Netsons Hosting Review

What Is Netsons Hosting

Netsons is a company that first begun operating in 2005 with the idea of being a free virtual place where e-mail and database objects can be accessed by everybody and they still offer some of those free hosting services. But with time, because of the commitment and the team of experts, they have grown to offer a wide ranger of hosting services.

This organization is the type of company that believes that its superiority over the competition is its relationship with customers. They are dedicated to providing professional consulting services for most IT aspects on a daily basis and they seem to be very dedicated to having transparency, being kind, and caring about customers. Their base foundation is created to work on passion, enthusiasm and teamwork and they claim that they are constantly focused on improving themselves and their skills and technology to assure the best solutions at an affordable price.

We have decided to conduct a review of the company that concerns their customer care, the services they provide and how easy it is to use them to see if they are as good as they claim that are.

Netsons Overview

Name Netsons
Country of Origin Pescara, Italy
Supported Platforms WordPress, WooCommerce, etc.
Products Shared, Dadicated, VPS, Cloud, Domains, SSL Certificates, etc.

The Servers of Netsons Hosting

The servers of the company offer top performance since their architecture has been carefully crafted and studied in order to provide maximum performance. Netsons have used the best tech for their solutions and machines – SSD storage, latest-generation equipment, caching systems, and CDN services. These servers are also combined with the great network of the company, that consider themselves as “uptime fanatics”. They aim to achieve such uptime by monitoring their services constantly without any stopping on every 60 seconds so that service reliability and top-quality can be achieved. But not only this, they have also thought about security as well. Their system engineers have achieved a very strict policy for updating and they use live protection mechanisms to patch kernel security, plus manual and automated backup is also ensured.

Netsons Hosting – The Best Plans

Netsons have set up multiple different plans that they offer. They all support their cPanel which is easy to use and pretty standard, making it simple to accustom to it. They also offer good cloud solutions and cool extras, such as VPN services, for example.

Shared Plan Review

The Shared Hosting services, provided by Netsons are generally well-balanced with prices varying from 24 euros all the way up to 156 euros per year and this price varies because of the extras that are offered in for each plan. So the user has a wide choice between 4 different plans, starting with the begginer one, which has the following features included:

1 site managed
Web space 10 GB
5 email accounts
1 MariaDB / MySQL database
SSL certificate
HTTP / 2
A managed site

Dedicated Services Review

The dedicated servers include a powerful Intel Xeon E3-1240v2 @ 3.40GHz /3.80GHz processor which runs a 16 GB of RAM helping it to deliver a good quality service and this is for the startup plan priced at about 59 Euros. Users have a big choice of machines here as well and they have the luxury to select between 7 different plans in combination with those machines. The top plan is called NS-731 and it uses 32 GB of RAM in combination with two Intel Xeon E5 CPUs, that are way more powerful. Below, you can see more features of the dedicated services:

DELL PowerEdge
2 x 2TB SATA Raid 1 Hardware
Monitoring included
ISO 27001
Redundant network


VPS is a service that we at simply adore. It allows affordable pricing and is basically the better combination of Shared and Dedicated hosting, while taking into consideration exactly what type of machine you want and delivering it, using the power of virtualization technology. This allows flexibility and scalability of your service. Netsons have done a great job here as well, offering the following extrast for a startup VPS plan:

Snapshot – Possibility to create copies of the Cloud Vps virtual machine.
Redundant storage – Greater data security thanks to redundant storage on SSD disks.
Redundant network – Connection continuity and stability thanks to network redundancy.

And users have the ability to choose from 8 different VPS services, starting with 1 CPU for 5 Euros and ending at 8 virtual CPUs priced at 200 Euros a month. So there is a lot of choice, which we love about this company.

Cloud Hosting Review

Just like the VPS Netsons offer, their Cloud solutions also give you a choice. Here it is between 4 different plans, starting at 22.50 euros per month and ending at 90 euros per month, based on the extras and the options you want and more so how powerful you want your cloud service to be, based on the resources you will utilize. And you can see the startup Cloud’s extras below:

10 email accounts
10 MySQL / MariaDB databases
Operating System Update
SSL Certificate
Daily backup
Malware detection
Redundant Infrastructure
Redundant network
AntiVirus and AntiSpam
Redundant storage

Netsons Hosting – Conclusion and Evaluation

This is a good company with a decent service, but what we enjoyed the most from it was not the speed of loading of the pages, but the fact that they give a wide choice – something that is not really used by many hosting providers. So we would give it a generally good score, although there is always more space for imrpovement.

What We Like

Good customer support.
24/7 monitoring of services each 60 seconds.
Redundant infrastructure.
Daily backups.
Vast choice between different plan sizes.

What Is Missing

Faster customer support response times.
They could add more services, like Managed hosting, etc.

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