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NFTs are becoming more and more popular, even among people who do not usually make digital artworks and creations. We at will show you the Best NFT Creator Applications and Software to easily create and transform art into NFTs.


Before we start with the list of NFT Creator Apps and Software, let us clear some things about NFTs first.

What Is an NFT Artwork?

We have explained what NFTs are, but let us illustrate it even more clearly. If NFT stands for a Non-Fungible Token, you must first understand what a Fungible token is. If a 20 dollar bill can be exchanged for four 5 dollar bills and still preserve the same value it means that it is a fungible token.

A non-fungible token can have different value depending on the specific NFT, the platform used and if it changes ownership.

An NFT is a digital asset that most often represents a painting, illustration, photograph or a drawing that exists solely digitally and you can own it.

Other NFT pieces of art could be a written article, music or a meme if people do so want it to be. For the purposes of this article, we at will show you the Best NFT Creator Applications available online for creating NFT artworks.

Benefits of Using NFT Domains

1. Simplify cryptocurrency addresses with NFT domains
– Attach your BTC, ETH, LTC and 275+ other cryptocurrencies to your NFT domain

2. Login with your domain
– A single, easy-to-remember username on the decentralized web

3. Own your domain, for life
– No renewal fees, ever

Ownership of Digital Art

Prior to the existence of cryptocurrencies, we never actually owned something entirely digital. We passed videos and motion graphics around, while giving new meanings to them or shared them as they were, but nobody claimed ownership to these files. With the rise of NFTs, things have already changed.

Creators now have the authority to claim ownership for their work, rent their digital artworks out, sell them or display them how they desire.

In order to sell them, designers need to get some form of legal ownership of their work. After an NFT art is created, it is minted or tokenized on the cryptocurrency service, Blockchain. We at have explained what is minting and how to mint NFTs in a previous article.

Let us reassure you, that the Blockchain as a digital transactional system which records information in a safe way makes it extremely difficult to hack or scam on it. That is useful for tracking copyright ownership and maintaining records of creation.

In theory your work should lead solely to you and you alone. The idea is for artists to have formal recognition for the work they create.

However, note that the Blockchain does have contracts in place to support the legalities of minting and copyrighting NFT art, but none of these have been tried or tested in a court of law.

Artists have already revealed that their work was fraudulently minted and sold by scammers. With no relevant protection by the law or any preexisting legislation on this subject matter, it remains speculative as to what these artists will be able to do to protect their artworks.

List with the Best NFT Creator Apps and Software

Here are our Top Applications for Creating NFT Art among all that are available. We have chosen the ones that are innovative and could be easier to use regardless if you are a dedicated artist or are just stepping into the world of digital NFT art.



One of the newest additions to NFT creator tools is Nifty.Ink with its innovative way of onboarding artists without downloads or onramps. There are no gas fees, unless you want to upgrade to Etherium, and instead uses xDAI bridges to Etherium, making small transactions easy, even to cryptowallets that are empty.

Not so overly-complicated NFT artworks, created without much hassle are successfully being minted for a dollar or more and that shows that there is a market for such NFT art which can be liked by a niche number of people. The website and how NFT art is revealed is a nice addition to the whole experience.



NightCafé (or NightCafe) is a platform for creating unique and stylish NFT artworks. The platform creates transcendent pictures by using AI-powered technology and machine learning.

With the bulk create feature, you can literally create hundreds of NFTs in a manner of minutes. No developer skills are needed for the creation of these artworks, so that is a huge plus for the NightCafe software.



NinjaFT is a NFT creator application made with the idea to bring more individuals to NFTs. NinjaFT is available on both Android and iOS devices. Due to this NFT maker being linked to the Binance Blockchain, you can also do trading on said Blockchain.

NinjaFT allows for a wide variety of different templates to pick from, making it beneficial and entertaining to experiment with all of them. NFTs should be relatively easy to create with its user interface.



GoART is an application or app for short, which transfers photos and images into the art world of NFTs. The GoART software makes realistic-looking impressionable artwork through the use of modern technology. If you choose to do so, you can also make your newly-created NFTs printed on a T-shirt.

A small disadvantage is that you need to install the application in order for it to work. A larger disadvantage is that you in-app purchases are needed to gain access to premium features of GoART.



Fotor is specific software for creating NFTs from photographs. All you have to really do is upload a photo, choose a particular style and the software will do the rest to make it into an NFT.

You create your layers over the original photo, while tampering it, altering the end result according to your preferences, which can be as minimal or as extensive as you choose them to be. An advantage is that you do not need to register an account to download your newly created NFT.

NFT Art Generator


NFT Art Generator is an application tied to a website. Being a true online NFT creator, it gives you the advantage of directly using it without paying or registering. Without the need of a learning curve NFT Art Generator is ideal for non-tech-savvy people.

You can create art, beautify your collection, sell it, and build a community around your NFTs. You can create NFTs in a gif, png, and mp4 formats with the help of the NFT Art Generator. That gives you a tiny yet diverse range of options for the format of your NFTs.



SketchAR is another NFT generator which you should definitely try out. They convert digital art into NFTs rather than helping you in creating NFT digital assets. It is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, Galaxy Store and Huawei AppGallery.

Creating NFT art, sharing it with people, and learning how to improve it makes this generator quite unique. SketchAR selects the best artists every week and transforms their work into NFTs for free.

NFT Creator


NFT Creator is the right application for Apple users if they seek to create NFT art quickly and effortlessly on an iPad. NFT Creator offers the option to alter images by importing them into the app, adding filters, fonts, graphics, and backdrops, and properly making them NFT material.

NFT Creator is free and while its features are trendy, there are in-app purchases. In case your target audience is younger, the backgrounds, filters, and visuals on this app are all fitting and appropriate for that target audience. You can sell your artwork once it is exported on the NFT marketplace of your choosing.



As the name suggests, Pixelchain is an app where you can create NFTs in pixelated image style. The process of converting art into NFTs with Pixelchain includes drawing pixel oriented art, minting it on the Etherium blockchain and selling it on the OpenSea platform.

PixelChain has the innovative feature of encoding the data, compressing it, and storing it in the Blockchain. Pixelchain authorizes stored information with the name and details of the author of the created art. You can store your artworks indefinitely on the Pixelchain platform.


After explaining what NFT Art is, how viable its ownership is and listing the Best NFT Creator Apps we have found, we at hope that you have found this publication useful.

Regardless if you are an experienced artist or are picking the digital brush for the first time, you certainly should be able to find the right NFT creation tool that corresponds to your needs with the help of this post.

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