WordProof Wins €1 Million from Blockchain for Social Good Competition

WordProof, a Dutch start-up company, has won the award of €1 million from the European Commission for winning the Blockchain for Social Good competition. You may be familiar with the company’s efforts.

According to the company’s official website, “the WordProof Timestamp Ecosystem empowers internet users and content creators with the tools to build a safer and more trustworthy internet”.

WordProof Timestamp, in particular, is a plugin for WordPress via which you can timestamp your WordPress content on any EOSIO blockchain using your WordPress site. The plugin offers copyright protection and next-generation SEO benefits, proof of existence at specific moments in time, transparency, among other features. In the Blockchain for Social Good competition, WordProof beat 175 other participants from various European countries.

Blockchain for Social Good Competition

WordProof Wins €1 Million from Blockchain for Social Good Competition article imageThe purpose of the competition was to reward the efforts of developers looking to explore the vast possibilities of decentralized applications of blockchains for social innovation. WordProof was one of five finalists. The start-up’s Timestamp Ecosystem aims to improve transparency and accountability by providing authenticity of content.

The WordPress plugin is only one of the solutions offered for other content management systems, e-commerce platforms, and social medial.

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With the recognition and financial support from Europe, we can roll out the Timestamp Ecosystem at a higher pace and make WordProof grow even faster as a company. This will enable Europe to define the standard for a reliable Internet for consumers and organizations ,” said.WordProof founder Sebastiaan van der Lans.

According to van der Lans, WordProof is still primarily focused on WordPress, with the company planning to use the reward to extend its timestamping plugin to work with WooCommerce. Other plans include integrating the plugin with major publishers and WooCommerce shops. It is noteworthy that WordProof started working with Yoast a couple of months ago on integrating Schema.org to provide structured data for SEO.

The company will be announcing soon a significant investment from the WordPress space, van der Lans added.

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