What Is PaaS (Platform as a Service)?

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What Is PaaS? (Platform as a Service)?

PaaS Definition

Short Definition:

PaaS, a form of cloud computing, allows users to have access to hardware and software tools over the web, eliminating the need for on-site installation or administration.

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Extended Definition:

PaaS, or Platform as a Service) is a type of cloud computing which enables users to access hardware and software tools online without having to install and manage them in-house. These tools are usually used for application development and they are hosted on a third-party provider’s infrastructure. This relieves developers from setting up in-house resources and allows them to simplify the process of creating and running applications.

It should be noted that PaaS is not a full solution for a company’s software development, nor does it replace their IT infrastructure. Instead, PaaS is a cloud-based service provided by a third-party provider that is typically accessed through an internet browser.

The service can be made available on a public, private, or hybrid cloud, and features application hosting, Java development, development team collaboration, application design and development, application testing and deployment, web service integration, information security, and database integration. Some providers might charge a flat monthly fee for access to the PaaS platform, but in most cases users will need to pay per usage.

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