HMA VPN – 3193 Customer Reviews: Analysis (Mar 2024)

Our HMA VPN review originates from a thorough examination of user feedback about its services and the company’s overall score. We’ve gathered opinions from trusted sources.

This review focuses on user satisfaction with the service quality of HMA VPN.

We evaluate value for money, response speed to user issues, service variety, and ease of communication with HMA VPN. At the end, an AI-driven score is given, solely based on user testimonials. We trust this info serves you well.

HMA VPN Review Score, Very Good, 4 stars

HMA VPN Summary

Total Reviews 3193
Average Score 3.91
No Log Policy Yes
Cancelation Policy 30 days money-back guarantee
Server Locations flag Andorra, flag United Arab Emirates, flag Afghanistan, flag Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, flag Albania, flag Armenia, flag Angola, flag Argentina, American Samoa, flag Austria, flag Australia, flag Aruba, Aland Islands, flag Azerbaijan, flag Bosnia and Herzegovina, flag Barbados, flag Bangladesh, flag Belgium, flag Burkina Faso, flag Bulgaria, flag Bahrain, flag Burundi, flag Benin, Bermuda, Brunei Darussalam, flag Bolivia, flag Brazil, Bahamas the, flag Bhutan, flag Botswana, flag Belarus, flag Belize, flag Canada, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Congo, flag Central African Republic, Congo the, flag Switzerland, Cote d’Ivoire, Cook Islands, flag Chile, flag Cameroon, flag China, flag Colombia, flag Costa Rica, flag Cuba, flag Cape Verde, Christmas Island, flag Cyprus, flag Czech Republic, flag Germany, flag Djibouti, flag Denmark, flag Dominica, flag Dominican Republic, flag Algeria, flag Ecuador, flag Estonia, flag Egypt, flag Eritrea, flag Spain, flag Ethiopia, flag Finland, Fiji the Fiji Islands, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), flag Faroe Islands, flag France, flag Gabon, flag United Kingdom, flag Grenada, flag Georgia, flag Ghana, Gibraltar, flag Greenland, flag Gambia, flag Guinea, flag Guadeloupe, flag Equatorial Guinea, flag Greece, flag Guatemala, flag Guam, flag Guinea-Bissau, flag Guyana, Hong Kong, flag Honduras, flag Croatia, flag Haiti, flag Hungary, flag Indonesia, flag Ireland, flag Israel, flag India, flag Iraq, flag Iran, flag Iceland, flag Italy, flag Jamaica, flag Jordan, flag Japan, flag Kenya, Kyrgyz Republic, flag Cambodia, flag Kiribati, Comoros the, flag Saint Kitts and Nevis, flag South Korea, flag Kuwait, Cayman Islands, flag Kazakhstan, Lao, flag Lebanon, flag Saint Lucia, flag Liechtenstein, flag Sri Lanka, flag Liberia, flag Lesotho, flag Lithuania, flag Luxembourg, flag Latvia, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, flag Morocco, flag Monaco, flag Moldova, flag Montenegro, flag Madagascar, flag Macedonia, flag Mali, flag Myanmar, flag Mongolia, Macao, flag Mauritania, Montserrat, flag Malta, flag Mauritius, flag Maldives, flag Malawi, flag Mexico, flag Malaysia, flag Mozambique, flag Namibia, flag New Caledonia, flag Niger, Norfolk Island, flag Nigeria, flag Nicaragua, flag Netherlands, flag Norway, flag Nepal, flag Nauru, flag Niue, flag New Zealand, flag Oman, flag Panama, flag Peru, flag Papua New Guinea, flag Philippines, flag Pakistan, flag Poland, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Pitcairn Islands, flag Puerto Rico, Palestinian Territory, flag Portugal, flag Palau, flag Paraguay, flag Qatar, flag Romania, flag Serbia, flag Russia, flag Rwanda, flag Saudi Arabia, flag Solomon Islands, flag Sudan, flag Sweden, flag Singapore, Saint Helena, flag Slovenia, Svalbard & Jan Mayen Islands, flag Slovakia, flag Sierra Leone, flag San Marino, flag Senegal, flag Somalia, flag Suriname, flag Sao Tome and Principe, flag El Salvador, flag Syrian Arab Republic, flag Swaziland, Turks and Caicos Islands, flag Chad, flag Togo, flag Thailand, flag Tajikistan, Tokelau, flag Turkmenistan, flag Tunisia, flag Tonga, flag Turkey, flag Trinidad and Tobago, flag Tuvalu, flag Taiwan, flag Tanzania, flag Ukraine, flag Uganda, flag United States, flag Uruguay, flag Uzbekistan, Holy See (Vatican City State), flag Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, flag Venezuela, British Virgin Islands, flag Vietnam, flag Vanuatu, flag Samoa, flag Yemen, flag South Africa, flag Zambia, flag Zimbabwe

