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ScalaHosting – 1467 Customer Reviews: Analysis (Sep 2023)

Combinatorial thinking of has led to the inclusion of modern-day graphical representation of data about ScalaHosting and our thorough analysis of sources, people’s experiences and overall worth of the services offered there. We have everything you would want to know about the host firm made available with a single glance and particulars to back it up with.

ScalaHosting Summary

Name ScalaHosting
Total Reviews 1467
Average Score 4.9
Address 1999 Bryan Street, Suite 900 Dallas , TX 75201 US
Server Locations flag United States, flag Bulgaria, flag United Kingdom, flag France, flag Germany, flag Singapore, flag Australia, flag Japan, flag South Korea, flag Canada, flag India
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Number of Reviews

1.4k+A lot
* With ScalaHosting recognized as the focus of this article, know that the data hereby included is taken from over 1467 reviews. That should be a good observation into the quality of this hosting.

Avg. Review Score

* Having a 4.9 average review score depicts that individuals who paid for a plan from ScalaHosting are happy with their choice.

Customer Support

* Quick, courteous and useful Support technicians stand behind the brand of ScalaHosting. They are consistent in resolving issues.

ScalaHosting Reviews by Country

ScalaHosting Plans

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ScalaHosting Information Score

Headquarters Full info
ScalaHosting has first set camp in 1999 Bryan Street, Suite 900 Dallas , TX 75201 US, where they remain to be located.
The Data-Center there, suffices to cover the need of even the most picky client.
Phone Missing
Making phone calls to ScalaHosting may not seem feasible, at least during the time of writing.
Pricing Cheap
ScalaHosting has bargains all over the place with some of the best competitive sales in the industry.
Products A LOT
Offering 23 plan assortment, ScalaHosting can arrange the utmost nicest solutions for you. The choice is yours.



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For the reviewing of ScalaHosting we have used few, but renowned and accurate resources to manually form our data. We give you complex data made look simplistic, but informative enough for anybody to be able to form a notion about the hosting services provided. Being precise in our investigation, we are aiming to give you a highly-factual outlook on every hosting we look at. ScalaHosting has 5 stars rating out of 1467 reviews among the most popular ones.

Our Star Rating is optimally objective and precise, as it is based on detailed data for each hosting company.

About Scalahosting

Scalahosting hosting article image

This company aims to offer to its customers service of very high quality and this oriented towards the type of user score looking for a highly effective hosting provider. The service that they offer are most popular ones such as VPS, shared web hosting, reseller, cloud, dedicated, and several others. They also offer advanced plans for web platform hostel that support the main platforms which are Joomla, Magento, and of course WordPress. They also offer some extras such as domain name registration a reseller account for domains and also SSL certificates.

In this review, we are going to take you through the specifics of this company and why it is a good choice, and also what could be added to it to improve it and its value for customers.

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