What Is Obfuscation?

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What Is Obfuscation?

Short Definition:
Obfuscation is a technology that masks your IP address while encrypting the packets (data) which you receive and send during connection. It conceals your true location using encryption.

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Extended Definition:
Obfuscation is a technique employed by VPN servers to conceal the usage of a VPN and redirect network traffic. It enables users to establish VPN connections even in highly restrictive environments. When connected to a typical VPN server, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is unable to observe your online destinations.

In a cybersecurity context, this term refers to a program that employs distinct techniques to modify the fundamental structure of a communication protocol, an object or file, thereby altering its primary signature and enhancing its security. Obfuscation software has been utilized for an extended period, serving both beneficial and malicious purposes. In the context of malware infections, it serves as a primary tool for hackers to conceal their identities.

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