosting Services starting from 2.50$/month to 9$ per month
Products 5 different hosting plans
Support 24/7 chat support
Suitable for WordPress, Website Builder, Online Stores, Email services hosting homepage image

Installing WordPress on is an easy task.
The first thing that you have to do is to log in to your control panel.
After you’ve successfully logged in, click on the WordPress square. hosting login image

Then click the New Installation button. hosting new installation prompt image

Afterward, you will see the “1-click WordPress” section where you have to select your WordPress language for the administration panel,
Next, choose a location for your website. You can either choose the root directory of your domain or write down a subdomain. Then click install. hosting 1-click WordPress installer image
Then click on the continue button. hosting contact details image
On the next step, you have to enter the contact details.
On the first field, write down the username that you want to use for your WordPress administration login.
The second field is for the password of your administration username,
Then enter your email address (this email can be used to restore or reset password in the future), and then click continue. hosting administration account creation image

Now, after you have created your administration account you have to make some configurations to your website, such as:

  • 1. Title of the website which is visible on the browser tabs as well as in Google searches.
  • 2. A tagline, which should be a short description of your website.
  • 3. If you do not want your website to be crawled by Search Engines yet, check the Checkbox.
  • 4. Then check that you agree with their terms of business.
  • 5. Click continue. hosting theme selection image

The final step is the “Select Theme“, where you can choose between a large variety of supported themes. The suggested themes support the one-click import of a demo, so you can use them to build your website in a minute and then edit it with your texts and images.
And then you are done.

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