DreamHost Company Joins the MobileCoin Foundation

DreamHost Company Joins the MobileCoin Foundation article image

The well-known hosting provider DreamHost has joined the MobileCoin Foundation which was officially announced by the cryptocurrency company. MobileCoin is a cryptocoin assets project which is soon launching its test network.

DreamHost Is Now Part of The MobileCoin Foundation: Their Cryptocurrency Network is Planned to Start Testing Phase

The DreamHost hosting company has announced that they are now part of the MobileCoin Foundation. This group aims to create a cryptocurrency that is based on the principle of simple private payments — ones that are going to use the decentralized network in order to trade, send and receive payments.

One of the notable features that are planned in the future MobileCoin token will be easy wallet recovery — the users will not have to rely on phones, providers or services in order to recover access to their account, but use a simpler and efficient way of restoring access. The exact mechanism is still not announced. Transactions that are made on the network are designed to be fast in order to provide an efficient way to carry out payments.

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As other cryptocurrency projects one of the most important aspects is privacy — the entire ledger is opaque and no manipulations can be done it. All transactions are secured using strong encryption and the network is built on forward-secrecy. At the moment the test network is about to be opened.

DreamHost’s involvement with the project is highlighted to be their wish to help develop the world’s first easy-to-use and highly-transactible cryptocurrency according to the official blog post. Interested users that want to test the MobileCoin infrastructure can sign-up for access to the test network.

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