How to Build a Website with Wix

Building a website can be done in many different ways, using coding languages like HTML and CSS, or using an intuitive platform. Wix is a cloud-based web development company that provides easy development using an AI to quickly and easily customize your web pages. It was found in 2006, and since then, they have grown immense popularity in the site-building niche.

Wix is also providing high-quality services combined with very affordable prices, making it possible for everyone to build a stunning website in no time. The platform works with all languages and building a multi-language website can be done at ease.

Users can benefit from a number of flawless features that will help them achieve outstanding user experience.

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Manage Your Website With Professional Features

The rich feature set is essential for building and customizing your web pages at ease. Now let’s review the main features of the intuitive builder and see how they work.

What is Wix Editor?

Wix Editor is one of the main features that the intuitive website building platform provides for easy creation and customization. It provides over 500 designer-made ready-to-use templates, which can be set up within one click. The Editor also allows you to customize with the drag & drop precisely in the way you want it. The SEO is also on the line because there is a custom personalized SEO plan, which will help you get the best Google results.

The Editor also helps you with:

Mobile Optimisation
– Make your site responsive to fit on every mobile device screen.

Finding Plugins and Widgets.
– You can use the App Market to install all the needed stuff.

Creating Effects
– Create animations, video backgrounds, and scrolling effects with the Advanced Effects features.

What is Wix ADI?

Wix ADI is an Artificial Design Intelligence, which builds instead of yourself. The only thing you need to do is to answer a few questions. The ADI automatically builds an original design for you with beautiful images and text. It makes it mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly.
Of course, you have the option to edit and customize everything you don’t like while receiving smart tips, which can help you on how to make it better.

What is Corvid by Wix?

More developer focused the Corvid is an open development platform used for building advanced web applications. It works with the Wix’s visual builder.

Corvid Features:
Rapid Visual Front-End Design
Unified Database Management
Production-Grade Runtime
Business and Marketing Tools
Open Platform

How to Build a Website with Wix? Step by Step Guide

Building a site is not a challenging task to do, and there are two different ways to achieve it – by using the Editor and using the ADI. We have provided easy steps to build your site in both ways. Let’s start now.

How to Work with Wix Editor?

To start working with the intuitive editor, you need to complete a few steps.

Sing Up and Choose a Plan

The first thing you need to do before you start using the Editor feature you need to build a profile and choose a price plan. The company provides eight different ones between you can choose.
The plan you choose depends on what kind of site you want to build.

Wix Price Plans

Create Your Website with WIX Right NOW! Start for FREE or Get the Premium

Wix Plan Features Price
Connect Domain
Connect Domain Features (Tap to Close)

1GB Bandwidth
500MB Storage
Connect Your Domain

From 4.50 €/mo.
Combo Features (Tap to Close)
2GB Bandwidth
3GB Storage
Connect Your Domain
Remove Wix Ads
Free Domain for 1 Year
30 Video Minutes
$75 Ad Vouchers
From 8.50€/mo
Unlimited Features (Tap to Close)
Combo features + UNLIMITED Bandwidth
10GB Storage
1 Video Hour
Site Booster App – $60 Value
Visitor Analytics App – $60 Value
From 12.50€/mo
VIP Features (Tap to Close)

Unlimited features + 20GB Storage
2 Video Hours
Professional Logo – $50 Value
Social Media Logo files
Priority Response
VIP Support

From 24.50 €/mo.

Choose the Best Template for You

There are over 500 pre-designed templates ready to go, whether it’s an online store, blog, portfolio, etc.

choose a website type on wix

To get into action there, you need to locate to the top right and select “Create a New Site.” Then you will be asked what kind of site you want to build. You can choose between the dozens of options. Once you select your choice, you need to decide to work with the Wix Editor.

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And here we are in the template section. Cautiously preview the templates and choose the one for you. Ensure you have selected the one you want because you don’t have an option to return any more.

Personalize, Edit, and Add

When you choose the right template for you, it’s time to go a step further and start with the customization. If you are following the steps, you will see that the editing page you are on has everything you need to personalize in your stile.

Let’s Start with the Text and the Images
To update your company’s content, just simply click on the text you want to change and choose the font you want. Prepare images or choose from the Image Gallery.

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Let’s Customize the Background
There is nothing easier to making the background in your style.
All you need to do is choose between the great bunch of layout in the gallery and choose one. If you are not a fan of the image form, you can only select a color.

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Let’s Add Pages & Apps
After you are ready with the Homepage, your website needs a few essential pages like About Us, Privacy Policy, and Contact Page.
To create them, you need to go to the left top and click on the first circular icon (Menus & Pages), then select “Site Menu” and create the page you want. It easy to customize by yourself.

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To add apps is as easy as the pages. Whatever your website is, you can add apps and widgets like:

  • Wishlist
  • Shopping Cart
  • Popups
  • Timers
  • Restaurant Ordering
  • Search Bars, etc.

  • To add widgets, you only need to act and go to the forth left circular icon and click on it. Then feel free to add anything. All the stuff you add can be customized in your way as well.

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    How to Set Up a Blog Using the Wix Editor?

    Integrating a blog page is a perfect strategy to keep your audience and make them regular visitors.
    To start with your blog, you need to go to the down left circular icon that shows a pensile and click on “Start Blogging,” then add your blog page.

    You are ready to start blogging, just customize your blog in the way you want it. If you click on the same pensile in the left, you will see Add Elements and Blog Pages. Through this option, you can fit some handy features to your blog and make it one of a kind.

    start a blog image

    Ideas for your blog – you can add:

    Share Buttons
    RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Button
    Content feed, etc

    Also, Read How to Start Your First Blog

    How to Add and Set up an Online Store with Wix Editor?

    There are so many benefits of having an online store on your website. It is not necessary, but if you can sell goods, why not set up an online store. Again it is super easy to do it. Go to the “+” sign located in the left middle and find “store,” then add it.

    set up online store image

    How Search Engine Optimize Your Wix Website?

    Before we start with the SEO optimization, we need to say that the editor is comfortable working with SEO. To start the optimization, you need to go to “Menus & Pages” and click right next to your website type (in our case, it is an online shop, but it can be a business, portfolio, or any kind). After that, you will see and click on the pop-up box with “SEO (Google).” There you can start optimizing your SEO.

    wix SEO optimization image

    Also, there is an option that you can use. The builder provides an SEO Wiz to help you create the best SEO for your site. It is easy to use the alternative in the form of Q&A, just like the ADI.

    How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

    A very significant step is to make your website responsive because of the more substantial part of the audience works on their mobile devices.
    To do this step, you need to go to the “phone icon.” The Editor will automatically build a mobile version, which you can personalize and edit. If you make changes to the mobile version, you need to have in mind that they only go for it, not for the desktop one.

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    After you have done all the steps, you are ready to publish your website online.

    Create Your Website with WIX Right NOW! Start for FREE or Get the Premium

    Building a Website with Wix – Conclusion

    As final words for the team will say that building a site with Wix is a really easy and fun thing to do, even it has its subtleties. We hope that the tutorial helped you build your website easily and quickly.

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