OVHcloud Serverless AI Solutions and GPU Servers to Boost AI Accessibility

OVHcloud, a leading global cloud services company and one of the largest hosting providers, has taken a significant leap forward in its AI strategy by announcing a comprehensive range of advanced serverless solutions. This move is in response to the increasing demand from OVHcloud clients for AI solutions that are both cost-effective and easily accessible.

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OVHcloud’s AI Strategy Includes New GPUs

Drawing on its two decades of hosting infrastructure expertise, OVHcloud is offering a diverse selection of data center GPUs as the cornerstone of its AI service. The company’s distinctive vertically integrated approach, complemented by custom water-cooling technology, enables the delivery of environmentally friendly computational resources. As part of its expanded portfolio, OVHcloud has introduced new Compute GPU instances featuring 1x to 4x NVIDIA H100 PCIe GPUs, alongside existing offerings and upcoming options such as NVIDIA L40S, L4, and A10.

Addressing the specific needs of customers, OVHcloud is launching the HGR-AI-2 references powered by NVIDIA L40S GPU. These dedicated Bare Metal servers with significant GPU capacity are tailored for machine learning, deep learning, and deploying large language models (LLMs). Equipped with an FP8 Transformer Engine and fourth-generation Tensor Cores, these servers promise robust performance for both AI training and inferencing and are set to be available this spring.

OVHcloud’s roadmap includes the introduction of the Bare Metal SCALE GPU range later this year, designed to handle applications utilizing the NVIDIA L4 Datacenter GPU. This GPU, built on the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, offers enhanced AI and video capabilities, providing a versatile solution for various applications like 3D rendering, video processing, and data inference.

Complementing its technological advancements, OVHcloud has unveiled the OVHcloud Data Platform – an end-to-end data solution designed to simplify data pipeline management and analytics with over 50 connections for data collection, storage, administration, analysis, and visualization. This minimal code platform ensures data security and compliance with legal requirements while supporting use cases like CRM augmentation and faster inventory management.

OVHcloud Offer Various Serverless AI Solutions

OVHcloud’s serverless AI products, including AI Notebooks, AI Training, and AI Deploy, aim to assist businesses from concept to implementation, offering data scientists and machine learning engineers a powerful and accessible toolset backed by high-specification OVHcloud AI infrastructure.

A notable addition to OVHcloud’s offerings is AI Endpoints, a serverless solution for integrators and developers, eliminating the need for extensive knowledge of API endpoints to access various AI models. Prioritizing data protection, AI Endpoints provide a testing ground before API calls, offering access to a wide range of models at launch.

Furthermore, OVHcloud introduces AI App Builder, a fully managed serverless solution for creating AI assistants with generative capabilities. In its Alpha form, this tool allows customers to select Large Language Models (LLMs), input private datasets, and deploy code suitable for use in applications, marking a significant advancement in the simplicity of developing generative AI applications.

OVHcloud’s strategic entry into the AI domain, emphasizing serverless solutions and GPU-equipped Bare Metal servers, shows a deliberate effort to enhance the accessibility and productivity of AI for enterprises. With these innovations, OVHcloud aims to empower its ecosystem and contribute to the advancement of AI capabilities.

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