IPRoyal – 1685 Customer Reviews: Analysis (Mar 2024)

Based on user opinions and the collective rating, this IPRoyal review has been created.

Input from several reputable platforms has been incorporated. This review checks into user satisfaction concerning IPRoyal’s services. Evaluating cost-effectiveness, speed in troubleshooting, array of offerings, and overall experience with IPRoyal is the method used to formulate final scores.

The end-rating is AI-informed, educated from user reflections. Hope you find this enlightening.

IPRoyal Summary

Name IPRoyal
Total Reviews 1685
Average Score 4.5
No Log Policy Yes
Cancelation Policy 1 days money-back guarantee
Website https://iproyal.com/

Number of Reviews

1.6k+A Lot
* Data about IPRoyal in this analysis is sourced from 1685 reviews. With such feedback, we can see the’s quality and its level of user satisfaction.

Avg. Review Score

* 4.5 user reviews are a testament to the high level of satisfaction of this service. The team responsible for IPRoyal appears to match up to the standards they set on their site.

Speed Reviews Score

* With such an impressive score, IPRoyal seems to hit the mark in terms of speed and services. Researching further isn’t necessary, as this service clearly holds its ground and is liked by its users.

IPRoyal Reviews by Country

IPRoyal reviews from United States

Average score 4.56
Number of reviews 153 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Morocco

Average score 4.58
Number of reviews 109 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Kenya

Average score 4.92
Number of reviews 78 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from United Kingdom

Average score 4.45
Number of reviews 65 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Germany

Average score 4.24
Number of reviews 55 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Pakistan

Average score 4.41
Number of reviews 51 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Turkey

Average score 4.70
Number of reviews 47 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from India

Average score 4.33
Number of reviews 43 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from France

Average score 4.68
Number of reviews 40 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Philippines

Average score 4.92
Number of reviews 38 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Vietnam

Average score 4.39
Number of reviews 36 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Hong Kong

Average score 4.87
Number of reviews 31 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Italy

Average score 3.50
Number of reviews 30 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Canada

Average score 4.71
Number of reviews 28 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Bangladesh

Average score 4.71
Number of reviews 28 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Netherlands

Average score 4.04
Number of reviews 25 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Algeria

Average score 3.92
Number of reviews 25 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Brazil

Average score 4.62
Number of reviews 24 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Indonesia

Average score 4.83
Number of reviews 23 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Romania

Average score 4.36
Number of reviews 22 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Ukraine

Average score 3.95
Number of reviews 22 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Spain

Average score 4.86
Number of reviews 21 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Lithuania

Average score 4.67
Number of reviews 21 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Egypt

Average score 4.56
Number of reviews 18 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Nigeria

Average score 4.44
Number of reviews 18 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Colombia

Average score 4.75
Number of reviews 16 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Ethiopia

Average score 5.00
Number of reviews 14 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Russia

Average score 3.86
Number of reviews 14 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Singapore

Average score 4.86
Number of reviews 14 reviews

IPRoyal reviews from Greece

Average score 4.69
Number of reviews 13 reviews

IPRoyal Plans

$1 /

$1.39 /

$1.75 /

IPRoyal Information Score

Customer Support Rating Positive
When the data is analysed from several sources, it’s evident that IPRoyal excels in customer support. Clients can confidently anticipate effective assistance for any concerns.
Pricing – Cheap or Expensive? Cheap
Our findings indicate that IPRoyal’s plans are priced on the lower end of the scale. It looks like a promising choice for those aiming to save a few bucks.
How Many Devices per License? 99
Based on the most current overview, IPRoyal appears to extend service for potentially 99 devices on a minimum of one paid option.
Supports Torrenting? Yes
Our findings suggest that IPRoyal supports torrent operations based on the information available.



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For our review of IPRoyal, we picked information from a handful of places that are well-known for being reliable. We turned complex data into simple words so it’s easier to grasp. We want to make sure you have a straightforward view of the services we check. When we count all the reviews, IPRoyal has a score of 4 stars out of 1685.

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