5 Essential Web Design Tips

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In today’s article, we from Howtohosting.guide will preview the TOP 5 Most Essential Web Design Tips to make your visitors become regular clients and even fall in love with your web design.

First, why is web design so important?

Most people think that the product’s quality is the most vital for success, but this is not the same in the networking space. The site needs to be straightforward, with a catchy layout and pleasant color tones.
The customer needs to feel comfortable and satisfied while surfing your website.

Tip #1 – Choose Color Scheme

The color scheme is the first detail that the visitors of your website see.

No matter what website you are starting, it would be best to research the color meaning. The colors red, blue, green, orange, yellow, and black are scientifically proven to sell the most. Also, the color doesn’t have to be so bright. The pastel colors on the website layout are the most satisfying for the viewers.

The way you arrange your blooms is essential, too. The colors don’t have to be conflicting. The customers do not well adopt clashing colors. You can use confliction colors in a section where you need to get the attention.

Tip #2 – Arrange Your Content Blocks

The content block arrangement is another significant part of your site look, especially if you are running an online store or e-commerce website. The content section needs to be arranged simply and in a way that the customer can easily find everything.
On your home page, you don’t need to have many content blocks.

Do you know that the variety of products makes people choose nothing?

When the customers open your site, make them see a unique product with a significant discount or limited time offer. You can also add a few different products and categories, but the primary attention needs to be focused on one or two products.

Tip #3 – Optimize for Desktop and Mobile

Do you know that around 50% of internet web users are surfing through their mobile devices, and this number is getting bigger and bigger every day?

When you are starting a site, make sure you have optimized for mobile devices or, in other words, make it mobile-friendly. Mobile users need a fast and catchy interface with a responsive web design.

And in the mobile preview, it should be even more comfortable for the customers to move around your site. Make it as straightforward as you can. Everyone likes simplicity!

Tip #4 – Create Easy to Read site Content

No matter your site is an online store, blog, e-commerce, business, etc. Your content, whether it will be an article, product description, or just an introduction of something it needs to be easy to read for any user.

Readability is important. Write your text not too complicated, with simple words and short paragraphs. Highlight only the most essential parts of the text.

The big one is to create a contrasting text. If your background color is white, use black color for your text. Here you can check the contrast between any colors.

To make your content even more comfortable to read, try to use only one font, making the latter size a little bit bigger, just enough to become readable by anyone.

Tip #5 – Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

Navigation is essential for every site. We need users to get quickly without thinking about every part of your site.

Make user your logo links to the homepage. It has become common, and everyone knows that when you click on your site’s logo will be directed to the homepage.

Create your website menu as straightforward as possible. It has to take not more than two or there clicks to go anywhere. Add anchor menu and “back to the top” button. Optimize your footer with the essential info like contact info, FAQs, About us page, Privacy Policy, etc. Add social icons.


As final words, we can say that you need to strive for as simple and catchy web design as possible and highlight the converting sections to contrast from the other site stuff. We hope that our web design tips helped you build up an idea in your mind and start appropriately creating your site.

To find out more website creation tips, navigate to the “Website creating tips” section, which you can find in your sticky menu at the top.

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