Vision ShortCodes WordPress Plugin Review

Shortcodes are a little code in WordPress that allows you to do different things without trying a lot. They’ve been in WordPress for quite a while now. In short, they’re used to execute different kinds of functions inside pages or posts in WordPress. Normally these functions would require a lot of code and knowledge, however instead of that, using a shortcode plugin will allow you to do them easily and quickly. That will help you save a lot of your precious time!

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Vision WordPress Plugin

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Vision is a WordPress plugin known for its ability to help you add shortcodes. It’s one of the most trending WordPress plugins in that area, and the best paid one in that case, which makes it arguably the best plugin overall. Their developers call it ‘The Ultimate WordPress Shortcodes Plugin’. If you need a Shortcode functionality – they have it!

Vision Shortcodes Features

  • Amazing Design that will be able to blend in any website.
  • The ShortCodes get added directly to your WordPress Content Editor
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile-Ready
  • Responsive
  • Incredible Support (User Manual, Ticket System)
  • 28 colors variations available for different Buttons, Drop caps, Content Boxes and Pricing Boxes
  • Stacking Columns for Mobile Devices
  • 87 Professionally Designed Icons
  • Different design styles for the icons
  • Fully Scalable
  • CSS Compatible
  • Lightweight

Vision ShortCodes Pricing & Quality

The plugin costs right about $29. You can find it here. It’s a one-time payment, that assures you will have:

  • Quality
  • Future Updates
  • 6 months support

You can extend the support by another 12 months if you decide to pay 9$ more.

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For all of this, you get a user-friendly & modern-looking shortcodes plugin that will definitely last a while. It will help you increase your productivity, better your website looks and most importantly, better the SEO of your website.

Why we like Vision ShortCodes

We like shortcodes because everything is made so easy to use, it looks astonishing and has the most important shortcodes you might want built-in one single package with nice customizability to the already added shortcodes.

One thing we don’t like in Vision ShortCodes

The plugin is crazy good. There’s barely anything we can say negatively about the plugin. It’s just one thing that we do not like here and that is the fact that you need to pay for additional support($9) and that even then you are not getting lifetime support. Not to worry though, if you get the hang of it, you might not need support for it and the plugin is really easy to use, so that is not that big of a minus.

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