Best NFT Domain Sellers / Selling Platforms in 2022 [Review]

What Is an NFT Domain and NFT Domain Sellers?

Best NFT Domain SellersNFT Domain is the kind of domain that is hosted on a decentralised network and is supported by a form of a smart contract, that are listed on the public Blockchain and NFT Domain Sellers are the organisations or teams that take the time and effort to create and sell those domains on the public blockchain.

These types of domains include various forms of new extensions for the domains, such as the very sought after .eth, nft, .crypto and so on. These extensions are listed on blockchains, the most often used ones of which is the Ethereum network, which is also related to the Polygon technology.

Unlike traditional domains, these types of NFT domains are kept online by being decentralised in terms of hosting and the proof that they are yours is that they are stored in your crypto wallet. This means that once you register it and add the domain to your wallet, nobody else can become an owner of it.

Compared to traditional hosting, in this situation once you buy the domain, you pay for it only once and it becomes yours for free forever. There are a lot of different benefits that are associated with NFT domains, mainly related to the fact that once purchased, it gives you the complete ownership of this particular domain without any restrictions to what you can do with it. This means that unlike the situation with traditional domains, you get the full power to do whatever you want with the domains, without any controlling from big tech companies and any rules what so ever to what you must do.

To better explain you the benefits of NFT domains, we have listed the main pros below:

  • Nobody can claim this domain from you once you bought it.
  • It can be used for making your ownwebsite.
  • You can give it to other wallets using smart contracts without any restrictions.
  • You have master control over the domain.
  • You can attach the domain to your crypto wallet, making it simple to send you money, like “yourwallet.wallet”, for example, instead of the long and twisted wallet ID.

Why Buy NFT Domains?

There are a couple of beneficial reasons to buy NFT domains, both for investors and owners:

1. You can simplify your BTC and other addresses with NFT domains. This works for a lot of cryptocurrencies, like BTC, ETH, LTC and 275 more.

2. You can use your domain for much easier login on the decentralized web since it is simple and easy to remember.

3. The domain is yours for life.

4. You do not pay any monthly or annually renewal fees for asking, but only the one time price for full ownership.

5. If you are an NFT investor, you can buy strategically multiple NFT domains and later save them for a huge profits on the market places.

Which are The Best NFT Domain Sellers

In this segment we will be showing you which are the top the main sellers that you can find currently on the web.

1. Unstoppable Domains

What you can get from unstoppabledomains?

1. Simplify cryptocurrency addresses with NFT domains
– Attach your BTC, ETH, LTC and 275+ other cryptocurrencies to your NFT domain

2. Login with your domain
– A single, easy-to-remember username on the decentralised web

3. Own your domain, for life

– No renewal fees, ever

Unstoppable Domains is currently the top provider for NFT domains, which are currently on the blockchain, making them one of the most sought after NFT Domain Sellers currently. This makes this service one of the pioneers in the Blockchain domain history. The main strength of the company is that it offers domains that are hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain network, which allows the user to have a full control over the purchase the domain, in comparison to traditional one. To put it simple, these are domains that have super powers and you retain control of them once you buy them. The service of Unstoppable Domains is simple, easy to get used to and they have an excellent customer support with the large knowledge database:

nft domain sellers - unstoppable domains

The main domains that are currently offered by Unstoppable Domains contain the following extensions:

  • .wallet
  • .coin
  • .zil
  • .crypto
  • .x
  • .bitcoin
  • .888
  • .nft
  • .dao
  • .blockchain

Probably what we found to be the most useful when it comes to their website and the services they have to offer is the NFT Domain search, which we found to be extremely helpful, especially when you’re looking for a domain and you have a specific budget. What it does is it shows you in a very simple way the available domains and list them according to price and domain extension, so you can find the mains ranging up to thousands of dollars, depending on how desired the names are.

And it is very simple to use, since all you have to do is just search for the name, and the service will come up with all of the possible suggestions in combination with domain extensions:

nft domains search

Below you can see how the system lists domains based on their price and importance:

nft domains listing

At this stage Unstoppable Domains have managed to succeed a mind blowing 319.1K items with 68.7K owners and 1.1K volume of Ethereum traded.

2. Decentraland Names

decentraland names

Being one of the pioneers of creating a Blockchain virtual world, that has its own resources and users who can create all kinds of contents and apps, which are decentralized. Decentraland Names also has a lot to offer when it comes to NFT naming and being one of the most popular NFT Domain Sellers out there. Sure, its “Names” do not serve as direct domains, but they are created with the same purpose and they re ERC721s, which are incorporated successfully in the Ethereum Name System. They can also be used to simplify your wallet, for example “josh.dcl.eth” and they can be bought and sold in the native Decentraland cryptocurrency – MANA. Currently, the Decentraland Names can officially be found in their official marketplace website or their page on Opensea.

We found their marketplace to be more convenient for purchases as it offers interesting features, like the live chat support, filtering and an easy purchase process.

nft domain sellers decentraland names - chat

3. ENS Domains (Ethereum Name Service)

nft domain sellers ENS Domains (Ethereum Name Service) main

Ethereum Name Service or ENS domains are large NFT Domain Sellers that offer domains, made to serve the decentralised universe. They are a secure way for each used to map human names on the blockchain. They can be used for variety of purposes, including IPFS, Ethereum address replacement, hashes and even websites. ENS domain names are usually available on secondary markets, like Opensea.

One of the main benefits of this service is that the domain names bought on it are very cheap and sometimes even free.

ens domains free

At this point Ethereum Name Service has 597.7K items and 274k owners with a mind blowing 13K Ethereum being traded for its names making it the domain seller with the biggest volume traded from this list.

4. Cryptovoxels Names

NFT Domain Sellers Cryptovoxels

Cryptovoxels names are another one of the currentlyNFT Domain Sellers form of ERC721 token that can ultimately be used as an NFT Domain. Just like Decentraland, Cryptovoxels is also a metal verse, that is powered by the decentralized Ethereum network and Blockchain. As a participation in the middle verse you can buy land build stores and art galleries and edit everything. Just like Decentraland names, Cryptovoxels names is also a way to purchase a name of your avatar and make it your own private NFT domain, and even likely tie it to services, like a website in web3, for example.

cryptovoxels-names nft domain sellers

Currently, these names are one of the top trending on Opensea’s NFT domain category with 15.6 volume of Ethereum traded and 2.6k owners for a mere 9.5k items.

5. Trust Domains

Trust Domains NFT Domain Sellers

Trust Domains is a top service for domain names on the blockchain and is one of the newer NFT Domain Sellers. They are also ERC721 tokens and the organization is mainly focused on the financial infrastructure aspect of the Web.3.0. The domain extensions they have support for are:

  • .defi
  • .cfx
  • .bnb
  • .heco

Not only this, but also Trust Domains offers different features, like a search engine on its official website, where you can look for available domains to get:

Trust Domains Search Engine

They are focused also on working not just with Ethereum, but also have support for Binance, Confux and HecoChain, so one could say that their domains are mainly focused on the financial application of the NFT domains. Currently Trust Domains are one of the newer competitors in this segment, but due to the lack of competition we expect them to skyrocket pretty soon.

6. Ackerman Token

Ackerman Token NFT Domain Seller

Achkerman Token is among the relatively new and interesting NFT Domain sellers. It’s main focus is not on domains, but on sub-domains. For example if your domain is “you.eth”, you can modify this domain by adding a sub-domain that is linked to it. Currently they are listed on couple of marketplaces, like Opensea and Momentranks. The main domain extension used by this seller is .eth.

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