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WPX Hosting Customer Reviews: Analysis of 1674 Opinions

We at HTH.guide have gathered details about WPX Hosting from various sources to give you a more complete picture about it. Thus, we have formulated an average score for you to have a quick preview of whether the hosting is worth looking into. You will find out how reliable the hosting service is, while comparing the prices for the types of hosting and what feedback people have left for it.

Hosting Summary

Name WPX Hosting
Total Reviews 1674
Average Score 4.8
Email [email protected]
Website https://wpx.net
Address ul. “20-ti april” 13, Sofia, Bulgaria
Server Locations United States, United Kingdom, Australia
Visit WPX Hosting

Number of Reviews

1.6k+A lot
* 1674 Reviews are used for the creation of the analysis of WPX Hosting presented here. You can do your own research, but we believe that the article would suffice as a general overview of the services provided by this host.

Avg. Review Score

* By an average count of 4.8 digits from a total of five-stars, WPX Hosting takes a great place on the hosting market.

Customer Support

* Quick, courteous and useful Support technicians stand behind the brand of WPX Hosting. They are consistent in resolving issues.

Hosting Plans

Hosting Information Score

Headquarters Full info
WPX Hosting operates from their chief building inside ul. “20-ti april” 13, Sofia, Bulgaria.
That is solely where they conduct transactions from.
They may have other hidden locations to maintain security.
Phone Missing
WPX Hosting has excluded to show a cell phone number anywhere. See if their online page is up-to-date.
Pricing Cheap
You will find no lower cost other than the one on plans of WPX Hosting. You can see for yourself on the pages of WPX Hosting.
No sufficient data found in most of the customer opinions.



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For the reviewing of WPX Hosting we have used few, but renowned and accurate resources to manually form our data. We give you complex data made look simplistic, but informative enough for anybody to be able to form a notion about the hosting services provided. Being precise in our investigation, we are aiming to give you a highly-factual outlook on every hosting we look at. WPX Hosting has 4 stars rating out of 1674 reviews among the most popular ones.

Our Star Rating is optimally objective and precise, as it is based on detailed data for each hosting company.

WPX Hosting Expert Review

Dedicated entirely to providing hosting solutions for sites using WordPress CMS. WPX is certainly worth considering when it comes to Managed WordPress Hosting.

Pretending to be “World’s Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting”. We from HowHoHosting will review that plus all important aspects of what each WordPress Hosting Company should provide for its clients.

In this hosting review we will review and test:

  • WPX infrastructure, Network and Data Centres
  • Speed bonus Video Speed Test WPX Review
  • WPX Support Responce Video Test
  • WPX The Best Plan and Pricing

Make sure you read to the end..


WPX Overview

WPX has its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. K Media Tech is the owner of this hosting provider, according to their official website.

WPX as a host is mainly focused on providing Managed WordPress Web hosting services to individuals as well as substantial businesses.

WPX is advertised as arguably the fastest WordPress provider that you can easily afford and be happy with, despite the fact that it is not that old as a company.

Network and Data Centres

WPX has three Data Centres located elsewhere. The locations are listed down below:

  • Alexandria, Sydney, Australia
  • London, UK
  • Lakeside Datacenter in Chicago, USA

The above-listed locations are where the known data centers reside – however, there is not much else stated about the network and infrastructure, except that the Lakeside Datacenter in Chicago is the largest in the World.

That is impressive, and you can rest assured that it is redundancy-proof and with guaranteed high uptime. If you desire your target audience to be in the USA, this is a fantastic opportunity to take on and go for a speedy experience try-out.

Migration is done by the company free of charge under specific conditions as signing up for a particular plan or when no additional work is required rather than the transfer of your websites to WPX. For a premium hosting service, that is a must-have, and we are happy to see that the firm has implemented that.

To be part of the network, of course, you have to pay first. To have access to the login page, you have to be a registered customer. WPX has a well-illustrated post about how to change your nameservers to theirs in case you were using another provider and want to transfer your Domain, too.

We want to hint that before paying, there are coupons available that can be used to get discount deals. To do everything in the correct order and take advantage of the coupons, you should contact the provider and see how best to manage the situation in your individual case.

WPX Hosting Speed Test

To prove that WPX hosting is achieving astounding hosting speed, we made some speed testing by using the GTMetrics speed test tool.

On our first test, we use the default website interface without any theme or plugins. On the test, we get 0.4 seconds website loading speed which is the best result we have ever had.

For the second speed test, we decided to install a WP theme, and some features and also create cool looking website interface. As a result, of the test, we got almost the same numbers of 0.5 seconds website loading speed.

