PrivadoVPN – 2345 Customer Reviews: Analysis (Feb 2024)

We created this PrivadoVPN review by analysing users’ thoughts about its offerings and its average rating.

Expert sources have been considered. We’ve examined how pleased users are with the service quality from PrivadoVPN.

We’ve looked into the cost-value balance, efficiency in addressing user concerns, diversity of services, and communication simplicity with PrivadoVPN. Our final rating uses technology, summarised only in user feedback. We hope you find this review useful.

PrivadoVPN Review Score, Very Good, 4 stars

PrivadoVPN Summary

Name PrivadoVPN
Total Reviews 2345
Average Score 4.05
No Log Policy Yes
Cancelation Policy 30 days money-back guarantee

Number of Reviews

2.3k+A Lot
* The details shared about PrivadoVPN are based on over 2345 user reviews. This vast amount of feedback provides a clear picture of the’s performance and popularity.

Avg. Review Score

* With users giving a score of 4.05, it seems that the service provided is satisfactory. The PrivadoVPN team seems to be on point, aligning with the promises they showcase on their official site.

Speed Reviews Score

* The high score attached to PrivadoVPN suggests positive customer experiences, especially in speed and service quality. There’s no need for additional research as the service is evidently reliable and backed by customer approval.

PrivadoVPN Reviews by Country

PrivadoVPN reviews from United States

Average score 3.86
Number of reviews 540 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from United Kingdom

Average score 4.28
Number of reviews 216 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Netherlands

Average score 4.02
Number of reviews 214 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Germany

Average score 4.31
Number of reviews 178 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Canada

Average score 3.81
Number of reviews 135 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from France

Average score 4.12
Number of reviews 93 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Australia

Average score 4.03
Number of reviews 70 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Italy

Average score 3.72
Number of reviews 60 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from India

Average score 3.56
Number of reviews 45 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Russia

Average score 4.54
Number of reviews 41 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from China

Average score 4.31
Number of reviews 39 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Spain

Average score 3.84
Number of reviews 38 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Switzerland

Average score 4.41
Number of reviews 34 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from United Arab Emirates

Average score 4.38
Number of reviews 32 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Belgium

Average score 4.16
Number of reviews 31 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Iran

Average score 4.85
Number of reviews 27 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from South Africa

Average score 4.08
Number of reviews 24 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Brazil

Average score 3.70
Number of reviews 20 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Indonesia

Average score 4.50
Number of reviews 20 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Portugal

Average score 4.06
Number of reviews 18 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Mexico

Average score 4.22
Number of reviews 18 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Singapore

Average score 4.06
Number of reviews 18 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Saudi Arabia

Average score 4.47
Number of reviews 17 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Hong Kong

Average score 2.94
Number of reviews 17 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Japan

Average score 4.12
Number of reviews 16 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Philippines

Average score 4.12
Number of reviews 16 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Sweden

Average score 3.94
Number of reviews 16 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Thailand

Average score 3.93
Number of reviews 14 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Austria

Average score 4.42
Number of reviews 12 reviews

PrivadoVPN reviews from Ireland

Average score 3.83
Number of reviews 12 reviews

PrivadoVPN Plans

24 Months
$1.99 / mo.

12 Months
$2.5 / mo.

1 Month
$10.99 / mo.

PrivadoVPN Information Score

Customer Support Rating Neutral
We don’t have enough data to judge if PrivadoVPN’s customer support is excellent or lacking. Mixed reviews suggest we need more research in this area.
Pricing – Cheap or Expensive? Cheap
Based on the information on hand, PrivadoVPN’s plan prices seem to lean towards being more economical. For those seeking savings, this product emerges as a commendable option.
How Many Devices per License? 10
Based on the most current overview, PrivadoVPN appears to extend service for potentially 10 devices on a minimum of one paid option.
Supports Torrenting? Yes
From the data we’ve gathered, it’s evident that PrivadoVPN provides support for torrenting activities.



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We pulled information about PrivadoVPN from some well-respected places. We made sure to break down the tough data bits so they’re easy for anyone to get. We aim to give you a clear and simple rundown of the services we dig into. From what people have reviewed in 2345 reviews, PrivadoVPN stands with 4 stars.

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