HahuCloud – Ethiopia’s Most Preferred Web Hosting Company

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According to a local survey meant to outline the best web hosting provider in Ethiopia, HahuCloud has taken over the leading position.

It seems that the demand for reliable and fast web hosting in the country is increasing steadily, as more people are looking for ways to launch websites.

HahuCloud is responding to these demands, and has been gaining popularity, making it to the first sport of Ethiopia’s most wanted web hosting, reports BoHerald.

Founded in May 2017 by Yared Ayalew, the company has quickly become a preferred web hosting service in Ethiopia. HahuCloud’s portfolio is offering VPS and shared hosting at very competitive prices, lower than the prices of other local web hosting countries.

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More about HahuCloud

We believe that successful relationships leads to a successful business. Relationships can be maintained only with a commitment to bring growth and profitability to the business of our clients,” the official website says.

The company uses advanced virtualization platforms and efficient SSD storage to increase data security for its clients. It also provides great server uptime in an effort to reduce the risks of downfall of client websites. Some of the features offered by HahuCloud include multi-factor authentication and auto-enabled sFTP with Let’s Encrypt.

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