NordVPN – 29678 Customer Reviews: Analysis (Sep 2023)

Our review for NordVPN is built on user reviews and its overall performance score.

Reputable sources and data from the users’ feedback on them is used. Our focus: user contentment with the services from NordVPN.

We analyse pricing fairness, swift problem resolutions, service quality, and user experience with NordVPN. An AI generates the concluding score, anchored in user experiences. We trust this proves beneficial to you.

NordVPN Summary


Name NordVPN
Total Reviews 29678
Average Score 4.38
Unlocks Services Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll, DAZN, Disney+, ESPN/ESPN+, Hotstar, Kodi, MAX (HBO Max), MSNBC, NBC, Paramount+, Peacock TV, Rai Play, SBS, Sling, Yle, YouTube, ZDF, BBC iPlayer
No Log Policy Yes
Cancelation Policy 30 days money-back guarantee
Server Locations flag Albania, flag Austria, flag Australia, flag Bosnia and Herzegovina, flag Belgium, flag Brazil, flag Switzerland, flag Spain, flag United Kingdom, flag South Korea, flag Sweden, flag Thailand, flag Turkey, flag Taiwan, flag Ukraine, flag United States, flag Vietnam, flag South Africa
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Number of Reviews

29.6k+A Lot
* The data about NordVPN comes from 29678 reviews. This gives us a solid insight into how well the is received and how it stands in terms of quality.

Avg. Review Score

* A score of 4.38 among users clearly shows that most people are happy with the service. The team at NordVPN appears to live up to the claims and promises they make on their website.

Speed Reviews Score

* With its high rating, NordVPN appears to satisfy customers in terms of speed and offerings. There’s no need to dig deeper, as the service evidently stands strong and is praised by its users.

NordVPN Reviews by Country

NordVPN reviews from United States

Average score 4.42
Number of reviews 8060 reviews

NordVPN reviews from United Kingdom

Average score 4.15
Number of reviews 4213 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Canada

Average score 4.45
Number of reviews 1911 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Germany

Average score 4.11
Number of reviews 1384 reviews

NordVPN reviews from France

Average score 4.47
Number of reviews 1373 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Australia

Average score 4.41
Number of reviews 1043 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Netherlands

Average score 4.28
Number of reviews 943 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Italy

Average score 4.46
Number of reviews 475 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Spain

Average score 4.28
Number of reviews 395 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Sweden

Average score 4.19
Number of reviews 374 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Denmark

Average score 3.32
Number of reviews 372 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Switzerland

Average score 4.28
Number of reviews 318 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Ireland

Average score 4.37
Number of reviews 241 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Belgium

Average score 4.60
Number of reviews 212 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Japan

Average score 4.44
Number of reviews 206 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Singapore

Average score 4.60
Number of reviews 159 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Norway

Average score 4.18
Number of reviews 158 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Brazil

Average score 4.52
Number of reviews 155 reviews

NordVPN reviews from India

Average score 4.57
Number of reviews 154 reviews

NordVPN reviews from New Zealand

Average score 4.42
Number of reviews 154 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Hong Kong

Average score 4.02
Number of reviews 153 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Portugal

Average score 4.54
Number of reviews 148 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Austria

Average score 4.24
Number of reviews 139 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Poland

Average score 4.36
Number of reviews 127 reviews

NordVPN reviews from South Africa

Average score 4.54
Number of reviews 126 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Mexico

Average score 4.33
Number of reviews 123 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Greece

Average score 4.69
Number of reviews 121 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Russia

Average score 4.14
Number of reviews 120 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Thailand

Average score 4.03
Number of reviews 116 reviews

NordVPN reviews from Israel

Average score 4.42
Number of reviews 113 reviews

NordVPN Plans

NordVPN Information Score

Customer Support Rating Positive
Multiple data sources highlight a good customer support for NordVPN. Those using this service can be assured of timely and successful solutions to their issues.
Pricing – Cheap or Expensive? Cheap
From the data gathered, it appears that NordVPN’s pricing for their plans skews toward the affordable end. If you are budget-conscious, this product might be a suitable pick.
How Many Devices per License? 6
The latest review of NordVPN indicates the possibility of supporting up to 6 devices on at least one of its paid plans.
Supports Torrenting? Yes
From the data we’ve gathered, it’s evident that NordVPN provides support for torrenting activities.



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For our assessment of NordVPN, we sourced our data manually from a selection of esteemed and precise resources. We aim to condense intricate data into an easily digestible format while still providing enough depth for anyone to evaluate this VPN service. Our in-depth research method ensures a comprehensive overview of each VPN we study. NordVPN boasts a rating of 5 stars out of 29678 leading reviews.

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