Video Speed Test WPX Review

Services and Features

WPX might be a company focused generally around WordPress and Woo Commerce website management but comes bundled with a massive array of features. Some of those features include:

  • Managed service
  • 24/7, 365 days Support (with 30-Second Average Live Chat Response)
  • Woo Commerce
  • Unlimited SSL certificates
  • SSD storage
  • PHP7.x included
  • Enterprise DDoS protection
  • Free WPX Cloud CDN (26 Global Edge Locations)
  • Unlimited Site Migrations
  • Staging Areas
  • Email included
  • Manual Backups and 28 Day Automatic Backups
  • Daily Scanning for Malware plus Removal
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  • 1-Click WordPress Installations
  • US, UK and Australia as Locations

Every feature that is listed here is included, regardless of what plan a person chooses. The custom CDN provided is arguably the fastest one for WordPress available among competitors. It meets the needs of clients, with over 25 different locations globally.

As you can see, you have a great set of features coming your way, which require little to no work from you on the crucial matters of the hosting side.

This shows how most Managed hosting providers should offer easy navigation, automated backups, SSL, DDoS guarding, malware protection, premium support, and high uptime of servers. Potential clients wouldn’t want or need many other features if any.

A great feature that we should notify you of is the availability of coupons. With them, you can lower the prices of plans and take advantage of discounts. It would be best to ask an official representative about them, rather than browsing search engines for results.

Otherwise, you could land on suspicious sites that might show advertisements or viruses of some sort. Most coupon websites have listed outdated ones and affiliate deals, so reaching the provider’s Support or Sales team is unmatched.

The Best Plan and Pricing

WPX has plans that are mainly used for Managed WordPress Hosting, Woo Commerce, and are CDN-based. Higher priced plans multiply the resources provided but also target businesses. As we aim to give you the best deals, we will list only the cheapest plan, including the monthly and yearly prices in mind.

Here is what set of resources you will receive with the best plans, both labeled Business:

Managed WordPress Business Plan

  • 5 Websites
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • WPX Cloud CDN
  • Choosing a Server Location

The only real difference between the yearly and monthly deals is the cost. While paying month to month costs $24.99, you don’t have to pre-pay or obligate yourself in any way and should be able to end the business relationship within a month of notice. However, the yearly plans offer an excellent discount. Having to pay only $20.83 per month throughout an entire year is a deal you should consider if you like WPX for your next host.

Pros and Cons of WPX Hosting

The interface of WPX plans is user-friendly, as articles on the website are filled with screenshots and visuals, which helps ease access to the website, and they can orientate much faster here than with competitor hosts.

Here are some pros and cons of using the services of WPX Hosting:


  • User-friendly interface and intuitive control panel
  • One of the fastest WordPress hosting providers available
  • Easy one-click WordPress installation
  • Glossary of Terms page aimed at beginners and people unfamiliar with said terms
  • Friendly and responsive customer Support Team available 24/7, 365


  • More variation and locations as Data Centres
  • Another plan and pricing (Example – 1 site supported, for cheaper)

HTH Team Conclusion

WPX has almost eight years of experience in the hosting business and is trying to be the snappiest WordPress platform thoughtful of its customers. Being honest without having aggressive marketing or upselling and with brilliant and friendly Support, the company is doing many things right and keeping it real and honest.

What we believe in easing up things for beginners is having more plans and ones that cost less. While that does not precisely coincide with the understanding of WPX for an admirable hosting service, we believe that people should have that variety and a cheaper option.

Three server locations is a great start, and we hope those to expand in the future with the quality of the Lakeside Datacenter. Free migration for websites with different plans is a must nowadays, and we are happy to see this is made available to users.

Quick Guide How To Install WordPress On WpxHosting

Setting up and installing WordPress on WPX Hosting, after you’ve signed up is a very easy job. After you log into your WPX account, you will see the main dashboard. This is your admin dashboard, where you can manage your websites and your billing details.

Before you install your WordPress, you will need to add a website first. In order to do this, go to the Website/SSL button on the left part of the field and click on the button called “Add New Website“.

install WordPress on wpxhosting image

You have to enter the URL address of your website in the field called “Domain Name“, then check the “SSL Certificate” checkbox and click “Next“.
On the next screen, you have to enter admin login details. You are going to use them later on, to log in to your website’s dashboard and edit it.

Choose your email, username, and password wisely and we strongly recommend to use a hard to guess username and password, including special characters, letters, and numbers.
Then, click on the “Create Website” button and you are almost done.
All you have to do next is to wait about 10-15 minutes until your setup is completed and you can visit your website.

Activate SSL

SSL is already required by Google and other search engines and website that does not have SSL installed are considered untrusted. Thus, installing your SSL has a crucial role in the overall performance of your website. To activate your SSL, log into your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins and click “Add New“. Then write down “Really Simple SSL” and download and install this plugin. After the installation is complete, you should already see the SSL added to your website.

Different Domain Registrar

If your domain is provided by another domain registrar, log in to their website and proceed to the settings regarding your name server, and then enter the details of the nameserver that you’ve just received from WPX hosting on your email. If you do not change them, your website will not go live. Yet, after you’ve set your name server details correctly, your website should go live in less than 20 minutes.

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