Number of Reviews

3.1k+A Lot
* The details shared about HMA VPN are based on over 3193 user reviews. This vast amount of feedback provides a clear picture of the’s performance and popularity.

Avg. Review Score

* Scoring 3.91 stars, it’s evident that HMA VPN faced some service challenges. While negative opinions might exist, diving into newer feedback will provide a more up-to-date understanding.

Speed Reviews Score

* The high score attached to HMA VPN suggests positive customer experiences, especially in speed and service quality. There’s no need for additional research as the service is evidently reliable and backed by customer approval.

HMA VPN Reviews by Country

HMA VPN reviews from United States

Average score 3.96
Number of reviews 562 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from France

Average score 3.98
Number of reviews 331 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from United Kingdom

Average score 3.87
Number of reviews 324 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Canada

Average score 3.97
Number of reviews 159 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Germany

Average score 3.87
Number of reviews 141 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Australia

Average score 3.19
Number of reviews 70 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Spain

Average score 3.65
Number of reviews 62 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Denmark

Average score 3.23
Number of reviews 52 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Mexico

Average score 3.92
Number of reviews 50 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Italy

Average score 4.08
Number of reviews 49 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Netherlands

Average score 4.00
Number of reviews 42 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Turkey

Average score 4.25
Number of reviews 40 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Switzerland

Average score 4.03
Number of reviews 36 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Singapore

Average score 3.31
Number of reviews 35 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from India

Average score 3.52
Number of reviews 33 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Norway

Average score 4.19
Number of reviews 31 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from United Arab Emirates

Average score 3.74
Number of reviews 31 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Sweden

Average score 3.90
Number of reviews 31 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Belgium

Average score 4.10
Number of reviews 30 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Thailand

Average score 3.36
Number of reviews 25 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Pakistan

Average score 4.22
Number of reviews 23 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from New Zealand

Average score 3.70
Number of reviews 20 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Austria

Average score 3.75
Number of reviews 20 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Israel

Average score 4.00
Number of reviews 19 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Ireland

Average score 3.94
Number of reviews 17 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Indonesia

Average score 3.47
Number of reviews 15 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Nigeria

Average score 4.13
Number of reviews 15 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Brazil

Average score 4.57
Number of reviews 14 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from South Korea

Average score 3.79
Number of reviews 14 reviews

HMA VPN reviews from Taiwan

Average score 4.38
Number of reviews 13 reviews


36 months plan
$2.99 / mo.

24 months plan
$3.99 / mo.

1 month plan
$11.99 / mo.

HMA VPN Information Score

Customer Support Rating Neutral
We’re unsure about the level of HMA VPN’s customer support. The mixed feedback means we should look into this further.
Pricing – Cheap or Expensive? Cheap
From the data gathered, it appears that HMA VPN’s pricing for their plans skews toward the affordable end. If you are budget-conscious, this product might be a suitable pick.
How Many Devices per License? 10
Our newest evaluation suggests that HMA VPN may accommodate up to 10 devices within at least one of its premium plans.
Supports Torrenting? Yes
Our collected data points toward HMA VPN having an enabled support for torrenting.



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We took a close look at HMA VPN by using information from a few places that people trust a lot. We worked hard to make confusing details easy for everyone to understand. When we look at services, we want to tell you the clear and simple truth about them. From 3193 reviews, HMA VPN has been given 4 stars, which shows what people think.

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