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What Is Web3 Hosting (Decentralized)?

Decentralised Hosting is a a specific method of hosting websites in a decentralized manner to increase security and reduce risk of the website being taken down or being unresponsive due to massive outage in the physical server area, compared to traditional costing.

Why Choose Web3 Hosting?

There are many reasons to choose to host your website in comparison to a traditional web hosting. Decentralized, also known as Web3 hosting has the following benefits that support it as an emerging technology:

Guaranteed Uptime of The Website – The site cannot be brought down as a result of its virtual servers going down due to technical reasons.
The Website Is More Secure and Private – Nobody can access the information of the site if they are unauthorised, because the information is fragmented.
Censorship protection – nobody can block the website in a region, because there is no clear region where the website is hosted as it is in the cloud in a decentralised manner.

How to Set Up Web3 Decentralized Hosting?

While Web3 is continuing to improve its technologies and their overall level of capabilities are not yet on the level on which you can say that they are ready to replace centralised web hosting. There are however multiple kinds of ways you can set up a web three website

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For now, one of the main and easiest user-friendly option is to use the free services, that are provided by the largest Web3 NFT domain name seller platform in the world right now, that is called Unstoppable Domains. Is the only one that works in cooperation with large-scale services, like Opensea, Pinata and others. The benefits of the Unstoppable Domains platform is that it offers a domain name purchase search engine with a website template database and free hosting of up to 1GB of space in the IPFS (Web3’s Inter Planetary File System)..

Other benefits of the service include the following:

1. Simplify cryptocurrency addresses with NFT domains.
– Attach your BTC, ETH, LTC and 275+ other cryptocurrencies to your NFT domain.

2. Login with your domain.
– A single, easy-to-remember username on the decentralised web.

3. Own your domain, for life.

4. No renewal fees, ever.

While contributing organizations to Web3 hosting are doing good work, the mixed bag of new Web3 hosting technologies have not yet “crossed the chasm” – they are not yet ready to replace centralised technologies in most use cases.

For now, experts have identified several main ways for you which you can set up your website on your own so you have Web3 hosting:

  • Via AWS or Azure.
  • Via Raspberry Pi.

Polishing your website on a Raspberry Pi will result in more privacy, more security and better cost an overall. The website is in fact published in web to for a better search ability, which may be vulnerable to censorship, however it is deployed on a Raspberry Pi for more privacy and security.

Setting up your website on the AWS or Azure platforms will result in the website being with reduced risk for going down and publishing it on the web3 result in reduced censorship problems.

So the bottom line here is that it really comes down to what is important for you – security, privacy or reduced censorship.

What Will Happen to Web3 Hosting?

A lot of big organizations are starting to take a serious look at “the cloud” as the web hosting of the future. The main reason for that are the benefits and the easy migration from Web1 (User’s own servers used for hosting) through Web2 (using company infrastructure) all the way to Web3 (decentralising the information flow across devices that are hosting a website in fragments).

Even though Web3 hosting is still at an early access, organisations seem to find it much more secure as a traditional Web2 infrastructure can be exposed to different external factors that can bring the servers down, resulting in less uptime. Web3 aims to eliminate that and reducing it to a great extent, because there is no central server depot which can be taken down, due to a hack attack, power outage, etc.

decentralized Web3 hosting vs centralized hosting vs distributed hosting

Figure 1: Comparison between different network types. Source: Properties of Decentralized Consensus Technology – Why not every Blockchain is a Blockchain

Another benefit of this kind of hosting is that it makes sure to have all of your data extremely secure, because the data itself is separated by encrypted fragments of encapsulated information, all of which combined together result in the final website being hosted.

This also results in a couple of problems for companies and big tech organizations, due to the fact that there is no censorship and it is very difficult to retain control over what cannot be influenced by them, due to the fact that encryption is very difficult to break in short amounts of time.

Given the dynamics of today’s Internet and cyber security, with cyber attacks increasing and malware being developed for a wide range of devices, including IoT ones (internet of things), web three seems like a really good path to take, due to it’s exact benefits to counter that.

Not only this, but adopting Web3 can also result in much less costs for companies to pay to IT personnel for maintenance, control and security, that is if they manage to adopt it while successfully addressing the lack of monitoring and other issues, related to control they will lose.

Either way, we at hth.guide are really excited to seeing what will happen to the future of the Internet in this ever-changing dynamic world.

Below you can find some of our Web3 Domain guides, if you are interested in starting out with your Web3 Hosting projects:

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