Tasmania Changes Its Cloud Hosting Policy for the Better

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The government of Tasmania has decided to abate a requirement regarding agencies using cloud hosting services located on the island under its newly-revised cloud policy.

The new policy will replace the current one released in 2015, which was all about storing public sector data in Tasmanian data centres.

The new policy states:

Cloud service and solution options may be located off-island and the risk assessment must include consideration of cyber security and data sovereignty risks

Renewing the requirements for cloud services is a strategic move being set in motion at the same time as the release of the state’s inaugural digital strategy on Friday allowing agencies to have:

preferences, rather than mandates, the use of on-island cloud services.

However, the following was also stated:

Preference will be given to on-island cloud services and solutions assessed as offering equivalent value-for-money and risk profiles as off-island alternatives.

Agencies are expected assessing cloud services for new or replacement IT services and solutions from now on.

The policy further reveals:

Choose cloud services in preference to other options in circumstances where the cloud services represent best total cost of service and mitigation of risk

This will apply to the full spectre of cloud services, including data centre as a service, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service.

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The state’s Digital Services Board has to be reported to, annually, about the level of cloud service update.

Named Our digital future, the strategy for digital industry and service transformation is with the aim of helping the state to be aligned and benefit from the fast-changing digital environment.

The new rules regarding the use of on-island cloud services is a way for the state to attempt and provide a more efficient way for getting technology services as part of the new digital strategy.

Preaching the government’s vision for a prosperous and connected Tasmania, the strategy is branched into three priority areas:
the government
the economy
the community

Tasmania’s government hopes to improve and build on current digital transformation investment by having a better managing, sharing and analysis of data.

It will also bring a cyber security program that prioritises critical asset protection across government.

Minister of Science and Technology, Michael Ferguson stated the following:

Growing our ICT industry, skilling our professionals, putting more services online and equipping individuals to use those services is a massive team effort going forward

and further commented:

On that basis I encourage every Tasmanian, every business and every community organisation to look for ways to be involved.

New programs are expected to improve skills and heighten connectivity in rural and regional areas resulting in the support of digital inclusion and community wellbeing.

Helping digital economy grow in the times of the current pandemic recovery period is crucial and highlighted in the strategy to up the competitive advantage for the whole of Tasmania.

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