ExpressVPN – 26909 Customer Reviews: Analysis (Oct 2023)

This ExpressVPN review is a result of user experience analysis and its comprehensive rating.

Feedback from reputable sources is used for this review. We study how satisfied users are with ExpressVPN’s service quality.

We assess value, speed, range of features, and ease of use of ExpressVPN. This rating is AI-powered, deriving purely from user reviews. May this information be of help.

ExpressVPN Summary


Name ExpressVPN
Total Reviews 26909
Average Score 4.7
Unlocks Services Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, MAX (HBO Max), BBC iPlayer, Crunchyroll, ESPN/ESPN+, Kodi, Peacock TV
No Log Policy Yes
Cancelation Policy 30 days money-back guarantee
Server Locations flag Andorra, flag Albania, flag Armenia, flag Argentina, flag Austria, flag Australia, flag Azerbaijan, flag Bosnia and Herzegovina, flag Bangladesh, flag Belgium, flag Bulgaria, Brunei Darussalam, flag Brazil, Bahamas the, flag Bhutan, flag Belarus, flag Canada, flag Switzerland, flag Chile, flag Colombia, flag Costa Rica, flag Cyprus, flag Czech Republic, flag Germany, flag Denmark, flag Algeria, flag Ecuador, flag Estonia, flag Egypt, flag Spain, flag Finland, flag France, flag United Kingdom, flag Georgia, flag Greece, flag Guatemala, Hong Kong, flag Croatia, flag Hungary, flag Indonesia, flag Ireland, flag Israel, Isle of Man, flag India, flag Iceland, flag Italy, Jersey, flag Japan, flag Kenya, Kyrgyz Republic, flag Cambodia, flag South Korea, flag Kazakhstan, Lao, flag Lebanon, flag Liechtenstein, flag Sri Lanka, flag Lithuania, flag Luxembourg, flag Latvia, flag Monaco, flag Moldova, flag Montenegro, flag Macedonia, flag Myanmar, flag Mongolia, Macao, flag Malta, flag Mexico, flag Malaysia, flag Netherlands, flag Norway, flag Nepal, flag New Zealand, flag Panama, flag Peru, flag Philippines, flag Pakistan, flag Poland, flag Portugal, flag Romania, flag Serbia, flag Russia, flag Sweden, flag Singapore, flag Slovenia, flag Slovakia, flag Thailand, flag Turkey, flag Taiwan, flag Ukraine, flag United States, flag Uruguay, flag Uzbekistan, flag Venezuela, flag Vietnam, flag South Africa

Number of Reviews

26.9k+A Lot
* Data about ExpressVPN in this analysis is sourced from 26909 reviews. With such feedback, we can see the’s quality and its level of user satisfaction.

Avg. Review Score

* Scoring 4.7 among users highlights a strong approval rate. It’s evident that the ExpressVPN team is fulfilling the promises they’ve laid out on their website.

Speed Reviews Score

* ExpressVPN’s good rating signals a strong satisfaction level among users for its speed and services. You can trust this service without further inquiry, as it’s already highly-regarded by its customers.

ExpressVPN Reviews by Country

ExpressVPN reviews from United States

Average score 4.76
Number of reviews 8856 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from United Kingdom

Average score 4.45
Number of reviews 2489 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Australia

Average score 4.75
Number of reviews 1037 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Canada

Average score 4.71
Number of reviews 1036 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Germany

Average score 4.60
Number of reviews 735 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from India

Average score 4.84
Number of reviews 689 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Netherlands

Average score 4.67
Number of reviews 618 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from France

Average score 4.66
Number of reviews 562 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Singapore

Average score 4.80
Number of reviews 434 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Japan

Average score 4.63
Number of reviews 419 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Italy

Average score 4.74
Number of reviews 308 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Switzerland

Average score 4.79
Number of reviews 305 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Hong Kong

Average score 4.70
Number of reviews 290 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Sweden

Average score 4.66
Number of reviews 235 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Spain

Average score 4.47
Number of reviews 214 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Denmark

Average score 3.82
Number of reviews 206 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from United Arab Emirates

Average score 4.68
Number of reviews 199 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from South Africa

Average score 4.68
Number of reviews 192 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Philippines

Average score 4.77
Number of reviews 147 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from New Zealand

Average score 4.74
Number of reviews 145 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Ireland

Average score 4.39
Number of reviews 142 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Mexico

Average score 4.74
Number of reviews 138 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Turkey

Average score 4.62
Number of reviews 130 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Thailand

Average score 4.62
Number of reviews 112 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Brazil

Average score 4.85
Number of reviews 106 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Egypt

Average score 4.72
Number of reviews 104 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Belgium

Average score 4.26
Number of reviews 97 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Norway

Average score 4.49
Number of reviews 93 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from Israel

Average score 4.79
Number of reviews 91 reviews

ExpressVPN reviews from South Korea

Average score 4.70
Number of reviews 83 reviews

ExpressVPN Plans

12 Months + 3 Months
$6.67 / mo.

6 Months
$9.99 / mo.

1 Month
$12.95 / mo.

ExpressVPN Information Score

Customer Support Rating Positive
Multiple data sources highlight a good customer support for ExpressVPN. Those using this service can be assured of timely and successful solutions to their issues.
Pricing – Cheap or Expensive? Expensive
Our findings suggest that ExpressVPN’s pricing for their plans leans more towards the premium side. For those not constrained by a budget and valuing its features and service, this product emerges as a promising choice.
How Many Devices per License? 8
From our latest assessment, ExpressVPN might cater to up to 8 devices on at least a single paid package.
Supports Torrenting? Yes
Our findings suggest that ExpressVPN supports torrent operations based on the information available.



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For our assessment of ExpressVPN, we sourced our data manually from a selection of esteemed and precise resources. We aim to condense intricate data into an easily digestible format while still providing enough depth for anyone to evaluate this VPN service. Our in-depth research method ensures a comprehensive overview of each VPN we study. ExpressVPN boasts a rating of 5 stars out of 26909 leading reviews.

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