GoDaddy Has 170,000 Domain Theft Attempts Per Year

Lately, GoDaddy has been experiencing a lot of changes related to problems with privacy protection.

The big hosting company warned about domain theft on three new levels and introduced that they have changed some of the details of the Full product.

GoDaddy Has 170,000 Domain Theft Attempts a Year article image

GoDaddy Has 170,000 Domain Theft Attempts

Now, GoDaddy is warning its customers that there are 170,000 domain theft attempts per year. This is how often hackers and web criminals try to hijack and steal domains from GoDaddy. That is the reason the company is currently making a lot of privacy protection changes.

With the new domain and privacy protection, GoDaddy guarantees that it is impossible for one domain to be hijacked. The company also prevents spam with a private forwarding email addresses and even holds the domain after the expiration of the customer’s credit card.

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GoDaddy Adds Protection to Its Domain Plans

GoDaddy is also redacting other details such as Basic personal information like phone numbers, personal name, and e-mail addresses from Whois records. The reaming information like Organization name and state & country is getting redacted by the Full Domain & Privacy Protection. Customers are getting protection from hijacking domain expiration.

Furthermore, for more safety, the company adds forwarding email address like Domains by Proxy and malware scans on the Ultimate Domain & Privacy Protection.

This way, GoDaddy’s customers are no longer warned about spam when they check out. Most of the customers convert to Full while the Basic is free.

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